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Dress up and show up.

I hear most people tend to lose devotion to their beliefs when things are good for them and only turn to their religion in troubled times. 603 more words


Shadow work and the gift economy

In earlier posts I’ve discussed shadow work — the unpaid labor that complements wage work in a market economy. This includes everything from childcare and housekeeping (which together make up ten hours of my unpaid day) to commuting to shopping — basically any efforts that make it possible for a worker to sell their labor. 648 more words


Over the past months, I’ve spent countless hours reflecting on grief, and my own personal process of grieving the unexpected transition of my mother. I’ve tirelessly tried to neatly fit my process into the standard five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance…to no avail. 313 more words

Thoughts on Lack, Belonging, and Saturn

The other night, I was listening to a webinar featuring Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.  The topic was about rejection and she took us through a short hypnotherapy session to go back to the first time we felt rejection.   664 more words

Personal Development

The Evolution of Mental Illness

I was recently participating in a discussion on Facebook about the negative voices that live in our heads, and heka that can be done to keep them at bay. 1,378 more words


Culture of Punishment: It's a Shame

Motivation through punishment makes things harder if our goal is to become our greatness. Self-flagellation tears at our flesh. Wounds then need tending and time to heal. 613 more words

Shadow Work