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Hello World!

I have always loved nature. Rocks, plants, animals, the ocean – I love it all.

I have a deep respect for the power of Mother Nature and all of the magic and love that comes from our Creator. 143 more words

Didj journey with Joe Caudwell, Newport IOW

Experiences from a didgeridoo and ocean drum journey led by Joe Caudwell on the eve of Saturday 11th March 2017, at Newport Unitarian Hall, Isle of Wight. 721 more words

Cosmic Triggers - Homo Fractaliens

So whilst we’re in Russia, here are the Cosmic Triggers.

This is not wholly unlike Sonora, but a more cosmic sort of space rock, with a kind of 90s feel to some of it. 121 more words

Space Rock

an eye for an eye and the whole world will be blind , improvisation is permitted though

for the next piece of nonsense the statement attributed to…god I hate to seem if my dialogue is flat and pretentious…the social anxiety breeds though the writing too…..the statement attributed to mad hat magandy…if thaT SOUNDs a little bit like a sideorder in Kababish then your probably too young…but I dont think many young people read to be honest…especially this…so you know… 384 more words

Daniel Higgs - viv

What’s the definition of perfect pitch?

A banjo down a 40-foot hole without touching the sides!

At least, I used to think that was the pinnacle in musician jokes, but then the legendary Daniel Higgs had to go and start doing improvisations with a banjo, didn’t he? 186 more words

Music My Brother Wouldn't Like