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Why the faithful worships their lawless "Shaman Cho"

The below article asks the question why the world’s largest church still worships its embezzling former leader, David Yonggi Cho.

Jesus answers this question for us in  2,371 more words

David Yonggi Cho

Returning from Away

My time at the beach was wonderful. So much water and light restored me to peak cleansed levels. While there I did dream and some interesting things came up. 141 more words

Elemental Shaman Weak Auras v3 (Current as of 5/29/2016)

Been a while since I last updated Elemental Weak Auras, figured it was due for an update. Here goes nothing!

Shrunk all the auras down to 35×35 like every other aura set to fit around my ElvUI settings, removed tracking Frost Shock since it was mostly redundant and not useful in PvE situations (also the 20 Maelstrom indicator serves dual function for Flame Shock and Frost Shock since they both cap out at 20 Maelstorm). 275 more words

World Of Warcraft

Networking with the Gods

I have mine, regardless if some of you think I am wrong, and you have yours, which I fully accept, but most of us pray to Someone/something, this is the basics of what we are now, and have been since we became aware of our place in the cosmos. 387 more words


Of Spirit and Shamans

Shamanism is a blanket term for a way of perceiving the universe. It is not a religion or a philosophy, and cannot be explained in terms of formalized practices. 603 more words

What am I doing?

I have received lots of questions about what I’m doing and I have articulated poorly. The more time that passes the more I begin to wonder about the relationship between my content and form. 377 more words


Reciprocity and Choice

In my practice I see the keys to success as activating reciprocity and choice in the audience. I chose these words after careful consideration of my interests and values. 569 more words