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Wildlife sightings 18 May 2017

What’s on the cameras from Discovery Centre team – Erin

All three eggs belonging to shags Charlie and Lola have now hatched over on the Isle of May. 201 more words

Wildlife sightings 4 May 2017

Sightings from the Discovery Centre cameras – Alex

This week saw our first chicks of the season when yesterday Scott spotted a cormorant chick on the Craigleith colony. 325 more words

Wildlife sightings 13 April 2017

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Scott

It’s been another busy week as the season begins in earnest. Our long-time resident shags from the Isle of May, Charlie and Lola have been seen with at least one egg. 217 more words

Wildlife sightings 30 March 2017

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

The Bass Rock is becoming whiter and whiter as the days go on with more gannets returning to the rock to prepare their nests ahead of the breeding season. 224 more words

Wildlife sightings 23 March 2017

What’s on the Seabird Centre cameras from the Discovery Centre team – Alex

The gannets are back! There are still lots of gannets to return, however, there is a lot of courtship behaviour to be seen on the cameras such as beak fencing and bowing (territorial). 98 more words

Wildlife sightings 9 March 2017

Sightings from the Discovery Centre team – Helen

We’ve had the most wonderful displays from the cormorants today – three in a row on Craigleith – heads back, wings flapping, white patches flashing. 81 more words

Wildlife sightings 2 March 2017

What’s on the Discovery Centre cameras
From the Discovery Centre team – Helen

The cormorants have started nest-building on Craigleith. Their breeding plumage – white patches on their flanks – is clearly visible on camera and by telescope. 68 more words