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Chunky salsa, mmm...

Ayn gets clawed by a ghoul (1S) which bruises her but fails to get through her armor. Unfortunately, the strange spirit from the top of the peak beats her into unconsciousness from the astral plane due to her dual presence from the strange chew of Dr. 183 more words


Making Friends in Low Places (Shadowrun)

The runners are contacted late in the evening by their fixer and asked if they can be ready right now. The fixer had a team on a job and the escape went sideways. 931 more words

Data Haven

Machine Girl: A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing - Chapter 8


Eugene arrived at Bishop’s a mere ten minutes late, not bad for how terrible the crosstown traffic had been.  He pulled the Vanquish into the valet parking area with a resigned sigh.  1,792 more words


Girls and Boys Come Out to Play (Part 2)

The 3 runners arrive at a cluster of warehouses along a dead end street a few miles away from Opti’s HQ.  Zippy turns the car off and turns to the 2 runners sitting in the back seat. 871 more words


Duncan on the canceled show...

Transcript: The network didn’t give it a chance. Kept airing episodes out of order and moving the time slot around.

It should’ve had a longer run. 8 more words

The Generals Meet. (Part 1)

Eric the MAJ pulls a crow feather out of his camo jacket and tucks it in the corner of a park bench, the shaft pointing to the Stuffer Shack across the street.   698 more words


This Is Why I Never Trust My GM

Pen and paper games are delightful.

In particular, I love Shadowrun, Alternity, and Exalted. Most of my readers probably haven’t heard of the games I just mentioned, but you probably have heard of… 232 more words