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Thousand Shades of Grey

How much do we really know a person? How much do we know about them apart from what that choose to tell us? We will never know about their past, their sins, their skeletons unless they tell that to us themselves. 289 more words

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possibility …

The pier off Timmendorfer Strand, a holiday stretch of beach along the coast, round about where east used to meet west in Germany. This was summer time, the weather was in general not that bad. 54 more words


The Colour of Photography

Nothing is black and white. We know there are fifty shades of grey and more! This photo of Walker Bay was taken from the rocks in Hermanus and shows that a picture without colour can still be a beautiful picture none the less.


On Quitting

The other day, we were talking about Shades of Grey again, and how we all read through the three books, even though we hated them. 350 more words


Shades of Grey

Living my life in shades of grey, my spectrum never ranges beyond black and white.

I’m so used to monochromatic vistas that now your rainbow are sore to my eye.

NOT Fifty Shades of Grey!

When we are young we see everything as totally black and white.  Parents, nice teachers, best friends are accepted as perfect.  When later we find ourselves hurt or disappointed by one of them, we suddenly “see through them”, and see them as totally bad, often writing them off altogether. 256 more words

Bizarro Universe Strikes Again

I don’t know what it is, but apparently there is something about me that just SCREAMS for people to share their deep, dark secretsr with me.  479 more words