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S is for Shamanism.

I am relatively new to the practise of Shamanism, having only discovered this wonderous new path about a year ago.

But in that time, I have taken so much from it. 805 more words

Pagan Blog Project

A tear drop in an Ocean of dirty water

I did a Shamanic drumming meditation session with Julie Alessio from Personal Tao – http://personaltao.com/.  Julie is a great help with exploring the potential of dream work, spiritual signs, symbols or messages that come through for an individual while they dream or meditate.   267 more words

Miscellaneous Writing [or As I Like To Say Woffle]

Adventure 107 ~ Jane's Brilliant Friends [Episode 2]

On today’s show, I’m talking to my friend, Leslie Marsh, about all things shamanic. If you’ve ever wondered what shamanism is or wondered how someone gets “called” to be a shaman, then this show is for you! 59 more words

Jane Talbot

Pagan Blog Project - Drums

The drums used in shamanism are usually hand drums which are reasonably light and can be held in one hand. They have wooden frames with animal skin stretched tightly over one or both sides of it depending on the style of drum. 517 more words


What Is A Shamanic Journey?

What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism, which involves entering an altered state of consciousness to connect to the spiritual realm, is the world’s oldest spiritual practice.  Individual and societal practices vary greatly in form, but the essence is the same among all traditions throughout time. 318 more words


Into the desert...

A quick one today, as I head out the door to get all vision-quest-y out in the desert.  This is where I’ll be:
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... months of writing – 1st feedback from a beta-reader ...

Two weeks ago I sent 20 chapters of a novel in progress (sequel to Course of Mirrors) to a friend. A long train journey from Brighton to Penzance (Radio Cornwall recorded her poetry) meant she could get stuck into reading. 243 more words