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But there’s two tendencies that can’t be integrated into Western life… and they’re the far Right and what’s called religious fundamentalism. They’re the two areas that can’t be drawn in.” 1,096 more words

Institutionalized Belief Systems

A Deviant Past (Part 3) & Florida Shooting Insight

I will be the first to tell you that I have a dark side to my otherwise agreeable personality. Throughout my life, it has been a constant source of violent and destructive impulses, socially deviant behavior, self-hatred, and a general distaste for authority. 1,972 more words

A Deviant Past

2018 The Year Of Awareness - Shadow Work & UPROOTING Darkness into the Light

Many lightworkers are probably feeling the bouts of energies happening lately and are perhaps finding a hard time to ground themselves as Mother Earth is moving into 4th Density.  1,428 more words

Ascension Pathway

Logan Paul and The Law Of Reflection And What It Truly Entails

Insight from a Higher Perspective.

Throughout this blog, you’ve seen me mention the Law of Reflection quite often which is states that everything that we see outside of us, is a reflection of some aspect within ourselves. 2,132 more words

Ascension Pathway

We Can Heal This

The collective wound is growing. The parasite that sickens our culture is staring each one of us in the face. How are you gonna break free from this hurt? 667 more words

[Konkokyo] Making Room in Your Heart

When I was 11 years old, I was hospitalized for a foot infection that stumped doctors for almost a week. It took me several tests, an x-ray, bone scan, and MRI to figure out what was going on. 480 more words

Shadow Work

Chapter One: What Does Your Soul Look Like?

I’ll be 28 this year and that’s so close to 30 it’s unbelievable.  

These last three months I’ve been doing shadow work, trying to face my fears, and really understand who I am.  464 more words