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Portrait of Unknown Man

I’ve always found the idea rather sad: commissioning a portrait, getting a wonder made by the right painter, having it admired and treasured through the centuries, ending in some world-renown gallery… as a masterpiece of the author – with the sitter unknown, and not terribly important, either. 690 more words


Homework for 22 Feb, with love x

In the month of Valentine Angela’s homework for our next meeting on 22 February is to write up to a page about ‘Love.’ It can be a short play, prose or poetry about love. 41 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnet 5 and 6

I’m back with another two sonnets today! Shakespeare’s sonnet 5 and sonnet 6 are next to be examined…

Sonnet 5

Those hours, that with gentle work did frame… 448 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnet 3 and Sonnet 4

I’m back with two of Shakespeare’s sonnets today! Sonnet 3 and 4 are next on my list so let’s get on with it…

Sonnet 3… 476 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnet 2

Last week I did a quick post about Shakespeare’s first sonnet so today I’m doing a quick post about his second sonnet…

When forty winters shall beseige thy brow,  279 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnet 1

I love Shakespeare’s sonnets, and his other poems too, so I thought I’d discuss at least one sonnet per month in this series. First up, unsurprisingly, is sonnet 1. 253 more words


The Best Shakespeare Sonnets Everyone Should Read

The top ten greatest sonnets by William Shakespeare

Previously, we’ve analysed a good number of Shakespeare’s sonnets here at Interesting Literature, offering a brief summary and analysis of the sonnet in question and exploring its most significant points of interest. 1,039 more words