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Fifty-One Percent Of Trump Supporters Believe Kellyanne Conway's Fake News About Fictional Bowling Green Massacre

(SL) – The Trump Administration has once again put a foot in its mouth after Donald Trump’s go-to girl released more ‘Fake News’ to the masses as she tried to justify Trump’s attempt to keep Immigrants out of the country.   499 more words


Can't Trust Him, CIA Freezes Out NSA Mike Flynn's Top Aide After New Proof Suggests Flynn Did In Fact Have Sanctions Discussion With Russia

(SL) – Trump and his administration have and will continued to jeopardize national security because they’re just not built to do honest work. With wormy alternative facts, business dealings with other countries, Muslim bans and let’s not forget Russia and its interference with the election, there’s no secret why the CIA is starting to take matters into their own hands. 1,278 more words


The Trump-Way: Kellyanne Conway Violates Ethics Rules With Fashion Plug

(SL) – Never has there been an administration with such little regard for ethics and the constitution before Donald Trump rigged his way into the White House. 364 more words


Traveling Petite

If there is one thing that I’ve noticed, it’s that traveling as a woman is very frustrating. I am a 5’1″ asian female and although I’ve spent a great chunk of my life practicing karate, I can’t prevent that sinking feeling of having to be completely aware of my surroundings while I’m abroad. 861 more words

The New Fade-A-Way - When Your "Friends" Choose Their Man over You.

Back in 2003 to 2006, I was dating heavily. I was so open to meeting guys and perhaps being in a new relationship, the thoughts of falling in love excited me. 909 more words

Grow Your Own: Moss?

Moss can make a great decorative feature for terrariums and gardens.

Here’s how to make your own moss mix.

What You Need: