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Upcoming Review: Shadowrun Anarchy

Wanted to drop this little gem on the page. I have a copy of Catalysts Games Shadowrun Anarchy that I am reading for one of my upcoming reviews. 65 more words


The Latest Experiment and State of the Haven

So, the site has been pretty quiet overall this year… but I haven’t been resting on my hoop doing nothing all this time…

I will have some material to post (both new and old) again very soon.   397 more words

Data Haven

Machine Girl: Hard Times Call For Hardware - Chapter 13

After a few minutes two more squad cars approached from different directions, sirens on and lights flashing.  One of them went to assist Seevers and the other came and opened the door, and smiled at Victoria.  1,474 more words

Action Adventure

Shadowrun: Anarchy 

I like game systems at least as much as I like dice, and readers of this blog know that I have more than a passing fondness for dice…and understatement.  1,515 more words

The Blog

Machine Girl: Hard Times Call For Hardware - Chapter 12


Victoria was walking home and despite her outwardly calm demeanor she was on full alert.  She was in a bad enough mood because of still being stuck in Big K’s stupid detention, and her decision to wear leggings to cover the carbon fiber arcs that were now her legs was an increasing source of annoyance.  1,099 more words


Life in The Shadows: Nightmare (Part 3)

(Shadowrun is owned by Catalyst Game Labs.)

     Light issued forth from the maniacally laughing head. Before Executioner could move out of the way, the exploder program did what it does best. 1,481 more words

Life in the Shadows: Nightmare (Part 2)

“Have a good day! You picking up dinner right?”Val said in that cute sing-song voice she had when she was happy.

 “Yeah, I’ll pick up some burgers on the way back.” James replied as he finally managed to get the impossibly large door open. 2,752 more words