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Birds in flight early morning on the Gold Coast. They must have spied a school of fish. Queensland, Australia.


Clouds In My Lens

Yesterday at sunrise I was fortunate enough to spot these wonderful clouds reflecting in the water on the Gold Coast Broadwater, and quick enough to snap the action going on behind it. You bloody beauty! Queensland, Australia.


Out of puffin

This is the second and last post  covering our trip to the Isle of May.  The opportunity to see 90,000 puffins was a once in a lifetime affair so I make no apology for going on about a bit.  585 more words


March Favorite Dog Products

Welcome to monthly favorites! Sharing favorite dog products and related goodies with you each month.

Here are a few favorites from March. (Technically, one is from earlier in the year, but it would be cruel not to share it with you). 510 more words

Wildlife sightings 3 March 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

The gannets are back! Alex was the first from the Centre team, along with two visitors – three-year-old May White and Jack Rutherford, were our Gannet Watch champs on Monday 29 February. 188 more words

Wildlife sightings 18 February 2016

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Claudia

We now have two cameras working on the Bass Rock and are still eagerly looking out for gannets. 121 more words

Wildlife sightings 12 November 2015

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Lee

Isle of May and Craigleith are teeming with life with plenty of pups still arriving. Most of the grey seal pups are coming along great and they seem very playful with both each other and the cows. 77 more words