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Shadow Work: Four-step Dreamwork

Jungian analyst Robert Johnson created a four-step way to work on dreams in an effort to bring our conscious and unconscious selves together.

Step One: Associations… 1,182 more words

Shadow Work

After the Equinox

Are you feeling any changes after the equinox?  I always begin to feel more energy and focus at this time.  Use this meditation to help with this transition.  495 more words

Share The Love

Must be the Universal theme this week! In keeping with my word and trying to maintain follow-through, I pulled a card from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Deck by John Holland. 1,405 more words


All of this Anger

This past week I have been chipping away bit by bit at a humongous block of anger and resentment. The posts I have written during this time have been realizations I have had as I’ve worked at chipping away. 290 more words

Shadow Work

Integrating The Shadow For Love

I am always looking for better and better ways to assist others. Always looking for something new to bring to the table. This isn’t new, but it’s something that I didn’t fully put together until recently. 34 more words

Elise Perez

Only your heart and soul can guide you to the truth.

Too often, we accept information presented to us as the truth, with no effort to ask any honest, critical, or introspective questions. We’ve become so blinded by outer “nicely packaged” forms of deception – especially, by people we see as having authority, power or “more knowledge” than us. 557 more words

Coloniser or Egophrenic?

Just as South Africans are ambivalent about Jan van Riebeeck, so Christopher Columbus is an enigma for America. For some, both are heroic explorers who brought civilisation to benighted continents. 472 more words