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The Missouri Mormon war of 1838

On October 29 1838, a militia of 250 men under Colonel Thomas Jennings rode into Caldwell County, Missouri, from the east. Their destination was the Mormon settlement at Haun’s Mill, where the riders knew at least 40 families were encamped. 826 more words


Runners take heed! This is important.

Over the past two years, thousands of people interested in running and deepening their spirituality have taken time to read entries on this blog.  My message today, however, is one of the importance for runners.  383 more words

Rump Shakers Vibrating Butt Plug - Medium - Pink

Put some shake in your booty! Doc Johnson’s new Rump Shakers will make your rump zoom and boom. These vibrating butt plugs are powerful, quiet, and fit great in your tush! 33 more words


Thursday, February 9, 2017


Look, Look Again by Agnese Baruzzi
Bear Counts by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman
The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins… 248 more words

Evening Storytime

Salt and Pepper Shakers Designs for Valentine’s Day

If you’re still thinking about a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, which would be practical, romantic and themed at the same time, this article is just what you need. 17 more words

The best vintage salt and pepper shakers

If you want to reminisce about your traditional family meals and your mother’s sumptuous servings, the vintage salt and pepper shakers are good nostalgic pieces. Though getting your previous gadgets are one of the simplest ways for you to carry again the memories, you can too buy them in lots …

Citrus Shaker Pie

I’m somehow surprised every year when citrus season sneaks up on me. I can never wrap my head around the fact that it’s in winter… 1,074 more words