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RPG Rabbit Runs the Shadows

I was aware of Shadowrun the tabletop game – my husband owns most of the books and has oft-regaled me with tales of his past campaigns. 680 more words

Game Reviews

Gamerstable – Ep206 Racial & Gender Stereotypes

Comics are rife with racial and gender stereotypes, but Luke Cage is a bad MF
Whether it’s The Strange or Call of Duty stereotypes of race and gender still exist in games. 22 more words

New Episodes

Yet another new RPG campaign looms

Soon, I’m going to be running a Shadowrun game and… well I haven’t played Shadowrun in quite a few years so, being me, I had to write an intro.   1,265 more words


Cities of Magic

I’m not sure how to define cyberpunk. Oh, I can recognize it, but I’m not sure if I know how to pare it down to a digestible one-sentence review. 1,943 more words

Videogame Criticism

Wage Slavery as a Theme

That’s one of the reasons I run, the time, the free time. While the wageslaves are chained in their cubicles I’m reading classic books, I’m catching shows in theaters, and I’m going to museums.

473 more words

Nuclear Spiders: A Fantastic Horror Monster

Recently there has been a very amusing image going around on facebook, which I also shared I admit, of this sign:

A particularly lovely image evoking the horrors of nuclear irradiated critters, which have in numerous movies in the past had a habit of going on a murderous rampage against humanity. 757 more words


Training Day: The Art and some Science, of Combat

Welcome to Training Day! This feature on the blog is designed to talk about different aspects of roleplaying based on my personal experiences throughout the years. 3,160 more words