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Every journey begins with a single step...

..Or in my case 2 hours of  discordant, crazy arm waving, feet stomping, hip swinging, spinning, jerking, shaking and dancing with wild abandon steps.

What is she on about? 740 more words

Body Image

Shamanic Animal Journey

I recently started a Reiki course. It’s not the average one or two day per level course. Each level is done over three months and it covers so much more than Reiki. 474 more words



The period in which you feel you have so much to offer the people around you the world and yet you dont know the direct route even tho your on route … but truly from having a accident recently it presses reset .. 259 more words

Milestones In Health & Happiness

50!!!  As in 50 blog posts.  I was surprised when I blogged the last time to get an alert from WordPress congratulating me on achieving 50 posts.   486 more words

Shamanic Reiki Healing

What I do is a type of reiki healing, but with my shamanic spirit helpers. When doing a healing, the first thing I do is determine what kind of healing is needed: a shamanic reiki healing, a power animal retrieval, an extraction or a soul retrieval. 323 more words