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Howling at the moon

The group mostly does mundane stuff for a week. After a week, the Cigar Man contacts Noemi and offers a job to free some werewolves from Olave’s research base in Alaska. 776 more words


Shadowrun Hong Kong Review

The latest Shadowrun game takes place in Hong Kong and it’s pretty fantastic.  1,095 more words


More Meat Metaphors

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the thing to be playing right now, if you’ve ever dreamed of having your weak, fleshy, inefficient arm chopped off and replaced with a cyberpunk mecha-arm and an… 507 more words

Penny Arcade

Leonardo da Vinci, Banksy & Ashley Madison. Who knows the truth?

In Renaissance Florence of the Quattrocento, the city hall located in the Palazzo della Signoria (or Palazzo Vecchio) threatened from its outer wall with a fearsome mailbox where anybody who pleased and completely anonymously, could lodge a complaint of any kind and caliber against any citizen of the Tuscan city. 715 more words


Leonardo da Vinci, Banksy & Ashley Madison. ¿Quién sabe la verdad?

En la Florencia renacentista del Quattrocento, el ayuntamiento situado en el Palazzo della Signoria (ó Palazzo Vecchio) amenazaba desde su muro externo con un temible buzón donde quien le viniera en gana y en forma totalmente anónima, podía depositar una denuncia de cualquier índole y calibre contra cualquier ciudadano de la urbe toscana. 848 more words


Shadowrun 5E "Splintered State" Session 3 Report

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Working off an official published adventure has been an interesting experience. 1,021 more words


Machine Girl: A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing - Chapter 2


In an attempt to make the flow of data more streamlined, Adam was constantly making revisions to his code.  It became obvious to him that many of the requests his Host – Victoria – was making were tertiary in nature, merely handshakes to confirm the existence of extraneous files that didn’t necessarily directly relate to the current processes but ones that could add depth to the ongoing program. 1,370 more words