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Spirit Releasement Therapy

I met the soul clearer during my interactions with the Somnambulistic sleep walkers’ hypnosis practice group. In the beginning the meetings used to be held at the TRS Suites or in somebody’s living room. 1,304 more words


Alan Watts, Shamanic Adventure, Baraka & Ewake, Meditation vs Psychedelics

Enjoy relaxing music, harmonic drinks and interesting people at NOMAD on Wednesday to Sunday, from 19:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till a party goes on. 651 more words


The Personal Meaning of Shamanism

I discovered shamanism in 2003, via Stan Grof’s, The Stormy Search For the Self, given to me by my Jungian analyst. Once I read it I knew immediately that I was in the wrong boat for I had to be a healer Imagine what I was- a psychiatric patient, trapezing between the highs and lows of bipolar! 400 more words

Mental Health

Talking Story

Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions is the new book from author-filmmaker Marie-Rose Phan Le. She also produced a companion documentary. 76 more words


Out of Body Experiences

Discovering the conscious “i” out of the body.

Robert Monroe was the pioneer of providing information on the Out of Body Experience. It is his books that provided me with the knowledge and confidence to know that I was not losing my mind whilst experiencing similar phenomena. 881 more words

Personal And Planetary Evolution

Pythagoreans, lore, science... and sadness

Last week, the classics community learnt of the passing of Walter Burkert. I never met Walter Burkert, and I don’t usually feel entitled to write with sadness about people whose paths I have never crossed. 584 more words

Ancient History