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Book review: Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Over the years I’ve read a number of Jasper Fforde’s books: Several of the Thursday Next novels, and the first of the Nursery Crimes. And any time I find myself contemplating another one, I think, is it worth it? 266 more words


Book Review: Shades of Grey

The first book of Jasper Fforde’s that I read was The Eyre Affair the first novel in his Thursday Next series which I have loved. I found the book very witty and full of adventure that really tugged at the heart strings of a bibliophile. 558 more words

Matty Karp | Shades of Grey

“I love Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. I was once looking at a book of her flower paintings,which were either erotic or abstract,and it occurred to me that I could try and create similar images with my camera. 44 more words


Locard's Exchange Principle | Trace Evidence | Shades of Grey #1

Shades of Grey #1

In the early 20th century, Dr. Edmond Locard, a forensic science pioneer in France, formulated the theory which states, “Every contact leaves a trace”. 54 more words


Shades of Grey

To the shades of grey
I pray
I pray to show me the way
Between the two poles of sway

World has turned mono-chromatic
With only black or white… 100 more words


Moon poems 79 - Colors of spring

Colors of spring

A Robin’s twilight hisselly
awakens the moon
as it turns in its bed of clouds
A soft gentle breeze
rustling through the leaves… 30 more words


Nude tones & shades of grey (EN/RO)


Everything came pretty naturally and a bit randomly if you ask me. I just had to wake up really early in the morning to solve some things and while drinking my coffee, The Weeknd playlist was playing in the background and I started to do my make-up. 162 more words