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Visiting the Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri

This may be hard to believe, but it’s true! When I first heard about it, even I was flabbergasted. This was about three years ago when K told me that he had never seen the… 622 more words

My Travelogue

Little Girl. Lal Kuan. Walled City

Shot in the Lal Kuan area of the Walled City Of Delhi


From the Emperor's Kitchen - Al-Jawahar, Delhi

The year was 1658.  The Emperor Shah Jahan was early to rise. On one such early morning, he took a deep breath of satisfaction in the crisp morning air as he surveyed the progress on his latest architectural achievement. 872 more words


1) Sultan al-nisa begum by Shah Begum(Man Bai) 1586-1646

2) Khusrau Mirza by Shah Begum 1587-1622

3) Parvez by Sahib-i-Jamal 1589-1626

Sahib-i-jamal was daughter of Kwaja Hasan of Herat a cousin of Zain Khan Koka foster brother of emperor Akbar(son of Akbar’s wet nurse) 43 more words


Taj Mahal and some thoughts on love

I have seen Taj Mahal. From a train. I was fortunate enough to look at it from the train’s door as my hair and clothes fluttered with the air that blew from the outside of the moving train. 335 more words

Ed's History Challenge. The Red Fort Of Delhi

The Red Fort is a massive structure, and you cannot photograph it in one day. Impossible. I would even say that you need a few days for this. 329 more words



The first things that come to mind when you think of India are perhaps curry, cricket, and the Taj Mahal. In our next destination, Agra, we found all three. 547 more words