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Egad, it is 11:21 already! The morning flew away on me. Too much wondering and fretting about this and that. I wasn’t going to do that anymore, right? 499 more words

Exhibition success 

Recently got back from the Thorncombe show having shown 50 x 50 Shades of Grey. Thorncombe is a village in the middle of nowhere near Axminster in Devon but has a well attended, guirky show run for charity by the local rail enthusiasts group. 30 more words

Shades Of Grey


A classic teacher´s attire is made up of stylish and comfortable clothes. So this post is all about how to dress for a school day. In Spain we do not have a strict dress code and teachers can wear sneakers and jeans almost every day. 445 more words


Pause to Progress

The most valuable item in life is often accompanied with the verbs, racing, pushed, crammed and wasted when referenced in our fast paced society.  I have recently gently climbed off the ‘hamster wheel’ of sorts.  418 more words

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Thousand Shades of Grey

How much do we really know a person? How much do we know about them apart from what that choose to tell us? We will never know about their past, their sins, their skeletons unless they tell that to us themselves. 289 more words

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possibility …

The pier off Timmendorfer Strand, a holiday stretch of beach along the coast, round about where east used to meet west in Germany. This was summer time, the weather was in general not that bad. 54 more words