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shadow dancer.

kinder shadow dances.

“poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”

-carl sandburg



It’s been November
and it’s raining
3:30 in the morning
No one to call
No one will answer
It’s been November
since you left me… 49 more words

✨How Students Choose Subject✨

How students choose subjects in India:
“You can choose any subject of your choice from the options available .”
But oops! There’s only one option available: Your parents’ choice


*In The Pages of My Diary*

In the pages of my diary,
I want to write you daily
and read you over and again,
you being the ultimate aid
to every scar. 43 more words

Sparkling Eyes (A GIFT)

When I look into her eyes
I see depth of her secrets,
Her eyes speak a million words
The secret they know, are all true. 77 more words

Rise ✨

Rise like the Sun,
shine like the Moon,
flow like a river,
grow like a tree,
forgive like Mother Earth
and still be thee.