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Change of Venue (Shadowrun)

This adventure has been written as direct sequel to Instant Fame.

The runners are contacted by their fixer about an extraction job.  Mr Johnson is known to the fixer as a long time operator in the shadows, but hasn’t worked with him directly.   2,817 more words

Data Haven


Wow, already a new year. I have been updating the pages for characters and deities. It seems like most of the characters that have been in use or known, are up on the site. 36 more words

Netflix's Bright and the problems of world building

Netflix’s Bright is certainty getting a lot of attention, as is the division between critics and fans, genre fans and fans of the movie, and just the general disagreement over whether it is actually “ 1,424 more words

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Earlier this week, the wife & I watched Bright, on Netflix, which we’d been awaiting since seeing trailers months ago. Initial reviews panned the movie, with some saying that it was the worst movie of 2017. 927 more words


Cancelled Due To Weather

Last night was suppose to be a regular scheduled game night, but due to the Christmas season and the weather being particularly nasty also put the kibosh on the evening.   290 more words

Game Night

Bright Shadowrun

No spoilers. Just me thinking of working on a Shadowrun adventure ever since I watched Bright this morning.

I must say it’s a pretty slick flick that I watch and re-watched this morning. 132 more words