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The Little Things That Keep On Improving

So going to grab some coffee, I was fortunate to be part of a random act of kindness by someone paying for my drive through order. 375 more words


Shadow Work

I am sharing Teal Swan’s video where she discusses what the shadow is, and how to begin to do shadow work. The shadow aspects of the self is a topic that I am interested in exploring for a variety of reasons. 66 more words


The Good Earth

Astral bodies are incredibly vast. They can contain worlds and universes within them. You could spend an entire lifetime inside of some bodies and never see everything within. 1,356 more words


Brave :3

November last year, I walked out of a check-up appointment at my dentist with bad news. After that I had to cancel my appointment twice because I got bad flus. 373 more words


Criticizm and Inner Child Quote by Teal Swan

“The way you think and feel about other people is the way your inner child thinks that you think and feel about him or her. “


Dear Blog, Here is What I've Learned in my Absence...

Well dear blog, I abandoned you for a few¬†weeks, perhaps the longest stretch I’ve left you untouched since I started you. But we both know that I can’t quit you. 556 more words


The Power of Quiet

Power is often very quiet.
— Williams S. Burroughs 170 more words