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Against the grain.

A rotten butt, he called us. The vehicle of salvation for he and his progeny, and we were rotten to him. Warped we may have been, and old,  but never rotten. 556 more words


Goodnight Desdemona gives Shakespeare a feminist twist

In 1989, feminist writer Ann-Marie MacDonald received the Governor General’s Award for drama for her comedy Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet).

MacDonald’s premise was that Shakespeare’s tragedies Othello and Romeo & Juliet should have been comedies so she sends her heroine Constance Ledbelly on a subconscious journey of self discovery to prove the theory and, in the process, to become the author of her own life and story. 419 more words


400 years Shakespeare

Because I love theater and I play, it was pretty accurate to write a blog post about a legend in the theater history. If you have no idea about whom talking, you probably haven’t read the title yet. 837 more words


Jerzy Stepniak (Poland)

Warsaw born artist Jerzy Stepniak sent us watercolour and pen drawing of William Shakespeare, shaking his quill. Jerzy is an architect and that is where his interest in painting and drawing of an imaginary streets of the city of Warsaw coming from. 15 more words

Eni Ilis (Brazil)

Eni Ilis from Brazil send us a collage that seems to be inspired by some of Shakespeare’s tragedies. Eni Ilis is very productive mail art artist and she took a part in our last year’s project ‘Connection is Made…’. 9 more words

Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece)

Greek mail art artist Katerina Nikoltsou sent her collage and mixed media with a quote of Titania from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’: ‘Out of this wood do not desire to go.Thou shalt remain here whether thou wilt or no.  17 more words