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So, it finally arrived at my FLGS today, after we’ve both been following it up for a year! XD The runners have finally arrived! They should have run faster! 10 more words


Meet the Party: Shadowrun 5th Edition #2

A down-on-his-luck troll who’s using his powers as an adept to turn things around. A shaman from the NAN who protects the world with spirits at his side. 3,259 more words


Meet the Party: Shadowrun Fifth Edition

An elf with a silver tongue and a quicksilver pistol draw. A dwarf with magic at his fingertips and dragonfire in his soul. An ork so heavily augmented he’s barely a metahuman anymore. 3,503 more words


Elven Hacker

Spent a little more time on this character


Freedom of Choice

Last week I discussed how an excess of choice can bog down a game, force players into disappointing situations and take too long reaching them in the process. 841 more words

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Violent Life - Redmond Born #3

​Violent Life – Redmond Born #3

Episode dropped November 20th 2016

Violent Life: Redmond Born is an all new story where YOU get to ride along with a still yet to be revealed SIN-less protagonist and their experiences on the streets of the Redmond Barrens. 153 more words


Shadowrun: Dragonfall Directors Cut (2014) PC review

The campaign of Shadowrun: Dragonfall does something most other RPGs have difficulty doing: being concise. Where other classic RPGs will throw in an overwhelming amount of lore and odd character names at inopportune times, the world of Shadowrun is fairly easy to understand and I knew nothing about the series. 743 more words

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