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We need to learn to think.  Urgently.  Not just as individuals but also as governments and international organisations.  We need to learn to see both our immediate reality while still keeping an eye on where we want to be in the future. 369 more words

Free the Love

So.  Is it worth taking a chance if it might unleash some good old fashioned, nourishing, sustaining and all encompassing love?

Exit Strategies, the Shadow of the Future, and the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced this week that U.S. forces would step back from their central combat role in Afghanistan by mid-2013, taking on an “advise and assist” role more than a year before all U.S. 372 more words

The Shadow of the Future

Even computers know that the best strategy for winning is to cooperate.  (1)

Birds, animals, cells in our body – all know to work together. 191 more words

How Can We Live Together? Part II

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a game developed in the 1950s as an exercise in game theory and military strategy.  The scenario of the game is as follows: … 909 more words

Le management par la marque

Le vendredi n’est pas le jour le mieux choisi pour rédiger une note un peu complexe. Efforçons-nous donc de rendre cette idée simple.

En agences de communication comme chez l’annonceur, le rythme de renouvellement des équipes est extrêment soutenu. 349 more words


Shadows of the future

What makes it possible for cooperation to emerge is the fact that players might meet again. This possibility means that the choices made today not only determine the outcome of this move, but can also influence the later choices of the players.

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