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Squad-Based RPGs?

I’ve been DMing Shadowrun a lot lately, and I’m reaching a point where I need to mix things up a little bit. While I do enjoy the game, it does present the problem that it can, occasionally, be difficult to make runs that are sufficiently distinct from one another. 382 more words


Starting New Campaign: Shadowrun, Eden's Ark

As I have been moving through my two Shadowrun games, Icarus Protocol and Mostly Flesh and Steel, one of the problems that has come up was my inexperience with the system. 1,517 more words


Game Master Tips with Wil Wheaton on the Mary Sue: Inspiration

Before I begin, some of you have pointed out that I’ve been a bit quiet over the past week and most notably, where was my usual Titansgrave summary? 767 more words


Machine Girl: What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas - Chapter 13


Victoria was pissed.  First the bastards implied she was a fake and then that reporter’s attitude had just set her off.  “Abomination.  Shit, I guess I should have expected this but I wasn’t prepared for how angry it would make me.  1,953 more words


Shadowrun: Hong Kong dated

Harebrained schemers LLC updated their Kickstarter page with the news that Shadowrun:Hong Kong would be released on August 20th. The team even joke in the video that when they started their Kickstarter campaign for the game in January, they said August was most likely when the game would launch and it turns out they were right. 93 more words


House Rules

This post will be used to keep track of house rules for Shadowrun

— Hacking —
I’m eliminating security accounts in favor of just having user accounts and admin accounts… 137 more words