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Getting Back On Track - Ancestors

The year I began my blog there was a Pagan Blog Project running where each week the organisers would post the letter for the week along with some suggestions of what we could write about. 734 more words


We Got Meta-Game

The Game behind the game, behind the game… 453 more words

The She wolf

The lone wolf is supposed to be the male…not typically always the Alfa but the lone male….im writing here directly from my conditioning….cannot google for the sake of it…oh you honest bastad mate………..so the wolf does what extactly…in this generation of WHat the fuck was that, we have been gratified over and though it looks like we have fun and chill out with the homies…we are all really standing out alot more than we think…….. 490 more words

Happy Solstice: Death and Rebirth of the Sun

Well, the nights are drawing in, under eight hours of daylight each day. We are approaching the turning point, where the daylight periods start to get longer again. 433 more words

Squirrel as a Spirit Animal | Animal Totems

Squirrel has been ever present as of late, making chucking noises and happily bounding across the yard. As I sit at the window watching them intently searching for acorns, my thoughts turn to what this cheerful little creature has to share with us. 435 more words


Leopard...spirit animal, protector, shaman

I must have been three when I first saw a leopard in spirit. Physically he couldn’t have been there in the middle of our small living room. 670 more words



Watching the flame flicker always had me mesmerised. Something about the way it moves draws itself in and then whoosh off it goes again. Growing up it was magic some 30 odd yrs later Im watching and know why. 186 more words