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Sacred Ale

I originally wrote this article in 2014 – it appeared in “Swale Ale” the CAMRA magazine for the Swale area and also in Touchstone, the magazine of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). 935 more words


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I do like the idea of a blog as a place to put some of the things that come up in my life and work.  Life is a complex thing. 422 more words


Nothing Needs to BE Fixed

I was having a conversation earlier about the medical vs. the natural approach. Being raised in a medical household, I see the “something is wrong so fix it” model and  when I look on the side of a healer, I see the same thing . 181 more words


Being Here: Death and Rebirth

As I set up this page, I was thinking it would be more for events and announcements, but I got myself in a situation over the weekend that shook me up.  1,235 more words


I am always more than happy to download a free book from Kindle when an offer catches my eye, but I often read only a few chapters then delete the book if it fails to live up to its cover and blurb – or only a few paragraphs if it is full of grammar and spelling mistakes or has not been properly formatted for Kindle. 300 more words

Book Reviews

Klaus Donna - Hidden History 2014

5th science conference Hidden History in Sarajevo 2014

Out of place artefacts



I have been thinking a lot about possibly doing a performance. i think it would fit well with my project at the moment. i also want to bring people in to my world a bit. 157 more words