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Writer insecurity

I’m suffering of writer insecurities, TPE project has been helpful to make me blog and publish even if I think it’s not worthy and helping in giving me a theme. 69 more words


Two Words

There are two words in the English language which have an almost magical power. They make us feel appreciated and valued, they bring a smile to people’s faces and they can completely change the energy between two people. 681 more words

Relationship Coaching

Spiritual Teachings Quote by Teal Swan

People assume that my job is to make them feel good. I think my job is to help people feel how they feel, and make it okay.

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Beginnings of Shadow Work

For the past few years, I’ve been doing my research on shadow work.  As I was writing my Roots post, I started realizing that that’s really what that post was about. 399 more words

The Year Of Renovation


black candle, black magic, black sun, black heart, black eyes, black dreams

For all my ancestors,
unknown and hidden.

For my shadows,
demons drawn from fear… 18 more words

Winter Reflection

Winter always reminds me of my inner darkness, a shadow aspect. It is inevitable and I assume only with time and wisdom will I become a stronger winter warrior. 322 more words

Dark Night Of The Soul