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So what is a Celtic-Heathen?

A few nights ago, I dreamt that someone I’ve known for 20+ years is exploring her own path and asked me to share my own. … 574 more words


Who Can Benefit from Energy Medicine?

Shamanism is raw.

I’ll be totally honest in that. It’s not for relaxation. It’s not just for balancing your energy or getting that ‘energy buzz.’ Don’t get me wrong, you’ll leave feeling all of those things. 354 more words


How to Heal the Imprint of Trauma

Trauma is not what happens to us

Trauma is the way that we remember what happened to us

How we were wounded, abandoned, neglected

Violated emotionally, verbally or physically… 118 more words


Panther Spirit Animal

Panther Spirit Animal Powers, Gifts, & Teachings:

“Symbolizes courage, valor, power, beauty, grace, challenge, and rites of passage. Panthers are a fierce guardian for us, blessed with ancient maternal lunar power.

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New Hearthstone Patch Nerfs Pirates And Shamans

(Source: kotaku.com)

A new patch for Hearthstone will make it easier to climb the ranks, and allow for a little more variety in the ladder. 537 more words


Skunk Spirit Animal

Skunk Spirit Animal Powers, Gifts, & Teachings:

“Symbolizes self-respect, protection, independence, confidence, peace, passive, boundaries, and power. Skunks are passive and wish to avoid conflict – full of loving charisma.

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The Paranormal Shaman Speaks At Probe

The Paranormal Shaman (Dex Dobie) gives a presentation with a difference due to the amount of photographic evidence and experiences  he has had the privilege to be part of over the last 70 years, a lot to show within the 1 hour slot provided.  90 more words

;life After Death