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Miranda Kate's Mid-Week Challenge : 2017/03/19

It is sad, to me.
How you can not see.
How to you,
Everything is the same.

I see the clouds you see.
The air, cold and empty. 358 more words


My Scott O'Dell Award Challenge: SHADES OF GRAY by Carolyn Reeder

This month’s book for My Scott O’Dell Award Challenge is the 1990 Scott O’Dell Award-winner, Shades of Gray, by Carolyn Reeder.

In this middle grade novel, set in Virginia after the conclusion of the Civil War, 12-year-old Will is the son of a Confederate officer who was killed in battle. 385 more words


My Book Report - Shades Of Gray


Shades Of Gray


Carolyn Reeder

Main Characters

Will/William Paige, Meg, Uncle Jed, Aunt Ella, Hank, Amos, and Patrick.


In the beginning Will goes to the country because his whole family died and only his cousin Meg, Uncle Jed, and Aunt Ella have lived.   165 more words


Secrets of Writing an Old-Fashioned Romance Novel

When I was doing research for my historical fiction novel, Shades of Gray, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the writing style of 19th century novelists. 617 more words

Shades of Gray

For those of you under 50, The Monkees were a band that was big in the 1960’s. Though they started out as a marketing contrivance by record producers hoping to compete with the Beatles, they quickly asserted their independence and sang out with their own unique voice to help define the times we lived in. 544 more words

Shades of Gray - A Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Shades of Gray

Between the light and dark lie many shades of gray,
easily misunderstood by those not interested
in searching the sky for shapes. 181 more words

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