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How to become a Muslim

What you need to do is say  your shahadah :

  • Arabic :

أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و
أشهد أن محمد رسول الله

Non Classé

Declaration in a dream

I wake up to the sound of Fajr azan (The call for prayer) and in extreme confusion get to the balcony. Azan and New Zealand, it just does not make any sense. 405 more words


A Reflection: My Two Year Anniversary and My Second Shahada

So, I just passed my two year anniversary of converting to Islam last month, and today I wanted to share some of my reflections and thoughts as I look back on the past two years. 1,345 more words


Hijab Days, Shahadas & "Conversions"

Here are some examples of the well-meaning but thoughtlessly one-sided attitude towards Islam commonly displayed in Western school rooms.

1. A Hijab Day in Rochester, New York: 289 more words


What the Shahada reveals about Islamic supremacy

While Islamic terror attacks are barbaric in nature, at times, they give a misleading perception of Islam’s impact. As while Islamic terrorism dominates headlines, other subtle, yet equally harmful facets of the ideology, are often ignored. 328 more words


Historia ya Kaburi la Imam Musa Kadhim (A.S.) na Imamu Muhammad Taqi  

Yeyote anayetembele mji wa Baghdad akitokea upande wa Kazkazi atakumbana na Minara minne ya dhahabu afikapo eneo liitwalo Kadhmayn, hayo ni makaburi ya Maimamu wawili wa nyumba tukufu ya Mtume (saw) Imam Musa Kadhim (A.S.) na Imam Muhammad Taqi Jawad (A.S.) Hawa ni Maimamu watukufu Imam wa Saba (7) na wa Nane (8) kwa mfuatano kutoka Kwenye nyumba tukufu ya Mtume. 573 more words

Habari Na Matukio

My Shahada Story

When I left off last week, I had just gotten back to university and began to exercise my freedom by joining the Muslim Students’ Association. 664 more words