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Shaman King celebrates 20th anniversary with new manga

Kodansha brought in the new year by announcing that the Shaman King manga will get a whole new lease of life for its 20th anniversary. First published in  154 more words

How to Cosplay Anna Kyoyama-Shaman King

Series Description in One Sentence: In the world of “Shaman King,” Shamans summon spirits to help them fight in a tournament which is held every 500 years where the winner is allowed to remake the world in their own image. 258 more words


Top 10 Anime from the Early 2000's That I Watched as a Kid!

Who remembers every Saturday morning waking up early to watch some Good Ol’ American Cartoons. Well, would it surprise you that most if not some of these show are actually redubbings of shows from Japan. 2,145 more words


Anime vs Manga: Shaman King

Ahh Shaman King, a childhood classic. My first encounter with SK was during my elementary days, watching the anime after school. When I got older and had internet, I decided to read the manga to relive the nostalgia and was very pleasantly surprised at the differences. 516 more words


Anime Review 2.3 Shaman King

Shaman King was one of those anime that appeared on Jetix back in my childhood days and it’s was the first shounen anime that I watched and loved from start to finish. 1,561 more words

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