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SG50 Shades of Grey

Our national colours are red (universal brotherhood) and white (purity), but our people occuppy a range of grey. How grey?

SG50 or SG500?

Thanks to SG50 efforts, SG-eans talk about our growth as though God created SG just 50 years ago. 3,190 more words

Blessings In Singapore

McKenna's Monday Reads

Happy Monday readers!

Some how, my work schedule has made my Mondays, my Saturdays, so they are typically filled with nothing but vegging and reading great books. 335 more words


Are all girls saints? Are all boys jerks?

We look around us and watch. One of the most common things we see is a guy and a girl fighting. But is it all that there is to it? 162 more words


Random Thoughts - Is it a Conway Twitty song or a porno movie title?

Conway Twitty Song Or Porno Movie Title?

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the musical stylings of, one, Mr. Conway Twitty but he was a pretty big deal in the country music business way back when. 1,855 more words

Random Thoughts

Summer Reading 2015 | part 3

Hello friends!  I seem to be a bit short on words this week, huh?  Well, never you fear.  I have many words for you today!  In spite of my stupidly busy work schedule, I’ve made a great dent in my summer ready.   376 more words


Real Life consists of all the shades of grey...

Nobody wants to get older.  But there are certain positives I’ve found.  When I was younger I really believed in the world being either black or white.   195 more words