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Be aware of the "other powers to be"

It ‘s not uncommon for Malaysians to dabble in spiritism. We hear stories all the time of how this person or that person saw a medium or had  749 more words

The Bride

Astral Travel Research- Silver Cord and more

I have been astral travelling for 2 years with an average of 3 travels per month and that amount has been increasing lately. Part of my goal is to try prove that astral travel is real, that it is significant to our lives and means something. 1,042 more words

Reincarnation but which one!

The Comedian spoke a profound truth. “Death is Natures way of saying thanks for playing, try again!”
Reincarnation is one view of the soul’s journey. There is validity to this idea. 587 more words

I am going to South America in less than two months. Journeying to the Amazon has been a dream of mine since I was 8 years old. 269 more words


League of Explorers Uldaman Heroic: How we did it

It’s time to face down the second wing of Hearthstone’s new adventure: League of Explorers. We recently completed the Heroic Uldaman encounters, including Chieftain Scarvash, the Mine Cart Rush and Archaedas. 849 more words


Dreaming the World into Being

We live in a state of fabricated reality. But this itself should not be shocking. We are beings made of stories: before we are born, we are story, and once we are born, everything that came before us is story also. 574 more words


Andrean Shamanism

The first level of Andean Shamanism is the ayni karpay, where the student comes into proper relationship with nature and is not yet considered a shaman. 240 more words