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Touliden Kiwami Review PS4

OMG! I love this game! Now I am a fan! But let’s get to the start. I heard of this game a few years back, a friend told me that Koei had their own version of Monster Hunter but you are slaying demons instead. 907 more words


Xiān Kè Lái Epilogue

Xiān Kè Lái Epilogue. Zhǒngzǐ

As it is, flowers are meant to produce seeds. Seeds are meant to grow and produce flowers.


Aviantei 13

Aviantei Part 13: Partnership

Hao considers the situation, and Ivy finds herself mentally pushed into a corner.


Xiān Kè Lái 08

Xiān Kè Lái 8. Liánhuā

Lotus. Rebirth. Purity. Unity. Are pretty meanings really the only definition of beautiful?

Xiān Kè Lái 07

Xiān Kè Lái 7. Cìhuái

Acacia. Is love truly concealed if it is in friendship?

Xiān Kè Lái 06

Xiān Kè Lái 6. Wàn Shòu Jú

Marigold. In life, we can not escape acts of cruelty.