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Eyes for Her

“Promise me,” he told her, “promise me you’ll never settle for anyone who doesn’t look at you like you’re anything less than magic.”

She never understood his adulation.

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Shades Of Grey

Signs of Fate Playing Games

Some people believe in signs. An accident happens and my mom will say, be careful, bad times might be around in your fate. Well, even if they are around what can one do? 86 more words

Shades Of Grey





  1. an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.

    synonyms: in abeyance, unattended to, unfinished, incomplete;

Shades Of Grey

Shades of Grey - 12: The New Toy

She gigled as she showed him the new toy. He saw a new happiness in her voice as she spoke about it freverently. He saw the toy he had given to her some years back, lying on the floor, dusty, ragged, without it’s original shine. 66 more words

Shades Of Grey

Full Frontal Nerdity Swap Meet Oct. 23

Are you a collector of all things nerdy? Can’t wait for the next big show? How about a smaller one? On Oct. 23 you can go to… 91 more words


I am on the sunny side of the airplane

As we’re flying over Amsterdam, I turn and look at the the woman on my right. High hair, a thick layer of foundation, black eyeliner, dark pink lipstick, long pink fingernails, gold watch, white blouse, black jeans and high heeled sandals. 265 more words

Airplane Lavatory