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Germany, ohhh Germany, was a terrible little rural village (no costa or Starbucks!) but I had a fab night at the party got thoroughly slaughtered on German beer and chatted up a bartender (who was about 65). 144 more words

Shaggies draaien.

In de krant las ik een artikel waarin een vrouw laat weten dat zij voor een algeheel rookverbod pleit. Haar longcapaciteit is nog 17% dankzij een leven lang roken, zodat zij de hele dag met een neusbrilletje aan de zuurstoftank gekoppeld is om nog een beetje lucht te krijgen.  255 more words


Ageism in the Swing Community

Ageism in the Swing Community

Just my observations and opinion on it by Burnie

Recently while promoting revitalizing an old venue that is restarting I met another dancer who surprised me with his ageism. 2,026 more words


Shag Dance

This was the most watched video of 2016 and I still find it fascinating.. I will have to start shag dancing in the new year… one way to get rid of the Christmas excesses… I have never heard of Shag Dancing until I was looking for today’s afternoon video… and it is soooooo smoooooth..

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Friends with benefits 

What do you do when a friend from work see’s you single and wants to become friends with benfits?? He hasn’t said so outright but I’m getting lots of signs (he actually handed me the DVD friends with benefits 😂(side note- good film)). 147 more words

A hairy question for you.

There are so many beautiful lobs, square cuts and shags right now it is impossible to choose a new hair cut! It has been months since I started growing out my asymmetrical lob, and it’s time for a trim or a big change. 80 more words