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Absence Of (Space) Alien Contact Now Explained

Recent revelations regarding a newly discovered solar system with 7 planets, all located within the famed ‘Goldilocks’ zone, have sparked renewed debate about the possibility of finding alien life-forms (insert Trump jokes here). 1,031 more words


Ex Girlfriends Sister Date Recap

If anyone ever says in the future “imagine sleeping with one of your ex’s sisters” I will answer with “mate read my blog; been there done that!” … 589 more words

Dalston Man Denies Angelina Jolie Affair Rumours 'Even Though She's Gagging For It'

Dalston’s most celebrated full-time fantasist and occasional sex pest has broken his silence over the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, denying he played any part in the split. 232 more words


Scouting; On To The Next

With so many conflicting excuses – “Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire”

Amber Heard is hanging out with a billionaire. (This guy is fucking stupid if he’s hooking up with this crazy gold  digger) Answer any questions? 380 more words


Mully Dates International Ed - Sydney Pt.1

Wahooo! Mully Dates has finally gone international. First stop this past week was Sydney. The flight to Sydney was a complete disaster, not only were the airhoes rude as fuck they made my polite and nice flatmate cry. 818 more words

Dateless Mully Goes to Hospital

Words can’t describe how beautiful you are…

But numbers can.


I thought I would start my latest blog with a laugh because these last few weeks have been anything but funny. 773 more words