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The Incredible Taj Mahal

384 years back


Construction Period of the legendary Taj Mahal

Rich in Mughal architecture, lined with pathway with fountains and lush green gardens on the side, the Taj Mahal is a historic attraction in Agra, which draws millions of visitors a year. 317 more words



  1. Destination: Agra
  2. Time to Visit: Any time.
  3. Suggestion: If possible, visit early in the morning. It could be very crowded later in the day.
  4. Date of travel: …
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Crown of Palaces

So I read that Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his favorite wife. With this in mind, I stood before the monument not in awe, but in jealousy. 20 more words


Lure of the Taj

“Love is not finding someone to live with; its finding someone you cannot live without”

Love is immeasurable…undefined….limitless…boundless…we seek to be loved forever, remembered forever….. 770 more words

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Taj Mahal by babasteve

The Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum located on the southern bank of Yamuna River in the Indian city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favorite wife of three, Mumtaz Mahal. 22 more words


The Taj Mahal Trilogy 

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Ok, this series is another one I picked up purely due to its title. The Taj Mahal Trilogy, authored by Indu Sundaresan, consists of three novels (mostly facts, a bit of fiction); The Twentieth Wife, The Feast of Roses, and The Shadow Princess. 1,185 more words

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Tomb of Asif Khan

The Tomb of Asif Khan is a mausoleum located in Shahdara Bagh in Lahore, Punjab. It was constructed for the Mughal statesman Abul-Hasan ibn Mirza Ghiyas Beg, who was titled Asif Khan.Asif Khan was the brother of Empress Nur Jahan, and father of Arjumand Bano Begum, who became the consort of Shah Jahan under the name Mumtaz Mahal. 413 more words