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Passed out

I’ll start from yesterday afternoon, around 4 o clock, I got a text from Em, she stayed the night at his, sleeping on the couch, and she was hinting for a lift back, I did. 939 more words

Let's Shag

There are many different types of shags.  As you get older, wiser, more experienced, you start to be able to differentiate pretty quickly.  I’m not talking positions, I’m talking about them feels which can make or break a good shag, regardless of how great either of you are in the sack, these feels make up the goodness of the type of sexual connection you will have. 780 more words

Real Life

The Journey Begins; Lets talk about Sex!!

Episode one; Lets talk about SEX!!!

Sara: Oh my god, what I bloody day its been today!  I’m going insane… I swear I’m going to end up in the bed next to Louise tomorrow!!!!! 1,685 more words

The secret

So what do you think now?

How stupid, of me,

You don’t think,

You only follow

Beer, and shagging,

Ankles in shit, all day long… 73 more words


Man Confuses Facebook "Likes" With Sexual Attraction

A British man is labouring under the misapprehension that an attractive young woman is desperate to jump into bed with him because she sometimes ‘likes’ or reacts ‘ha ha’ to things he posts on Facebook, it has been confirmed. 118 more words



You think you had a bad weekend as it pertains to sex? Believe you me; mine was 10 times worse! With just the shit that went down last Friday night I was going to put pen to paper and write up a blog called ‘A Bad Weekend’, but then Saturday night came and went and I’m changing the title to THE WORST WEEKEND OF MY SEX LIFE EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! 571 more words

Do’s & Don’ts When Attending A Swingers Party

Well after attending my 3rd swingers party and witnessing a couple get kicked out (no joke!) I thought I would list a few dos and don’ts when attending one of these get togethers. 393 more words