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There Are Bad Things And Then There Are Bad Things

A few minutes ago, I was having a discussion on the Shadowrun freelancer group’s secret internal e-mail. In the course of firing off a grumpy e-mail, I accidentally wrote a mini-essay that I was quite proud of and decided to publish here.  677 more words

Episode 117 - Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark - Session 6


Having received a tip off that the “Mole people” do not like Mad Barry the arms dealer. It obviously follows that the best way to get in with Gavin Lorrikan their leader is to go and assasinate him and take “proof” to them. 196 more words


Daily Punch 7-15-16 Martyr Mentor Spirit for Shadowrun 5e

How about something for shadowrun?


You care enough for others that you will die for them.  You can’t allow another to suffer in your place, and choose to suffer in the place of others.   112 more words


Job 2 Recap - Echo

This was supposed to be easy, why is it never easy with these guys.   Saeder-Krupp had a tricked out semi with a big box in the back.    364 more words


Divert, Distract, Deceive (Shadowrun)

The idea from this run came from the website Casting Shadows, where the owner Runeslinger has posted Adventure Seeds for all sorts of game systems.   1,797 more words

Data Haven

Cross-platform gaming: Xbox Play Anywhere, Windows 10 & Beyond

Platform specific gaming

I’ll start with addressing one key question: whenever there is a generation change and a new platform on the horizon, how can you tell what will influence a gamer in their choice of the preferred system? 952 more words


Playing & Reading - Week of 7/3/16 to 7/9/16

Hello fellow nerds! Let us all rejoice for this week brought us the glory that is Pokemon Go!

Team Mystic 4 Lyfe. BLUE RULES!

Ahem. Anyway, lets get into this week and my status. 273 more words