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look how joyful it is, he said

I spent five hours Friday night bouncing through a wild range of emotions. From love to hate, happiness to rage, and feelings of calm to explosive outbursts. 680 more words

Shadow Work

Honesty with self is the epitome of emotional awareness. Breathe through your shell to reach your core to calmly reach your place of inner gold. 8 more words


level down in rage IDGAF

twisting nauseated rage
thick ropes of hate

filthy sweet, knotted
moving through intestinal tracts 82 more words

Shadow Work

It's time to move on...

A while back I wrote an article for Over the Moon Magazine, and this is pretty much an open letter in answer to that piece, to remember that facing your past is healthy….and so is letting it go. 553 more words

Being Yourself

Shadow work: Seven Planetary Sins

In shadow work (which I’ve written about here), we often deal with the “shadow” meanings of cards. Very primitively speaking, some readers treat all cards as reversals in their shadow work readings; some readers try to explore the “hidden” meanings of the cards; some readers follow their intuition. 649 more words


IX. The Hermit

Alone upon the mountaintop, I find the star to guide me.

Over the last several months, I have sat down to write this entry at least half a dozen times. 474 more words


The Gift in the Gloaming...

The waning light drifts across the water. Ripples appearing and disappearing make it warp. There is no breeze, just the myriad of dusk creatures emerging, oblivious to my presence but not necessarily to my need. 519 more words