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The Ultimate Politically Incorrect Quotes

They are supposed to be good orators but something which our politicians cannot avoid is Bloopers!!!!!

It’s only after they have said something in front of the media the politicians realize that how blundering it was. 1,289 more words


ANP gives blood bath to Karachi

Frustrated with unity of People of Karachi under the Flag of MQM and their possible humiliating defeat in by elections, ANP terrorists gives Karachi a blood bath. 172 more words

PPP government taking Karachi towards Civil War.

This report is enough to show the real face of PPP, PPP in 1988 made PPI inside then IG Sindh office and used it against the people of Karachi, and now arming ANP and Lyari Gangsters to capture Karachi by force as PPP have no Political stake in Karachi except for goths of Karachi. 50 more words


Shahi Syed Anti Mohajir Speeches

Shahi Syed Anti Mohajir Speeches.

Pukhtuns of Karachi you must act now and kick this person out as your head otherwise he will cause more trouble and hate for Pukhtuns in karachi by talking such rubbish against Urdu Speaking Majority of Karachi.


Shahi Syed Shifted his Family to Dubai

The Biggest Criminal of Karachi and Head of Arms Mafia, Drug Mafia and Land Mafia in Karachi Shahi Syed, who is also President of ANP Sindh has shifted his family to Dubai with 750 Kg of Luggage.

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I am Still Mohajir. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

Many people in Pakistan don’t even try to accept the reality that the mass urdu speaking population is always persecuted by the ruling elite and masses.

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Weapons meant for ANP terrorists in Karachi Recovered from a Trailer

( Shahi Syed, President ANP Sindh and Incharge of Arms, Drugs, Land and Criminal Mafia in Karachi)

Huge amount of weapons meant for ANP( Awami National Party) Terrorists recovered from a trailer coming from Peshawar. 230 more words