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Rebuilding What Was Lost

I read about the oldest man in the world the other day. Yisrael Kristal is 113. He was born in Poland and at 13 was looking forward to his bar mitzvah when WWI broke out and his celebration was postponed indefinitely. 486 more words

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Crystals. (Guest post: Barb Enloe)

My dear friend, Barb and I have been confiding in each other and diving into studies of mysticism and the need for healing in our lives and breakthroughs in the lives around us. 654 more words



Prime (US-Lightbringer) v. Nythendra – Emerald Nightmare Heroic – last pull at 21:20 in my Facebook live stream:

No loot for me, just gold on my bonus roll too! 76 more words

Nnedi - 110 Draenei Elemental Shaman

After my shaman Nnedi dinged 110 the other day, I changed her race to Draenei because I am switching my main in this expac and will be raiding on my shaman instead of my hunter. 188 more words

the terrible infestation of a unicorn's horn

He left the solitude of his cliff-side home to attend a family reunion against his better judgement. Unicorns are solitary by nature not just because they are introverts at heart, but because meeting in groups can be dangerous. 183 more words

The Origins of the Faeries

The website Ancient Origins have been kind enough to add me as a guest author. Below is a link to a new article The Origins of the Faeries. 198 more words



I started playing WoW again not only for fun and social interaction with my guildies, but also for a distraction from my problems and frustration with politics. 377 more words