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The Power of Shamanic Healing, Part 2: Mental Healing

When a shaman does a healing journey for someone, the shaman is asking for help from the spirit world to bring about the healing. Sometimes the healing occurs in a different energy body than the one that the individual was asking about – for example, the individual may want physical healing of a disease, but the healing that occurs is a spiritual, mental or emotional one related to the disease. 417 more words


The Origin of Disease and Medicine

I just had to share this wonderful story passed on to the author while interviewing several Native American Shaman in the late 1800’s. His goal was to preserve, as much as possible, a written record of the original Indian way of life; their culture, religion and Shamanic practices.  1,459 more words


Thoughts with Matt: Sick - Day 1

Thoughts in the Shape of a Story is blazing it with “Sick – Day 1″. Grey hopes you enjoy this as much as we have: 476 more words


Andrew Bartzis quote

The shaman’s death is the lesson of the now. It speaks of life, death and rebirth as a cyclical process of understanding who we were and who we are now. 147 more words


Author John Norseman is Today's Honoree

Former CEO John Norseman becomes a Shaman after dedicating his life to the spiritual world.  According to the Washington Post, more than 60 percent of Americans are unhappy and unengaged with their current occupations. 262 more words


More Winterbloom

Winterbloom is now up to 102,522 words long. I am hoping to finish the first draft by the beginning of September, unless I get distracted. And as any writer knows, there are plenty of distractions. 823 more words

Speculative Fiction

Once in a Blue Moon

by Natasha Botkin 

The full moon on July 31, 2015 will be a blue moon.  

What does this mean? 

It doesn’t happen very often. About once every 2.5 years. 1,245 more words