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The Shaman is Awesome!

I’ve been playing the Shaman since Burning Crusade, specifically the Enhancement tree (there were skill trees at the time. I’m old). It feels like playing an upclose and personal battle mage, crushing the skulls of demons with axes and burning them to a crisp with fire and lightning. 378 more words



Shamans are sought after in many indigenous places all over the world for their abilities  to seemingly heal the sick and provide guidance for those in distress.In Peru offerings are made to deities in the form of llama fetuses and Ayahuasca is served. 306 more words


"Complexes of talus and escarpments, valley bottom alluvium"

These posts for the next week or so¬†are from a recent backpacking trip I made on the PCT with my dear friend Brad Shaffer. The post titles are taken from the great climber… 1,204 more words


Shaman Weak Auras

Since I haven’t posted any of my own I’ve gone ahead and looked around for a few options for people that fit the same style as my own Weak Auras setup. 95 more words

World Of Warcraft

Book Extract - The Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan, Chiclayo

Built across three floors, the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan is a stand out feature against the small, somewhat dated buildings squatting in the backdrop. 1,383 more words

Ancient Symbolism

Elemental Spreadsheets

This is going to be a collection post of Elemental spreadsheets I’ve put together, in order to have a single “go here” post for Discord. 30 more words



Summer is coming to a close and I’ve been a slacker with my blog. I need to get back into the headgame of writing. In October… 163 more words