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Is there a Muslim inscription on the throne of Saint Peter in the Vatican?

In an early nineteenth century book in my library I came across a fascinating story that I’d like some historical sleuths out there to confirm or deny. 764 more words


Allah: The First and The Last

Lesson plan #1

Introduce Allah as a sight word in Arabic and in English.

Follow by asking who is Allah? Allah is Al awal and Al agheir the first and the last respectively. 129 more words



Reading The New York Times online today, as I do daily, I came across yet another cultural blunder by the United States military forces in Afghanistan. 381 more words


Muslim Extremists Hack Christians to Death With Machetes After They Refuse to Say 'There is No God But Allah'

Muslim extremists in Kenya brutally murdered four Christians – one of them mentally challenged – after they refused to recite the Islamic prayer of faith. 401 more words


Bismillahi Rahmani Roheemi

In the name of Allah, we praise him, seek his help and ask for forgiveness( in the course of this post and other affairs). 1,364 more words

Neema ya Mwenyezi Mungu

230. CV yako si maisha yako. Shahada yako si maisha yako. Maisha ni magumu kuliko mtu yeyote anavyoweza kufikiria.

Rais Robert Mugabe wa Zimbabwe anasemekana kuwa rais msomi zaidi kuliko wote duniani. 86 more words

Falsafa Za Enock Maregesi

I'm not a statistic...

There’s a well-known statistic from Dr Ba-Yunus that states 75% of converts to Islam leave within the first 5 years. There’s some skepticism around how that statistic came about, or how accurate it is ~10 years later, in addition to the fact that the original video footage containing the statistic has been erased from the internet… 1,413 more words