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Shamans are mortal mediators between the very elements themselves. Spiritual leaders of their communities, these powerful practitioners commune with the ancestors and seek to balance the raging elemental forces, and can call upon them in battle to scorch and blast their enemies, or to strengthen and heal their allies. 310 more words


Musical Roots: The Drum's Song

The drum called, its stick an instant friend in my hand, unexpected tingle of familiarity up my right arm. I knew the figure crouched at my left, bright streams of Sun colour a solar-fall down the cloak of pure gold. 593 more words

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Peru and Amazon River~Part 3

A Life to Live

Melody Hendrix

Shaman of the Amazon rainforest

After waking and eating another delicious breakfasts on the boat that always included delightful papya and bananas, we were off on our walk through the rainforest to meet the Shaman. 323 more words


Goblin Brothers Part 19

“Why you set traps?” Nyx asked the brothers’ new friend Kevnos.

“I needs to eat,” the trapper plainly explained.

“Why you trap us?” Nyx demanded. … 1,349 more words


Touch of Grey

I’m not sure whether to say “I have a touch of autism” or “I’m at the very edge of the autism spectrum”. But there it is, plain and out in the open for everyone to see. 466 more words

Hearthstone Deck Archetypes: Midrange

The Hearthstone meta consists of various types of decks keeping each other in check. Similar to the checks and balances of politics or the game rock-paper-scissors, Hearthstone decks have good and bad match-ups. 427 more words

Understanding ESports