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Fasted Cardio…The debate continues

The debate regarding fasted cardio can and will go on forever. Some people swear by it while others dismiss it like the Shake Weight. Unlike the Shake Weight, there is some merit to fasted cardio, which I will do my best to summarize here. 633 more words


You'll never guess the most underestimated workout tool...

I was convinced by my lovely wife to make a post about the misrepresentation of this valuable workout tool. Yes, that awkward-looking, hit-yourself-in-the you-know-what tool. No, actually it’s one of the most effective upper body toners that you can find when you don’t attribute a lot of time into lifting weights. 594 more words

Penny For Your Apples

Even Porn Stars Have No Idea What To Do With A Shake Weight

Recently, the world learned about which Hollywood celebs porn stars are crushing on and whether or not they can spell.

Now, the world has learned something even more impressive: many top porn stars have no idea what to do with a Shake Weight. 106 more words