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Daily Punch 4-20-17 Arm Bar/Gun to the Head positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

Love clinching, but hate not being able to shoot some easily? Lets fix that…
Arm Bar/ Gun to the Head

(–5 KARMA)

Some people like to shoot from a mile away. 68 more words


Daily Punch 4-19-20 Gremlin Storm resonance for Shadowrun 5e

I’m at lunch watching several people beat on their cell phones because of poor receptions. What if it IS technomancers?!

Let’s make that a reality! 100 more words


Katjia pt4

She woke the next morning confused and disoriented.  She sat up in the pod, staring around, trying to figure out where she was, when the memories of the night before came flooding back.  1,141 more words

Katjia part 3.2: In Restless Dreams I Walk Alone

An hour later, clean, and dressed, she grabbed her bag and jerked a thumb towards the door. “C’mon Krex, let’s get some of the good stuff down at The Bee.  1,715 more words

Katjia Part 3.1

Katjia jolted awake, her pillow soaked with tears and the blankets with sweat.  Fragging drek! Why does it have to be that dream again? She shook her head in an attempt to clear it and swung her legs on to the floor.  406 more words

Katjia Part 2: A Vision Softly Creeping

That night, as she slept, she went back to the old neighborhood again in her dreams. Katjia honed in on the flecks; she knew Sera’s aura and knew what it looked like as she ran through the emotions of life.  2,118 more words

Katjia Part 1: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Katjia crossed the street and stood in front of the burned out husk of a building, staring up.  Her collar was turned up against the cold and damp, but it was out of habit more than desire to block the elements.  586 more words