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ROOT OF EVIL (part 1)

“Jesus pulled out the root of the whole place while others did it only partially. As for us, let each one dig down after the root of evil that is within us and pluck it out of our heart from the root. 1,967 more words


How to Find a Core Belief - Teal Swan-

Over the next few months I will introduce a lot of new teachings, that will help everyone develop new ways of seeing our world. Starting with Teal Swan who is I believe a great person to learn from.


Vote for hälts ART! (Please!)

Please vote for hälts ART! Please follow the link to vote for my entry in a photo contest, I have a good chance with your help, please go to this… 19 more words

What is Our Light Shadow?

Who do you admire? What do you admire that person for?

I conducted a little survey asking these two questions, and the answers reached from singers and athletes to Jesus. 759 more words

Shadow Work

Time in Sacred Space

I don’t think there can ever really be just one definition of time. It’s a human construct to measure our days, our daily progress, to bring order to our lives. 389 more words

The Pagan Experience 2015

Overcoming emotional turmoil

My Dearest Friend,

Overcoming emotional turmoil is about knowing that we are stronger than our emotions.  As children we are taught to fear our emotions,  to push them down,  aside,  away… anywhere but here, maybe we’lldeal with this later, we were taught. 523 more words

The Emotional Body

Daily Read: 13th May 2015 - Heal Thyself!

An odd day today – both tense and full of growth potential. You might feel pulled in several directions by a background tug-of-war trying to pull you off your carefully-built foundation (Moon quincunx South Node in Libra) most likely manifested by the need to surge ahead with ideas or new directions (Moon squares both Mercury and Mars in Gemini). 217 more words