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Influence 3.07

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Through the long span of human history, sports and religion have both served as the primary conflict metaphors through which humanity has identified with the world, oscillating in ascendancy like twin stars ever chasing each other around a gravity well, athletics gaining in popularity during times of relative peace, religion in times of war. 3,199 more words



What we see is


Coloured or shady

Grey is transition

Before or after pain

Grey is the road

To or coming back…

Temporary in a temporal… 15 more words


Influence 3.06

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Kid surveyed the clumps of clustered claptrap and wove a path toward the skylight, 24 paired panes of glass, a dozen on each side, the tented peak reaching about as high as Kid’s chin. 2,628 more words


shady as all go

took as the words

and long on the simple

and for the union

and making  on the words

and for the pure

and what it speculates… 45 more words


[SALE] Shady Icon Pack

The much awaited update has been pushed to the shady icon pack adding over 850 new icons and exclusive new wallpapers. Another goody that comes along is that Shady is also on… 66 more words


Influence 3.05

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The religious institutions dominating the sociocultural landscape before the Ascension were wont to signify a transformative moment or experience with a ritual of submersion, a practice that drew on the metaphor of cloth dyeing in the way a bland cloth submersed in a purple pool might be said to be transformed, taking upon itself the new characteristic of purpleness. 2,600 more words