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Owl: Spirit messenger

I recently welcomed the presence of Owl, in the form of the Celtic Shaman’s pack card ‘The Woman Made of Flowers’ (Blodeuwedd) and the rare and wonderful sighting of a short-eared owl in daylight.  581 more words



When we make excuses, we remove our power. When dont speak cle arly, we lose our power. When we speak poorly or allow others to trest us poorly, we lose power. 190 more words

Shamanic Healing Ritual

Shamanic Healing Ritual: Classic Indian Flute and Drums

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Woman Made of Flowers

I pulled a card from my Celtic Shaman’s pack, it seemed like the right time. Since my vision quest, I’ve been feeling ‘different’, good ‘different’ but a bit weird.  766 more words


Here Be Dragons

I’m not sure when I first saw a picture of a dragon as a child, maybe a book illustration or Disney film in the ‘60’s?  I remember the childhood song, ‘Puff, the Magic Dragon’, it was one of my favourites. 687 more words


My Shamanic Journey into the unknown.

It all went dark as I shut my eyes, following the voice on the tape telling me to let go and relax my mind.  You see I had done a bit of meditation before, it did relax me but I found myself getting that ‘ugh here we go again’ feeling every time I sat down to do it.  877 more words


Vision Quest is Over

The weather was okay, thick cloud, no stars, a brisk cool wind.  In short, good enough for a vision quest and bad enough to ensure nobody else was out in the night.  217 more words