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Jasper Fforde, Part 1: Having Fun with Shakespeare, Mel Gibson and Dodos.

Some established writers are a byword for their genre. Agatha Christie is to whodunits what Barbara Cartland is to romance; while Terry Pratchett is to fantasy what Jasper Fforde is to… well, to what, exactly? 1,335 more words

Derek Walker

Jasper Fforde, Part 2: Shades of Grey – “a different kind of fun.”

When I met Jasper Fforde, he was promoting his Shades of Grey novel. He didn’t do a very good job, as he left me with the impression that it would be dull, compared with his previous work. 1,473 more words

Derek Walker

Kathy's Cross

Most people are so continually conditioned to be fixated on what’s black or white, that they never think or want to talk about all the colours of the spectrum that live in between, and I wonder if this observation kind of sums up more shades than we know? 1,311 more words


When you close your eyes, what do you see?

In the shuttered dark, is it simply the absence of me?

Or do you apply negative judgement to the dark? 90 more words


Shades of Grey - Jasper Fforde (Book Review)

Though never reading any of his books previously, I am aware of Jasper Fforde. This book was recommended by a friend strongly enough to persuade me to buy it: 333 more words

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Shades Of Grey!

Black or white,
Black and white,
You’ve got to make a decision
In life there are no shades of gray, it’s either this or that. 107 more words


Must like dogs and romantic walks on the beach.

Feature Image Source:  Kevin Simmons – Dating (Flicker:  https://goo.gl/QnYUei )

Why did I let Sophie talk me into this? 

This is dreadful. 

Do you have a pet? 1,377 more words