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Shared: Cimi - transformation of possibility, day 4 by Jaguar Spirit

I enjoy earnestlydebra/ Jaguar Spirit’s daily readings. They often have little snippets that speak to me. Today’s post in particular reflects some of what I’m learning while working with my Shadows. 174 more words

Inner Healing

Thought for the day - sitting with our own 'stuff'

Sometimes we mine others too deeply, when what we really need to do is sit with our own thoughts and emotions and deal with them.

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Inner Healing

Creating a life you are Passionate about


I bet like most people you want a happy purposeful life.
A life with no stress, worries and burdens. 708 more words

Shadow Work: How everything happening out there is happening inside of you and how to work with it ♡

I think to many people who know me on the internet, I live some sort of mythical life.

I get to spend a lot of time in nature in beautiful places, I receive amazing spiritual insights from beyond a realm that can be seen, and I also willingly and freely share that love openly with the world. 1,877 more words


April 23rd 2017 Energy Forecast

Good morning I hope you are well, so it’s all about the love at the moment, pure unconditional love energy is all around us. It increased in intensity earlier this week  and it is here to soothe and empower us. 675 more words

What's in a name?

It’s believed in many ancient traditions that if you know the name of something you have power over it. This can manifest as either being able to command it or to break its hold over you. 125 more words

Inner Healing

Create a Life you are passionate about with my development course

This really is the most transformational, empowering and creative course and currently at a ridiculously low price.

Learn the simple tools that will transform your life from struggle to abundance, from anxiety to peace of mind, with a deep and consistent joy. 66 more words