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Meeting the nation's energy demand

Natural gas is abundant in the Marcellus – and innovations are allowing it to meet the nation’s need. Demand for natural gas is forecast to increase by almost 1 percent each year through 2035. 88 more words

Revisiting the Barnett Shale Play

The Barnett Shale play contains one of North America’s largest onshore natural gas fields. The north-central Texas’ Fort Worth Basin contains trillions of cubic feet of reserves in an area spanning about 5,000 square miles across about 20 Texas counties. 497 more words

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Cline Shale Play rivals Bakken and Eagle Ford Combined

The Cline shale play in West Texas’ Midland Basin is an abundant sedimentary rock formation of Pennsylvanian-aged shale (325-286 million years old).  The play is found 9,000-9,500 feet underground and spans 140 miles north-to-south and 70 miles east-to-west.  639 more words

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US Expertise & Technology needed in developing International Shale Plays

In our exporting LNG blog post, we discussed how the U.S. shale boom may cause the U.S. to become an LNG exporter in the near future.  699 more words

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Come What May?!

Looking over the oil patch from 35,000 feet we get the sense that the pipe market is drifting at the moment. In no particular order there’s: the well-recognized onshore shift and transitory pause when moving from one play to another; the lull that’s created as operators redistribute their capital budgets; the ongoing questions about additional domestic pipe capacity; the buildup of OCTG inventories and mounting concerns about imports. 37 more words


Blowout in Wyo.

Niobrara fights back.

An oil well blowout in Wyoming prompted 50 residents to evacuate their homes amid concern that a spewing cloud of natural gas could explode.

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EPA issues fracking air pollution rules

From an EPA press release:

During the first phase, until January 2015, owners and operators must either flare their emissions or use emissions reduction technology called “green completions,” technologies that are already widely deployed at wells.

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