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Pizza and a Movie: Man from Uncle

This weekend’s Pizza Toppings at Corner Pizza:

  • Anchovies
  • Mushrooms
  • Shallots


Man from Uncle

Because the weather this week in Atlanta was unbelievably beautiful (for August), my husband and I had our pizza on the patio. 173 more words


Chorizo and chicken courgetti

The time has come for me to finally start a blog about food.

I love the stuff. I plan my days around it. I get excited to go out to dinner. 431 more words


Rosemary Lamb Roast with Spicy Peach & Heirloom Tomato Sauce

If you go to a farmer’s market in NYC right now, you’re going to see giant piles of tomatoes and peaches. I saw tomatoes last weekend that had to weigh 4 or 5 lbs.  566 more words


Mac 'n Cheese by Marco Pierre White

When the grown ups indulge in culinary experimentation, it’s always a challenge to make something easy and more suitable for the kids. This time they were quite vocal about it and demanded Mac ‘n Cheese! 327 more words


Marinated Tomatoes

When you grow cherry tomatoes, you get a bargain for the space you must alot them. Yes, they are rambunctious and prone to wandering about.  But staying on top of the prodigious output of a cherry variety — a close descendant of the wild cherry native to the roadways, fields and forest edges of South America  — is a summer feat without the famine. 239 more words


Pickle my onions

Whoop baby, its an onion invasion…..


Wasn’t quite expecting upon planting 2 packs of wilkos finest shallot bulbs at the beginning of this year Id quite end up with so many shallots per bulb, and blonde-ly never considered I probably only use 10 shallots about once every three years in a frenchie beef bourguignon.  494 more words


Fall is in the air.

Hard to believe but we’re more than half way through 2015. Pumpkins and other winter squash are ripening. The corn is finished, much to the disappointment of our local customers. 156 more words