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Adrift & Lost

I realized I was standing in a field of planted crops, leaning on a hoe it’s blade bright and sharp the oak handle well used, colored dark from sweat. 920 more words

The Chronicles Of Pick

Meet the Chinese tribe who can literally make it rain

In this episode of Travelogue, Tianran He travels to the remote mountains of southern China to meet the ethnic Dong people and witness their Sky Calling Festival. 24 more words

Health And Education

The Legend of the Ancestor

A murder of crows descended upon the two decaying bodies in the desert. Waves of heat shimmered across the Oasis of Mara as the crows savaged the corpses.  946 more words

Flash Fiction

Witch Doctors or Traditional "Healers" Exposed as Demonic [Video]

There are only two sources of supernatural powers in the world: one is from the Lord Jesus Christ and the other is from devil. Where do witchdoctors get their supernatural powers from? 233 more words