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✨How Students Choose Subject✨

How students choose subjects in India:
“You can choose any subject of your choice from the options available .”
But oops! There’s only one option available: Your parents’ choice


*In The Pages of My Diary*

In the pages of my diary,
I want to write you daily
and read you over and again,
you being the ultimate aid
to every scar. 43 more words

Sparkling Eyes (A GIFT)

When I look into her eyes
I see depth of her secrets,
Her eyes speak a million words
The secret they know, are all true. 77 more words

Rise ✨

Rise like the Sun,
shine like the Moon,
flow like a river,
grow like a tree,
forgive like Mother Earth
and still be thee.


Shadow Dancer - Successor to Shinobi?

The Shinobi games timeline are always a little convoluted, this game hasn’t any sign of the Shinobi name in the title but…this was originally conceived in  1989 as the true sequel to the orignal Shinobi in the arcades.   548 more words

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