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Wholeness work

I am passionate about embracing our whole being with all parts accepted, acknowledged and loved equally good or bad. My joy lies in seeing manifestations of all parts coming together in an individual and experiencing their journey with them towards light and full actualization when all parts of themselves are welcomed back into being. 461 more words

Wisdom Keeper : Grandfather Leadership

Today I received a package in the mail. Not expecting any deliveries, I glanced at the return address, it simply said, from your Ancestors.

Curious as to what it might contain, and more so, who sent it, I placed the box on my table, and studied it for some time. 1,115 more words

Divine Connection

Dante and Virgil: The Light/Shadow Split [Shadow Work 101]

Part of why I’m writing these entries is that I get asked about this style of work all the time.

Part of this is hard for me. 1,200 more words

Off Topic

'Breaking Open'

Tsunami of chaos

Rising beneath

Layered darkness

A whirlpool of unspoken feeling

Shifts from dormancy to suffocation

Drowning in a vortex of pain


Fear spills over clouding… 57 more words


'The Seer' 

Tormenting visions received from the seer

Depraved truth hurting those she holds dear

Truth cannot be escaped even when we choose not to see

We must embrace boldly what we must heed… 186 more words


Dancing shadows

These last few nights have been  hard  to sleep through. I know that spirit is changing me, giving me the next phase of knowledge and upgrades.  325 more words


Ego's Shadow

Outside of erotica, this feels like my most provocative post thus far. For me to see this aspect of myself, I almost went into a state of shock.  404 more words