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#RidingTheRollerCoaster - 18

Shakespeare might have referred to normal times and rational people when he said, “What is there in name?” Manic times are different

Shakespeare Saturday: Ms. Directing Shakespeare

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Shakespeare Saturday! Last week I dropped the ball, missing both my posts completely, but I am back and I KNOW what day it is. 202 more words

What a Piece of Work is a Man

Shakespeare was clearly fascinated by madness. Indeed many of his characters exhibited many different symptoms of dementia provecto, as Lear, Jaques, Timon, Macbeth, Leontes and even the feigned madness of Hamlet demonstrate. 458 more words

Social Issues

Fortinbras redundant? I don't think so.

Fortinbras…probably the most ‘dissed’ of all Shakespeare characters…always deemed unnecessary, redundant…repeatedly cut off from Hamlet productions all over the world…but why would Shakespeare ever bother to write in a character  whose presence is not of any importance to the story? 1,407 more words


Tales From Shakespeare by C&M Lamb

Tales From Shakespeare by C&M Lamb

An old book from my mother’s bookshelves. Lovely hard back with a vintage sleeve. C&M Lamb do a beautiful job of adapting some of Shakespeare’s most loved tales. 76 more words


November 28th - Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway - "Don't go breakin' my heart"

In 1582 #Shakespeare married #AnneHathaway.  400 years later, the modern day actress of that name was born.  Here she is singing an appropriate song from her film #EllaEnchanted#singing;#feelgood… 207 more words