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The gears are still turning

Just to inform people that the site isn’t dead and forgotten.  It has been an unfortunately busy first half of 2016… I have about half a dozen runs ready to go but there hasn’t really been time to break them out thus far.   231 more words

Data Haven

Running the Shadows

Hey Yinz Jackoffs,

Pixsburgh Pops here, There are some new faces in tahn and Dahntahn has picked up some new users. To help keep yinz from running through the jaggerbushes just goin to run through the new guys. 177 more words


Short Story: The Grab 5/52

“Just git the hell in there and git the money jake!”
“I don’t know If I can do it Frank. I really don’t.”

“If you don’t, then you’re not commin’ back ever.” 1,573 more words

RPG Building: Runepunk #2

A few weeks back I decided to work on a new homebrew RPG to replace my Shadowrun game. The first post set forth my goals… 329 more words


Shadowrun to D00lite - The Matrix

Was a bit quiet this week, am on vacation. Still spent a bunch of time on my Shadowrun hack. It is coming together nicely. I know it is not for everyone as it is crunchy compared to Covert Ops. 180 more words


Leet Haxorz

This is an early draft of the Words (introduction) chapter  from the upcoming Singularity System sourcebook “Infowar”:

Hacking is cool! It’s one of the cornerstones of science fiction, especially cyberpunk. 1,753 more words

RPG Building: Runepunk #1

While considering what to do next of my Thursday serial I came up with the idea of doing a segment on building an RPG (Role-Playing Games). 549 more words

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