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Step 7: Humbly asked God/the Active Force of Creation to remove our shortcomings.

After recognizing our character defects as things that are not “just who we are”, and we accept that and become willing to step into a new way of being and doing, we now find ourselves ready to perform the Inner Alchemy that is Step 7.  1,114 more words


Father of Cups - Snuggle the Shadow

Have you seen your shadow lately? Your dark side? Has the devilish presence of your hidden, unloved and scary side made an appearance lately?

How would you even know? 573 more words


July Obscure Sorrows Tarot Challenge

For all of July, I’ve been taking part in La Reine de L’air‘s Obscure Sorrows Tarot Challenge on Tumblr and Instagram.  It has been very eye-opening to say the least!   703 more words

Tarot Reading

Shadows & Nightmares

As some of my other posts mention, I am in the process of studying shamanic witchcraft.  This entails shadow work; a fairly new concept to me.   675 more words

Life Frames

Life flickers by

One millions frames per second

Down to the infinitesimally small

Moment to moment

The reel is constantly  changing

Sinking under the water where it becomes… 159 more words


Lots of shadow work right now.
I’m considering going back to school, but my motivation is all wrong apparently. As I said in a previous user, I’ve dropped out five times. 147 more words


Life changes

This is mostly about my health and a small update.

I’m currently changing my medical treatment for my mental health, my medications are always a challenge but this time they were not only useless, they were also doing more harm than good, I had to stop taking anything recently after some problems and the effect of this is overwhelming, in spite of some confusing good side effects of this change the bad was stronger at first and now it’s more balanced, my ability to cope with my naturally strong feelings is very weak, especially considering the long forced apathy I was dealing with having all of this suddenly throwed at me wasn’t easy to put it. 217 more words

Shadow Work