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Emperor Shaka the Great

I did not have a dream or a premonition but I have come to logically accept Africans need to have a god figure to follow. It is a necessary part in the socialization process for humans-to give direction as to how to behave. 208 more words

Shaka Zulu Pinkney

One day out of boredom after long day of horse playing in verbal and action, I ended up watching Shaka Zulu on television acted out by Henry Cele. 717 more words


Birthday shenanigans 

My blog has been extremely neglected over the past month or so as I’ve been manically preparing for my birthday and the dust has now settled it has finally ended so I can now discuss with you all- and breatheeeee 😅 434 more words


My hair is not my heritage

My hair speaks to the ancestors and decidedly snubs me. It excludes me from the conversation because the language is post-paradise and pre-colonial. But that’s alright. 421 more words


Voices from around the world to attend Durban's Poetry Africa

THE Centre for Creative Arts (CCA), within the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s College of Humanities will host the 20th Poetry Africa International Festival from October 10 to 15. 400 more words

Bare Feet

Walking across the local playing fields on a lovely sunny warm day in Hertfordshire, I kicked off my shoes to experience the freshly cut grass. It made me think of a paper I’d recently read on the carriers in World War Africa where the author was commenting on the carriers not having shoes and that this was a sign of mistreatment. 574 more words


Our 4th year anniversary at Shaka Zulu in Camden, London

We celebrated our 4th year anniversary with my fiancée-James yesterday.

As Duncan Hines once said: “Nearly everyone wants as least one outstanding meal a day.” We decided to have our ‘outstanding’ meal at Shaka Zulu as we visited this restaurant before and were really impressed with it. 389 more words