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NEETaku Rants: Can We Have An Intelligent Shounen Hero For Once?

” But NEETaku..”

Me: ” Yes, Random Anime Fanboy?”

Random Anime Fanboy: ” There are quite a few shounen anime heroes that are very, very smart.” 545 more words

Anime Editorials/Rants

Forgotten Memories

Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King.

Chapter 1: Recurring Dreams

The man stared at her with eyes as cold as the chilly wind that was enveloping the place. 36,636 more words

Anna Kyouyama


Hello everyone ! So last Sunday I went to a manga convention. I bought 12 mangas, most of them are used but in pretty good shape ! 131 more words

Book Haul


Mikan (未完) is a Japanese word, and, like almost every Japanese word, it has more than just one meaning. It means both “tangerine” and “incomplete”! 257 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge - Day 30: An Anime You Wish Never Ended and Continued On

Final Day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge! What anime do wish never ended, there are a few for us. Thank you for reading (if you did), I’ll be returning to my Video Game Movie Quest as soon as I can. 14 more words

Anime Review

Anime Music Madness- Tamashii Kasanete

Today’s song in the lineup is Tamashii Kasanete, the third ending song for Shaman King, sung by Yuuko Sato

While not Megumi Hayashibara, and breaking the conventions of ending songs, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. 212 more words