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Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnets 9 and 10

It has been such a long time since I did a Shakespeare Saturday post! This week I’m going to do a quick post about two of Shakespeare’s sonnets. 565 more words


Shakespeare Saturday: Sonnets 7 and 8

I’m back with another Shakespeare Saturday and two more of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Today I’m concentrating on sonnet 7 and sonnet 8.

Sonnet 7

Lo, in the orient when the gracious light  398 more words


Portrait of Unknown Man

I’ve always found the idea rather sad: commissioning a portrait, getting a wonder made by the right painter, having it admired and treasured through the centuries, ending in some world-renown gallery… as a masterpiece of the author – with the sitter unknown, and not terribly important, either. 690 more words


Homework for 22 Feb, with love x

In the month of Valentine Angela’s homework for our next meeting on 22 February is to write up to a page about ‘Love.’ It can be a short play, prose or poetry about love. 41 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnet 5 and 6

I’m back with another two sonnets today! Shakespeare’s sonnet 5 and sonnet 6 are next to be examined…

Sonnet 5

Those hours, that with gentle work did frame… 448 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnet 3 and Sonnet 4

I’m back with two of Shakespeare’s sonnets today! Sonnet 3 and 4 are next on my list so let’s get on with it…

Sonnet 3… 476 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnet 2

Last week I did a quick post about Shakespeare’s first sonnet so today I’m doing a quick post about his second sonnet…

When forty winters shall beseige thy brow,  279 more words