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Introducing My Plant, Minty

I was feeling down late last night. I knew spending time with Minty would be just the ticket, so I put on an old movie, took out my paper and coloring pencils, and got to work on her portrait. 517 more words

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Dwelling Place of Shamans

Situated next to a main road in deepest Scotland, and more curiously in someones garden – this is the unusual triple-ringed stone circle of Croft Moraig. 438 more words


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I didn't know we had them in the UK

What tools do you need, to be a Shaman?

What tools do you need, to be a Shaman?

We’re having this conference, next week — perhaps you’ve heard about it by now?  It’s the… 439 more words

Earthways Shamanic Path

A Journey to Stillness, Forgiveness and Love with Mother Ayahuasca - Part IV

The following post is inspired by my work with Shamans and plant medicines in Peru. To catch up with my journey, check out Part I… 1,093 more words


Purple Hazeth, Sire

For centuries, Man has been experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs. Embarking on vision quests, shamans have made use of peyote, magic mushrooms, cannabis and other substances. You can’t convince me that some of the art we find in caves wasn’t done by someone on a massive trip. 160 more words


Do you see the wind?

When it is windy, Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans, do you see it? What do you experience, when it is windy? If I’m indoors, I see the effects of wind: I see the flags flapping, and I see the tree branches and leaves whipping. 140 more words

Fire Season

What Gives You a Sense of Wellbeing?

I watched a documentary online last week called The Sacred Science. The filmmakers followed the journey of eight people with serious health conditions who traveled to the Amazon Rainforest to be treated by indigenous healers (after Western Medicine proved ineffective). 851 more words

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder