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Throwback Thursday: Time Travel Back To The Good Ol' Days

Thursdays have assumed the gauntlet for the day we look back at what passed on as fashion, style and good music a couple of years ago. 344 more words


Food ordering tips to make it through the month healthy and financially stable

The first weeks of September are gone but making it to the end of the month is daunting for many of us, mostly because your needs and wants are measured against how much you can spend until your next pay check, plus. 654 more words


No.10 - Catterick

Tuesday 15 September 2015
Catterick, North Yorkshire
Distance travelled – 92.8 miles

I have a feeling that over the course of this blog, avoiding the overuse of the word ‘traditional’ is going to be impossible, so I wont even bother trying. 800 more words


Black & White @ Shaka Zulu

Life isn’t all black and white, but it was the other day in Camden.

On a night out celebrating one of my best friends birthday, I and a few others sent ourselves all the way over to Camden to dine and dance at Shaka Zulu, the South African restaurant known for serving meats as exotic as their cocktails. 410 more words


A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

Angie lost her first tooth yesterday, and I was completely unprepared.

I knew it would happen sometime soon, but I hadn’t really given much thought to how we were going to handle it. 437 more words


Check Out This Epic Rap Battle Between Shaka Zulu And Julius Caesar

Epic Rap Battles Of History has a new rap battle between Shaka Zulu and Julius Caesar.  Man, Caesar was mean to Zulu and his tribe.  At the same time, Zulu love threatening ancient Rome!   41 more words


The Riverside Brasserie, Bray - Review

My review of one of the *other* restaurants in the Berkshire village of Bray has just appeared over on VADA Magazine. Click here to read:  15 more words