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Shakespeare Sunday | 150718

“When the hurly-burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won” quote from Macbeth.

Yeah I’m not dead- just busy. Sorting out my time a bit better to make sure I keep you guys up to date as well.

Cheers :D

Shakespeare Sunday

Shakespeare Sunday | 030618

“Hand there like fruit, my soul, Till the tree die” Cymbeline by Shakey

I’ll be honest- first time I’ve heard of this play. Looks interesting though, a play by his Shakeyness set in ancient Britian revolving around the king of the same name. 82 more words


Having failed to receive service in their train’s dining car, Frau Messner and Peter go in search of a meal in Frankfurt.

Since mine own doors refuse to entertain me, 15 more words

Michael Kitchen

Shakespeare Sunday | 130518

“Love comforteth like sunshine after rain” Venus and Adonis by his Shakeyness

Last night’s Eurovision distracted me so much I wasn’t able to get something set up for today! 37 more words

Shakespeare Sunday

…the devil hath power. To assume a pleasing shape. – Hamlet

A devil incarnate, in the form of an angel. Those eyes! And bless that hair.

29 more words
Michael Kitchen

Once a place of opportunity where men like Sir Helmsley’s son, Guy, could fulfill their dreams, Cape Town today faces a future threatened by looming water shortages. 59 more words

Michael Kitchen

Shakespeare Sunday | 060518

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” Alls Well That Ends Well– Shakey.

I know normally I try and arrange it so the image makes sense with the quote- but nothing really suited. 74 more words

Shakespeare Sunday