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Too Many Games: Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor

Had I encountered these games as a kid, they’ve have been formative. As it is, they just seem like a weird offshot from a world where top-down shooters were the craze instead of first-person shooters. 333 more words

Too Many Games

Three Things that make a Great Twin Stick Game!

Twin stick games are mechanically and conceptually very easy to design as well as pick up and play.  The basic concept is to move and shoot and not get hit. 608 more words


Shadowgrounds: Review

I’m going to try and not repeat myself to much from my original Impressions article so if you feel like you are missing something or just forgetting what I wrote previously check it out here.  473 more words


Shadowgrounds: Impressions

Shadowgrounds is one of the first games developed by Frozenbyte released for the PC in 2005.  The game takes place in the future on Ganymede, a terra-formed moon in Jupiter’s orbit.   429 more words


Humble Weekly Sale For 1/9/14

Every week, Humble Bundle runs a weekly sale where they give a developer their humble treatment to raise money for charity. This weeks weekly bundle is games from Frozenbyte. 48 more words


Indie Gala - Mass Effect Bundle

How would you like Mass Effect 2 + 9 other games for less than $6? 110 more words


The Mass Effect Indie Gala Bundle

The Mass Effect Indie Gala Bundle

If you’re new or relatively new to PC gaming, you might not be aware of these PWYW (Pay What You Want) bundles offered by various companies. 138 more words

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