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Reddit Haiku: Must Be Spring Outside

Must be spring outside
A flat roof by the window
Two seagulls shagging

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Constantly shagging....but smiling!

So, Mr. Wonderful/Shagged-Me-To-Death has of course vaporized…as they all eventually do after getting what they want. No great loss as the bruises from the bite marks are still clearly visible all over my body and he really WAS much too rough for me in the grand scheme of things. 499 more words


Mulligan in the Middle

When you think of the Irish you think of three things; awesome accent, leprechauns and one hell of a great drinking ability. After this St Paddys day all that comes to mind when I think of the Irish is angry red headed crazy women. 696 more words

Just like Magic...

So Dee woke-up this morning wearing a neat shade of exhaustion under her lovely eyes. Last night Gabby came to my room and stayed with me an hour or so talking quietly, more like her old self. 421 more words


Queen Laqueefa.

This isn’t going to be a very long post, I merely wanted to do something short about the hilarity that is fanny farts. Nearly every single sexually active woman will inevitably queef at some point during her life. 139 more words


Overstretching Myself Like It's A Gift

If you have an affection for Erotica or Adult Romance, please head on over to the blog of Michaela Wright. She is in the middle of a Twelve Months of Smut challenge and will be posting snippets, promos, and updates on the stories as they come out, including free downloads of her steamy stories. 34 more words


"Slow and steady really can win the race"

Top or Bottom, done right, a bit of upbeat lovemaking can set your day (and headboard) to new angles.

But it gets old, really fast, when it becomes predictable. 117 more words