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TGIF: Sandwich Photos, Would You Rather be in a Shahrukh-Salman Sandwich or Madhuri-Rani?

I don’t mean photos of sandwiches (that would be this TGIF), but rather photos of 3 people in which they make a kind of sandwich image.  673 more words

Starter Kit: Top Jodis Of Hindi film

I was going to do a “100 years of history in 10” list, and then I realized there AREN’T actually 10 jodis of equal level.  So I am just going to introduce you to the really really big ones and without worrying about how many I include or putting them in order or anything. 1,067 more words

Janam Janam and the Raj Nargis Backstory

Another reposted post from the early days! My first stab at Raj and Nargis, in terms of what they meant related to the homage to them in SRKajol movies. 1,381 more words

DDLJ Scene By Scene Part 39: Mehndi Lagake Rakna Continues!

What, you thought it would be over in one entry?  Nope, this things gonna continue for another 2 parts at least!  Anyway, it’s a really important song!  2,344 more words

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Greatest Heroines... Dimple Kapadia


What’s it like to become the teenage sensation overnight and have the whole nation panting over you? What’s more, to have the superstar woo and marry you when you’re just 16. 235 more words

Greatest Heroines... Kamini Kaushal


Even before she won recognition as screen actor Kamini Kaushal, Uma Sood (her original name) was auditioned by circumstance to play out a larger-than-life role. 263 more words

Greatest Heroines... Rehana


Light. Camera. Action….Those staccato words can transform a giggly Rehana into a slinky seductress. The name Rehana may not ring a bell but she did take the cine-world by storm back in the days. 187 more words