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Sūrah adh-Dhāriyāt, aṭ-Ṭūr, an-Najm | Shaykh Sa’īd bin D’ās

هذه اخر تلاوة للشيخ المجاهد سعيد بن دعاس قبل قتله باسبوع سور : الذاريات؛ الطور؛ النجم

This is the last recitation by the Shaykh, the… 52 more words


"Calling someone a Shaheed (Martyr)" | Al-Shaykh Al-`Allaamah Muqbil bin Haadee

Question: Is it allowed for us to bear witness for anyone who was killed fighting in the path of Allaah with the term: ‘Shahaadah’ (martyrdom) and can we unrestrictedly apply for him the term ‘so and so is Shaheed’ (a martyr) just as some of the people unrestrictedly apply it on some of the callers? 376 more words


Making an Orcish Dagger (Skyrim)

For my Shaheed the Kahjiit cosplay I also wanted to make a dagger. While not my first choice, I decided on making an orcish dagger. It is rather easy to make because it does not need to look as polished or refined as most other daggers found in the Tamriel. 1,223 more words



Kargil hero Captain PV VIKRAM was born to Lt Col PKPV Panicker and Kalyani Panicker at MANARI HOUSE, PANNIYANKARA, Kallai P.O.KOZHIKODE on 24th OCT 1973. He joined 1st Std in KV No.1, Kozhikode in 1979.He was shifted to KV Talbahat in UP due to his father’s transfer to that station from field area. 161 more words


Honoring the ultimate sacrifice

I celebrated the Iranian New Year in the midst of dust and death. On the frontlines of the Iran-Iraq War.

But it was one of the most beautifully spiritual experiences of my life. 1,327 more words


LOTW: Communicating Vessels

Southern Record Label of the Week

Communicating Vessels (Birmingham)

Artists playing SouthSounds 2016: Shaheed & DJ Supreme
Artists playing Previous SouthSounds: Dirty Lungs, The Great Book of John, GT, Through the Sparks, Wray… 821 more words


shaheed DIVAS[23 MARCH]

today every one is celebrating holi.so they forget about the freedom fighters -shaheed BGAGAT SINGH, RAJ GURU and SUKH DEV…                                                                                            on 23 March 1931 these three gems of mother India ,hanged to death. 12 more words