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Day Twenty-Nine: Have you ever changed your mind about something magick-related? Ex: belief in magick, opinion on cursing, etc.

Of course. I used to think as my family does, that my ability was something to be ashamed of or feared. 205 more words


The Spirituality of Reading Steven King

This post is a lesson on what you could be missing out of, by monitoring your thoughts to stay out of the shadow. The scarier books of Steven King, or even a well made horror movie, are tools for seeing the shadows in its darkest forms. 280 more words


Citizen science as the mass recruitment of shadow research assistants 

A delightfully cynical view about citizen science in Shadow Work, by Craig Lambert, loc 1521-1536. I don’t think I agree with him but I struggle to articulate why exactly. 205 more words


The Temporal Cost of the Commute

From Shadow Work, by Craig Lambert, loc 198:

Commuting—the job of getting to the job—is an unpaid task done to serve the employer. It has become so woven into American life that we scarcely recognize it for what it is.

129 more words
The Intensification Of Work


Former Major League Baseball superstar Curt Schilling is furious. But he’s not sorry. And he’s absolutely not backing down.

This month we’ve talked about handling our shadow, described by Jungian psychology as an unconscious aspect of the personality. 509 more words

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Day 30 9PM

What My Attitude Towards Snobs Has Taught Me

Recently, I’ve come across a lot of vegans and vegetarians who seem like snobs to me. They seem to be vegans and vegetarians because they believe they are better than those who choose to include meat in their diets. 287 more words

Befriending Your Shadow

This was the title of an all-day workshop on my spiritual direction course at the end of January. The first thing we did was a guided meditation, which comprised a spiral inwards, meeting different selves. 1,014 more words