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Shamanic trance

I’m hoping I can reach others who have tried a drum led shamanic trance. Before retreat I was a total sceptic however I had a vivid and scary trance. 81 more words

Your Spiritual Toolbox: 1, Breathwork

I’ve decided to write a series about the basic toolbox that we all have (or can develop) available to us. These tools help us focus on our own path, our own journey, as well as where we fit in to this mad, mad world. 783 more words


Crystals and healing

Having their healing properties recorded more than 3500 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians, lovingly revered to as the bones of mother Earth herself through the wisdom of Native Americans, and suggested to be the “holy ice” that fell from the stars and planets by Plato, “crystallos” or the more familiar crystals have been used throughout their million-year history as tools for divination and healing. 725 more words


The inner journey




You know those moments, where your head is so full of ideas, crammed with possibility, growing like a tumour with all the coincidences, reflections, lessons learnt, that it threatens to explode into a growth that embodies all your systems?. 458 more words


Full Moon in Aries

The dynamic New Moon in Virgo and its healing tone culminates in a Full Moon in Aries, the sign of the ram, the warrior, and the raw power of our desire.  503 more words

Hospital Art

Some companion pieces are incomplete, but perhaps will turn up.

We gave a lot of pieces away.

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Thank You!

Note on 10-4-17 – I’m not happy with this layout. 277 more words