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When you want everything to change, sometimes the universe grants it. The fool would forget to be cautious of what to ask for. I am definitely this fool. 129 more words

In My Head.

Emotional Break Through ~ Inner Child Healing

It’s been a long break from posting on here. Whenever this happens it’s mostly because a hurricane of change and transformation is rushing through my energetic system, causing confusion,strong emotions and bringing up shadows to heal. 537 more words


Time of Transition - A Talk with Bernhard Guenther

My good friend Fred Clarke Alvarez asked me to a share a little bit about my life, experiences, and work.

Topics include:

Hyperdimensional Realities, Matrix Control System, Challenges in the Process of Awakening, Shadow Work, Reality Creation, Medicine Plants, Personal Sovereignty, Individuality, Self-Love, Soul Fragmentation, Entity Attachments, Evil, Ascension, Embodiment, Intuition, Bodywork, Psychology, Limitations of 3D Thinking, and more…

Esoterica And Spirituality

I woke up. Now shadows.

The past four weeks have awakened everything deep within. Everything is so synchronous. One lesson after the next, one location after the next. One person after the next, I start to see all of me. 378 more words

In My Head.

Shadow work and witchcraft...

Shadow work is hard. Essentially it’s the art of ‘letting go’, of stripping away our ‘assumed identities’ and rededicating ourselves to the positive we find within our being. 325 more words


A Day of Silence

I decided to give up speaking for a day. What I gained was acceptance.

It began with me noticing that we speak to change things. 683 more words


Let's Play Name that Deity

Long black hair. Bold eyes that have a touch of madness sparkling in their depths. Feels like excitement and dread all rolled into one when he looks at me during a meditation. 117 more words

Shadow Work