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Really? No, seriously? Really?

Virginia Schools Shut Over Arabic Assignment


Sky News
Sky News
December 18, 2015

Virginia Schools Shut Over Arabic Assignment
Virginia Schools Shut Over Arabic Assignment… 293 more words

The Tale of Little the Chicken and the Birds from Far Away

Once upon a time, in the Doah of Shenan, there lived a Chicken named Little. This chicken had a nice life, enjoying all the bounty of being a chicken in the glorious, lush Doah of Shenan, where the water ran cool and clean, and no miserable clouds of gloom ever darkened the skies. 979 more words

Students practice calligraphy by writing "There is no god but Allah"

By   Todd Starnes, Published December 15, 2015, FoxNews.com

URL of the original posting site: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/12/15/students-practice-calligraphy-by-writing-there-is-no-god-but-allah.html?intcmp=hpbt4

A Virginia school district is defending a classroom assignment that required students to practice calligraphy by writing the Muslim statement of faith, …

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Public School Students Told to Practice Calligraphy by Writing 'There is No God but Allah'


Students at Riverheads High School in Greenville, Virginia, were told to practice academic jihad calligraphy by writing out the statement “There is no god but Allah. 468 more words

Counter Jihad Report

SOS: Save Our Schools

Two stories about what’s going on in our schools these day might make your heads explode. First up, indoctrination into the Muslim religion in Tennessee: 1,601 more words

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Another Obama mystery: He wore a wedding ring as a single man

In Western cultures, a married person wears his or her wedding ring on the ring or 4th finger. Indeed, the married Barack Obama wears a gold ring on his ring finger. 473 more words


Bradley County Schools Director Cash says "information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

Bradley County Schools Director Cash says “information about Islam is  “just a tool” teachers can use.

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The Cleveland Bradley Ministerial Association conducted a question and answer session recently in Cleveland Tennessee, inviting several local and private education leaders to share topics that are going on in their school systems.  2,043 more words