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Islamic Blueprint - Jihad & The Call to Islam

“Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion.”[1]

As described in Islamic sacred law, Reliance of the traveller… 2,221 more words


 Fuqaha- who next? 

Mazin Fuqaha, the ex-prisoner from AlQassam being assassinated (4 shots in his head) in the middle of Gaza city by “unknown” using silenced weapon is a very dangerous escalation! 16 more words


New Video message from the Islamic State "Words Drenched in Blood".

From Aaron Y. Zelin and Jihadology.net.

The video and the image above was taken from Aaron Zelin’s Jihadology.net. I have acknowledged his copyrights to the image and The reason for the posting of this material is as a result of my posting this video to my Youtube channel… 248 more words

Tennis: Shaheed serves notice to rivals

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Singapore’s hopes of gaining Davis Cup promotion and winning a SEA Games medal received a boost, as its tennis players clinched two medals at the South-east Asian Men’s Team Invitational Tournament that ended yesterday. 268 more words

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अमर जवान

ये वीर कर्मठ, अटल हैं,
जननी जिनकी धरा है,
हाथ बन्दूक, सीना तान,
लोहा लेने खड़ा है,
आंच ना आने पाए वतन पे,
इसी जिद पे अड़ा है,
खून के अंतिम कतरे तक,
वतन के लिए लड़ा है,

वतन के नाम कर दी,
जिसने अपनी जवानी,
हँसते हँसते लड़ गए,
दे दी अपनी कुर्बानी,
तिरंगा जिनका कफ़न बना,
वो सपूत था तूफानी,
नाम उनके याद रख लेना,
सुनाना वीरता की कहानी,

आंसू गर आये कभी,
किसी शहीद की याद में,
उन्हें बह जाने देना,
कोई पूछे वजह,
तो बस इतना बतला देना,
भारत माँ की सेवा में,
अपनी माँ को छोड़ गया,
जन्म लिया एक कोख से,
दूजी की गोद में सो गया।


Hain ham kahaan aur tum kahaan

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