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Speaking in Tongues: A Sign From God or Human Will?

The following is a hate laced rant at my mother from a family member of ours because I frequently support equality and because I came out as a member of the LGBT community myself: 1,882 more words


Calling in the Light

The following is a newsletter from The Four Winds Society, where science meets ancient wisdom. I am very interested in science as well as ancient ideals. 648 more words

Energy Medicine

The Sacred Science, a Film

The other night, I watched a movie about shamanism. It inspired me to return to the study of this practice, and I wondered how I might go about it. 548 more words


Winterbloom - an extract

Sorry to have been missing for several months. In December last year I was diagnosed with cancer, and had to have several bits removed. I am now in remission and hopefully free of tumours. 584 more words

Speculative Fiction

Call Me Cosmically Crazy

We need to support the wonderful artists, singer-songwriters, social deviants, iconoclasts, frequency holders, rabble-rousers, those on the Group W bench, mystic-seers, flaming guitar guys, shamans, and assorted others cosmically crazy maniacs who use their God-given talents to subvert the established social order in inspired ways, and by doing so, usher in a better, more beneficent reality. 16 more words


Shamanism- Part 1: Origins, Spread of Use of the Term

Going back to the Pagan Pride definition of Paganism(s) that I use in my first Approaching Paganism post- one component is-

Practicing religion or spirituality based upon shamanism, shamanic, or magickal practices… 1,233 more words

Cultural Appropriation