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Sup y’all, it’s yo boy OJ Pac!

DISCLAIMER: This gon’ be a long ass post so if you haven’t read anything since the last time a semi-authoritative figure assigned you a reading, sit this one out – I won’t be mad, just listen to the song and move along, ya dig? 1,130 more words


so late so shady

dollars as the emotion

and yet as its own push

and said

as the foundation

and dual

as its own dial

and learning

as its own leap… 52 more words


Last Words

I said in a previous blog that I would not be speaking about my ex anymore. However, with recent events, I feel the need to post one last blog. 722 more words


Ogólna ocena:

Gatunek: Hip-hop

Pierwszy od czterech lat album legendarnego rapera.
Mainstreamowy hip-hop.
Z jednej strony zaskakują polityczne, antyrasistowskie teksty, z drugiej strony muzycznie raper nie proponuje niczego nowego. 164 more words


Patriots v.s. Bills Preview

Probably the only AFC East matchup all year that has mattered for anything, the Pats meet the Bills on Christmas Eve. The Bills, who are actually fighting for a playoff spot, need this game to stay alive in the wild card talks. 389 more words


The state of gaming part deaux.

I’m tired. I’m so tired of games nowadays. I love gaming I really do. I’ve done it since I was a lad. There’s nothing better to do after a day of screw everything than to go on a system, load up into a virtual world, and lose yourself. 449 more words


Shameless and Shady 

Funny how we tell or try to teach our kids to be truthful and to follow rules and to do the right thing. When in all honesty the only way to get anywhere in life is to be lazy shady and shameless… sad really but true.

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