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Ask the Blogger: Death Note/Shaman King

To manga or not to manga.  For me, it was a big NEVER, until last week.  I know this may be an inflammatory statement on my part, for some of you.  515 more words

Book Review

7 Simple Cosplays That Anyone Can Do

Cosplay is an expensive hobby, whether you make or buy your own costumes. Luckily there are plenty of simple cosplays that are inexpensive easy to pull off. 452 more words


Horokeu Usui, Kimono vrs.

Character: Horokeu “Horo Horo” Usui
Version: Kimono (original artwork, I can’t find the artist)
Series: Shaman King
Cosplayer: Baskerville Cosplay

I made the kimono and the blue gloves, belt and headband. 51 more words

Shaman King


ผมมักจะชอบคิดชื่อประหลาดๆให้กับ ความคิดตัวเองครับ อย่างชื่อหัวข้อวันนี้ก็ใช่


NEETaku Says: Anime Was Darker Than I Remember

The one thing that can be said about 80’s/90’s anime, aside from the fact that the majority of them had awful dubs, is that a lot of them were waaaaaayyyy darker than most of us remember. 414 more words


Friendship, Effort and Victory: The Spirit of Shonen Jump

Snap Discussion is the weekly round table discussion on a topic relating to Japanese pop culture as selected by the almighty Snapodile. Each week the SnapThirty team will weigh in with their thoughts on that week’s topic all with the hopes of providing some interesting and perhaps even conflicting view points on the matter at hand. 3,736 more words


NEETaku Rants: Can We Have An Intelligent Shounen Hero For Once?

” But NEETaku..”

Me: ” Yes, Random Anime Fanboy?”

Random Anime Fanboy: ” There are quite a few shounen anime heroes that are very, very smart.” 545 more words

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