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Hero Projection: Be Your Own Hero

As we grow up, we often look to others for behaviors we would like to emulate. This can be helpful in our development when we then adopt these positive traits as our own. 270 more words

Shadow Work

Healing With A Higher Power

What do we know of Source, of Love? It seems we have a great deal to learn of its presence and how it works in our lives. 1,256 more words


The Importance of Journaling 

Journaling allows us to have a conversation with our unconscious while we are still awake. It creates a consecrated environment where we can work through our traumas, anger and losses. 333 more words


So How DO You Work with Shadow?

I’m always on here bitching about when people only focus on the light, but someone recently asked how to work with shadow then. That’s a damn good question. 613 more words


Working with our shadow in a Soul Relationship by Jaymie Elder

Everybody wants a loving relationship,… but few people are really open or prepared for the ongoing commitment and challenge of shadow work i.e. to take full responsibility for our own projections, inner wounds and personal healing. 585 more words


What I learned from a Black Gay Republican

I have made it a point to talk to minorities that voted from Trump. I found out a co-worker voted for Trump. The man is black and has the mannerisms of a gay man. 880 more words

I Space

some time with the sea goat's hermit moon

Blessings this New Moon in Capricorn!

New Moons for me have always been The Hermit’s domain. It’s the perfect time to seek out the shadow- not always for work, we need rest too. 187 more words