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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: Rani Week Edition! What Would My Ideal Rani Comeback Film Look Like?

Someone asked on one of my Rani posts if I thought she would ever act again opposite one of her 90s costars in a rom-com.  And I think she might, but only if it was a really really good script.   4,245 more words

Dulha Mil Gaya: I Watched It So You Don't Have To!

Thank goodness for Netflix!  I can get this movie on DVD and watch it at double-speed and finally check it off my Shahrukh list.  Without all the pain of actually paying for it, even as an individual rental. 1,601 more words

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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, an amazing father to three, says he is planning to quit smoking and drinking and adopt a healthier lifestyle to enable himself spend more time with his children. 333 more words


'मुन्नाभाई एमबीबीएस' में संजय दत्त जैसी ऐक्टिंग नहीं कर पाता: शाहरुख खान

सुपरस्टार शाहरुख खान का कहना है कि वह ‘मुन्नाभाई एमबीबीएस’ में संजय दत्त से बेहतरीन अदाकारी नहीं कर सकते थे। निर्माता विधु विनोद चोपड़ा ने संजय दत्त से पहले मुन्नाभाई का किरदार निभाने के लिए शाहरुख को प्रस्ताव दिया था, लेकिन उन्होंने इसे नामंजूर कर दिया था।


Chalte Chalte: It's Rani's Birthday This Week! And This is the Best SRK-Rani Movie!

Is that a controversial statement?  Not the birthday part (can’t really deny that), but the best SRK-Rani part?  I don’t think so, they’ve worked together a lot, but they haven’t actually been the main “jodi” in most of their films.   3,288 more words

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फोटोग्राफर के पैर पर चढ़ी शाहरुख की कार, पहुंचवाया अस्पताल

शाहरुख खान की उदारता की कहानियां किसी से छुपी नहीं हैं. कुछ दिनों पहले एक भिखारी को खाना खिलाने के बाद अब उनके उदारता की एक और घटना सामने आई है.


His Life Has Totally Changed After Getting A Chance To Meet Shah Rukh Khan, Revealed By This Guy!

​” Not many people will get to spend as much time as I did in the company of a legend like SRK, so I feel compelled to report his decency.” Kamal Ahmad tweeted about his random meeting with Shah Rukh Khan six years ago on 5th March. 10 more words