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SOS: Save Our Schools

Two stories about what’s going on in our schools these day might make your heads explode. First up, indoctrination into the Muslim religion in Tennessee: 1,601 more words

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Another Obama mystery: He wore a wedding ring as a single man

In Western cultures, a married person wears his or her wedding ring on the ring or 4th finger. Indeed, the married Barack Obama wears a gold ring on his ring finger. 473 more words


Bradley County Schools Director Cash says "information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

Bradley County Schools Director Cash says “information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

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The Cleveland Bradley Ministerial Association conducted a question and answer session recently in Cleveland Tennessee, inviting several local and private education leaders to share topics that are going on in their school systems.  2,043 more words

The Five Pillars of Islam

What are some practices of Islam you might ask? Well here is a set called “The Five Pillars.” The five pillars are also known as “ 672 more words

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Asalamu alaikum

I’ve decided I’m not going to blog anymore. I enjoyed it for a little bit, but I’ve been losing interest. You all probably knew that because I haven’t posted anything in awhile. 57 more words


Throw Back Thursday (on Friday)

As Salaam Alaikum, (and G’day to the anti-muslim socialist who shared my post on their website, keep hatin’)

Yeah I’m a day late to throw back the clock, but I’ll just have to throw it a little harder today… 48 more words


Judah - Part 3

Extremely long post

I think I have shared so many things lately, that I got sidetracked about Judah. But as I write, I am only trying to connect the dots. 2,655 more words