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Fade to Grey

I am an only child, but I have siblings. I am a strong, capable, independent woman, but I am currently fully dependent on my male partner. 628 more words


Don't Belong, Just Be

With all the chaos in todays world, huge divisions are being formed. I have opinions like everybody else but don’t need to define exactly where I stand. 197 more words

Black or White?

All of us have seen movies where the superheroes defeat the supervillains and save the world. But,is it so that superheroes are full of benevolence and villains are made of malice? 387 more words


Writing Prompt Wednesday - "Shades of Grey"

When I was really little, I would claim that the “rainbow” was my favorite color. I couldn’t imagine the world without each and every color in it. 647 more words

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Rogue One

So once again I am one of the last sentient creatures roaming the planet to have seen a movie – in this case, Rogue One, and I am once again undeterred in writing a blog about it. 1,680 more words


Fifty Shades of Grey - E L James (@E_L_James)

I might have mentioned this before: reading a book after watching the movie it’s based on is always strange because your mind gets the better of you and you know what to expect. 516 more words

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