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Hope: A Tragedy - a funny take on the perils of remembrance

Making fun from serious topics is high-risk in our hyper-literal era and so it’s bracing to read a novel which dares to get its lols from the Holocaust. 443 more words

Book Review

Brilliant Book Titles #143

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Shalom Auslander was raised with a terrified respect for God. Even as he grew up, defying and eventually being cast out of his community, he could not find his way to a life in which he wasn’t locked in a daily struggle with Him. 162 more words

THE LAST LAUGH (2017, doc)

 Greetings again from the darkness. The best comedy often touches a nerve. Jokes can make us feel uncomfortable and even a bit embarrassed for laughing. Although the best comedians are traditionally those who attack the politically correct world we live in, there are certain topics that remain taboo even to the bravest comedians: child molesting, rape, AIDS, 9/11, and the Holocaust. 381 more words