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Stepping Up 2.07

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Kid nodded and the folded plastic slapped down onto the table.

Should we look at it?

We already know that we can’t buy anything on there. 3,238 more words


Rife w/ SpeeEeeeEeling Errorz or Mr. Geisel made me do it

You want me to be different but not too different that you can’t get the joke…
You want me to be unique but not too unique that you can’t mark me as kinfolk.. 262 more words



I know you all want to know what I meant by cheating and dishonesty. I just wanted to throw this out there that I am a psycho. 728 more words

shady move

looking at the competition

and the reward of the moment

and its own  tense

and where it was all said

and for the imagination

and taught of the game… 43 more words


My Thought's On the Kim Kardashian-West vs. Taylor Swift Beef

You would think Kim Kardashian-West breaking the internet would be old news, but it seems Kim has done it again. Sunday night Kim reignited the feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift by posting the much talked about video of Kanye and Taylor discussing his “controversial” “Famous” lyric. 692 more words


Stepping Up 2.06

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One of the difficulties of the pre-hivemind version of the human knowledge share was the dependence upon constant reapplication of electrical energy. Cold fusion and perpetual motion were but speculations before the Ascension, so all the powered tools like computing machines or technosocial portals either needed to be chained to the electrical grid, or resupplied with regular power inputs. 4,096 more words


Buffalo Bills Running Back Troubles

It is not a good week to be a Buffalo Bills Running Back.

In the past 2 days the Bills backfield  have dominate the headlines for all the wrong reasons. 129 more words