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Great Quote on Shaka Zulu by Miriam Makeba

The British often talk of Shaka Zulu as the ‘Black Napoleon’, but I think that Napoleon was a white Shaka!” Miriam Makeba

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Great People

Violence is to humans as.....

Violence is to humans as oxygen is to water.

I once toured Britain from Inverness to Plymouth and came to the conclusion that the people of that collections of islands may be worthy of the title, “Most violent humans.”  Their domination of the globe certainly blossomed from a highly developed sense of cruelty… 283 more words


Experiencing the Impossible

Since the Black Panther Marvel movie isn’t coming out fast enough for my interest, I recently watched Shaka Zulu on Netflix. At one point in the movie Shaka, a powerful tribal king in 1800’s Africa, found a Holy Bible in a European doctor’s bag. 661 more words

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A Very Unique Encounter With Boko Haram Traveling to Nigeria

Oh West Africa! Mysterious yet renowned as the land of the great Mansa Musa. The richest man to ever live. He was a native of Timbuktu, Mali. 962 more words