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Elusive Ayahuasca: 14 Cups in Bolivia pt.3


Part 3

Camp life

The day after the 1st ceremony I had a classic post-trip day feeling: a lethargic slumber but mentally light and with a bright outlook. 2,560 more words


shaman (to the hunt)

the man who was the bull
who was the snake
sheds his skin
then rises up new once more

he wears the hide
that was buffalo… 185 more words

Creative Writing

The Hearthstone Nerf Everyone Wanted + Reynad's Hot Take

Social media has been an impetus for forcing change in the world, and it seems to be happening more and more now. While Twitter and YouTube have been the vehicles for change in real-life events, Reddit has been the weapon of choice in Wizard Poker. 926 more words


The Journey

I was given the best opprotunity to partake in. I was given a free admission ticket to the Natural Living Expo, in which there were over 130 vendors of the Metaphysical variety. 1,368 more words

Astral Work

Guest Post: Mivi Bak AKA "The Mudang"

Hi everyone!  As I’ve mentioned before, I have been wanting to get more in touch with my Korean ancestry, and specifically to learn more about… 1,323 more words


Fragments of Light: The Shaman

This must be the place. Tall and narrow and strange; a lighthouse far from sea.
(what is it there to guide?)
He will be waiting inside for me, on the second floor. 945 more words

Abstract Art

Charnel House by Graham Masterton

I know that I have been pretty AWOL in terms of writing in my blog. I recently got accepted into a Master’s program in Neuroscience and I’ve been super busy with moving and getting settled into my research position here. 301 more words