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Day Trip: Stratford-Upon-Avon In A Day

Head to the home of the Bard and you’ll be immersed in history and art alike. 1,146 more words


The Problem of Ophelia

For an avid reader, I’ve never been a huge fan of the so-called western “canon.” One of the biggest reasons is that it centers male stories. 937 more words

Cultural History

The Elite Book Challenge

To continue (and complete) these series of Entertainment Challenges, it’s about time we rounded things out with the oldest source of storytelling our cultures have to offer: books. 1,548 more words


David Bruce: William Shakespeare's 1 HENRY VI: A Retelling in Prose — Act 3, Scene 3

— 3.3 —

On the plains near Rouen, Charles the Dauphin, the Bastard of Orleans, the Duke of Alençon, and Joan la Pucelle talked. Some soldiers were present. 1,079 more words


William Shakespeare's Dune, Act IV, Scene i.

In which the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen learns of Feyd’s schemes, and teaches him an unpleasant lesson in the cost of treachery.

Act IV, Scene i.


Does conscience make cowards of us all?

Hamlet is a loser. He turns out to be completely inadequate to the call to action of his father’s ghost, who wants to be rightfully revenged by his son. 628 more words

Literature And Society

Monday Morning Motivation - St. Crispin's Day

This week, I give you what may well be the motivational speech to end all motivational speeches, penned by the man who may well be the most influential of all authors.

Never stop writing.


Monday Morning Motivation