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Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Published in 2009 and classified under the genres of fantasy fiction / science fiction, Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde is a far cry from other books with similar titles. 235 more words


Breaking out the Paint

Woo! So, I’ve been spending some time organizing and doing some behind-the-scenes sorts of things; nothing too exciting to photograph. However, tonight, I broke out the paints and printed my first new shirts since opening my shop! 8 more words

Shop Talk

From being judgmental to the shades of grey


A rule book is important for any society to draw a line but there is a reason we still have judges sitting in our courts and not machines to take decisions. 1,005 more words

Being A Woman In India

A Year of Smiles - Day 189


Some things are surrounded by controversy and marked with shame and regret. Some things cause extreme marital strife and play a key role in the decay of such a sacred vow. 353 more words

Random Musings

County Kilkenny Landscape photography in Black and white, Kyle, coolagh, Kilkenny

They say that some animals see the world in black and white , I would love to be able to switch this ability on and off when out and about with my Nikon, you can see the results of taking a shot in black and white very quickly on the back of the camera but having the ability to view the world in-front of you in monochrome would be a perfect gift for many photographers, even more so if you love the light that can be captured using only the shades from white to black. 65 more words

Nigel Borrington

Shades of Grey (no, not that one) should be a standard for sci-fi fantasy | Book Review

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde has the incredibly unfortunate fate of sharing 100% of it’s title with the garbage pile of words known as… 1,306 more words


Jasper Fforde, Part 1: Having Fun with Shakespeare, Mel Gibson and Dodos.

Some established writers are a byword for their genre. Agatha Christie is to whodunits what Barbara Cartland is to romance; while Terry Pratchett is to fantasy what Jasper Fforde is to… well, to what, exactly? 1,335 more words

Derek Walker