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With Us in Love

My joy —
My Hunger —
My Shelter —
My Friend —
My Food for the journey —
My journey’s End —
You are my breath, 3,271 more words


Hired Help: the Shaker challenge

Farming is hard work even now with all the modern equipment we use. (Both good and bad don’t you think, but clearly a topic for another time.)   In the 1790s farming was even harder. 388 more words

Shakers and alcohol

With a group, particularly a religious group, that has had such a long history, I think there is a tendency to see them as they are and extrapolate backwards. 373 more words

will Rees #6

The next Will Rees, titled “The Shaker Murders”, has been sent along. For some reason, I found this one difficult to write. But it is done and on its way. Yayy!


Shakers and Pets

Although the simple life is certainly a draw in this hectic over-scheduled modern life, I would find living as a Shaker difficult, if not impossible. For one thing, I am not obedient. 211 more words