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Let's Try Shadowgrounds: Survivor

Alright guys after my Shadowgrounds series I am here with Shadowgrounds Survivor. This game is somewhat new for me because I had heard of it but never had played it. 156 more words


Revisiting Shadowgrounds in 2016

I played this game almost 7 or 8 years ago. I liked the idea of killing aliens and exploring the story this game had to offer. 212 more words


Gun Porn on Ganymede: What I Learned from Shadowgrounds

Totally Not Gordan Freeman

Shadowgrounds is an old game – ancient by Internet standards – and severely rough around the edges. But this era of my development is in analyzing lots of different games, and this would be the first game of this particular genre that I’ve played with an analytical perspective. 493 more words


History Lessons: Shadowgrounds

New readers may wish to read my History Lessons Introduction first. Other History Lessons posts can be found here. And, as always, you can click on images to view larger versions. 2,179 more words

Too Many Games: Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor

Had I encountered these games as a kid, they’ve have been formative. As it is, they just seem like a weird offshot from a world where top-down shooters were the craze instead of first-person shooters. 333 more words

Too Many Games