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It was an early Sunday morning, as in one or two in the morning. I had just returned to my dorm room from a date with a young woman who was successfully auditioning to become ex-wife number one. 1,284 more words

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In his defence, romance does appear to be dead.

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Shag My Balls, Yeah Baby

This week you get to read about golf because as I’m beginning this story, I’m sitting in our Phoenix house, waiting for another couple to get off the highways and join us for a golfing weekend in the heat. 2,131 more words

Hamilton Ohio

fanny and the like

Today at 12 pm  I realized that I was not sexy. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to me as I know I’ve always been a bit dippy when it comes to caressing ones breast and sucking ones finger. 457 more words


Black Eyed Shagga 

After playing a brutal rugby tournament last Saturday which included yours truly scoring a great try, the sweet sound of beer bottles cracking open was music to my ears. 512 more words

A Grand Departure

Five Sentence Fiction – Departure

Melvin picked up the printout, “What are you doing,” he said, waving the paper in my face.

“Trying to plan so things will be easier for you and the kids.” 73 more words


Constantly shagging....but smiling!

So, Mr. Wonderful/Shagged-Me-To-Death has of course vaporized…as they all eventually do after getting what they want. No great loss as the bruises from the bite marks are still clearly visible all over my body and he really WAS much too rough for me in the grand scheme of things. 499 more words