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Character Death

Hello faithful followers, this is Dylan for this weeks blog post. Today we’re going to be talking about character death, which is a subject a lot of people have a lot of different feelings about. 321 more words


It's about getting better, Pt. 3: New can be overrated, but it's okay to try #DnD #RPG

The thing abut hobbies is that you do them for fun. It is fun to scrap book, paint, garden, play bridge, play sports, and play role playing games. 759 more words

Role Playing Games

Shadowrun Hong Kong Enhanced Edition is coming

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is getting a new enhanced edition that will add more content to the cyberpunk RPG. Announced by the developer (Harebrained Schemes) over Facebook… 80 more words

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Snowdays Are No Days

Classes were canceled Friday and we didn’t have the Shadowrun game.

Didn’t play Arma Saturday because I didn’t feel like it.

This is a blog.

Arma 3

Book review "Neat"

Most of what is published under the fantasy and sci-fi category is horrible and can only be read when you are a teenager. In other words, when you still haven’t read almost anything and you have the discriminating skills of a baked potato. 1,331 more words


Ja, fürs neue Jahr hat man für gewöhnlich gute Vorsätze. Und einer von mir lautet, mehr zu posten. Das wird nicht schwierig – wo ich 2015 hier kein einziges Lebenszeichen abgesetzt habe… 241 more words


5hadowrun: The Matrix, Hacking, and Deckers

More 5hadowrun! I think the one big peice of the puzzle that’s now missing is a description of the matrix (the internet) and hacking checks. And to go along with that, I’ll introduce a new rogue archetype – the decker.

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