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My response to LindaGHill ‘s Stream of Consciousness prompt. I haven’t indulged in a while, so this is a wicked pleasure. Linda’s prompt is below:

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The Void

The Void _I’ve noticed how much it scares people to think of darkness. The unknown, the abyss of just black and plunging deeper in without really getting a chance to get out because your sense of direction is gone, you can no longer depend on your eyes. 308 more words


I don’t know why I usually come on this site to write. It’s like I have something good I want to write about ANNNNNNDD its gone. 938 more words



You cannot really be serious, he said.
Seriously, he said, be careful;
Holding this will cut you.
Burn your flesh forever.

This is what he said to me. 52 more words

To Be or Not To Be

‘Tis the question at hand – and yet, not really.

I have been “hearing” a calling for a while now…but didn’t have a label.  Now, I rather loathe labels…I feel they limit us and create artificial walls that block our growth and ability to see more.  451 more words



Traditional Hmong shaman curing ceremony

As I was flipping through my latest copy of National Geographic, title “The Healing Power of Faith”, I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the picture published above. 135 more words

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