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Meeting These Challenges

Our own inner awakening, or the Great Shamanic Work, begins our ability to meet these challenges.  We can no longer look outside ourselves for the quick solutions. 166 more words


The Teacher

“Be watchful around you… as with all of us, when the Student is ready, a Teacher appears!”

I am truly in awe of everything that I am learning. 202 more words

Now: You & Me

They hide our true history because information is power.
Magical fucking POWER.

Made of love, yo.
That’s been shattered into fragments.
Slivers of glimpses still enthrall us. 760 more words

Finding the Path

On the afternoon of April 21st at a local Louisiana festival, Drums in the Swamp, I attended a shamanic journey workshop.

The workshop leaders introduced themselves, then explained the concepts of inner worlds and meeting your spirit guides.   393 more words


Shamanic Dream

Warning: some sexually explicit content.

Last night I had a dream. It has held me all day and as I sit here in the early hours of another day, it is still with me energetically. 380 more words

Our Great Shamanic Work

The powers of the Twenty Count are the MAT spaces that empower us to become greater than the spaces we fill in order to have excellence. 60 more words


Soul Gazing

Cross-legged we sit
Eyes wide, irises defined
Lenses locked on the other
We watch.

Temptations rise to break the silence
With a breath, shoulders relax… 58 more words