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Episode 121 - Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark - Session 7 [


With Mad Barry’s head in the bag (literally) the Shadowrunners head home, but with Ruffles badly damaged Menelaus instead pulls an all nighter to get him back up to speed before they head off to talk to the Mole people. 130 more words


Song For The Dumped (Take This Job And Shove It)

“While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice:
TALK LESS. Smile more.
Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for. 375 more words

Stick To The Shadows!

Imagine a world where instead of the disaster of 2012 that the Mayan calendars predicted, magic returned to the world. A world where Mankind begins to mutate into Elves and Dwarves and then later Trolls and Orcs. 2,581 more words


Daily Punch 8-22-16 Hard Way positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

Ok, I lied.  One more Shadowrun idea!  How about a positive quality for those who like to do things the hard way.

Hard Way______________
Cost: 10 or 20 karma… 127 more words


RPG a Day: Don't ask

23. Share one of your best ‘Worst Luck’ stories.

Shadowrun 4th Edition, 2006. Big handfuls of six-sided dice for everyone.

We’re operating in the northern part of the Free State of California, south of the Tir Tairngire.  122 more words


Daily Punch 8-19-16 Portable Router item for Shadowrun 5e

One last SR update for a bit.  How about an item?

Portable Router

Sometimes you need a router in the bush to start a small network.   93 more words

Shadowrun 5th

Daily Punch 8-18-16 Personal Network complex form for Shadowrun 5e

When you don’t got a matrix for your friends you make one!  Let’s make a complex form for all the technomancers out there!

Personal Network                                                 162 more words

Shadowrun 5th