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Experiencing Our Shadow - and Not Running from the Darkside

Sometimes I hear it.

Like a cellar door creeping open, but only from a distant room.  Like the “Schlop” of a tentacled beast mounting the stairs, “slurping” past the door frame, to “slush” its way into the kitchen.  865 more words

Shadow of May - Day Twenty-Four - 'Cold Lemonade'

Lately I’ve been feeling out of it with my writing. It happens from time to time. I just haven’t been enjoying the tone that I’ve developed over the last few weeks, maybe it’s because I haven’t written this regularly in a long time and it’s spreading me thin. 263 more words


An answered prayer for change

In response to a prayer not too long ago regarding an entreaty to help with turning around the negativity in the world especially as it relates to the current dark aspects of the American political climate I had a dream. 605 more words

Father of Swords - Serious Knowing

Father of Swords stands at the gate of our knowing with his colorful sword and says Cut the Crap! Stop pretending. Get real.

Pretending to be happy when we feel sad, acting like we are ok when we are dying inside or agreeing with people just to get along – this is called sucking it up. 462 more words

The Wild Unknown

Shadow of May - Day Twenty-Three - 'Slowly, Tenderly'

Have I ever mentioned how hard it is for me to name things? Like, I’m terrible at it most days, but today I just couldn’t decide.. 199 more words


Shadow of May - Day Twenty-Two - 'When I Hate'

Yesterdays Shadow of May is a just bit late, but that’s okay! In theory I’ll get today’s out in time.. Maybe. The question asked was: … 37 more words