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VA - Sonic Shamans Vol II (2015) | Sonic Tantra

17 Shamanic Souls explore powerful Dark #Psychedelic Trance dimensions in this second volume of Sonic Shamans. Download & Listen for Free:

Miracle or death.

No sleep at all. Like none. Twisting and turning in bed all night because of an uncomfortable sensation in the bladder that was nudging me to go to the toilet all the time. 475 more words

An introduction to working within unseen worlds

by Robert Owings

All spiritual practices maintain some form of connection to unseen worlds, be that Buddha fields or the heaven promised so prominently in Christianity and Islam. 753 more words

Mind Body & Soul

How to communicate with plants and trees

by Bob Makransky

In order to communicate with plants (or people), you have to be able to regard them as your equals. If you are afraid (ashamed) to talk with homeless people, beggars, crazy people, etc. 720 more words

Mind Body & Soul

Interpreting the Faeries

This is a trip through some of the interpretations that have been cast over the faeries during the last hundred years or so. I get the impression that many folklorists are reluctant, even scared, to pin their true feelings to the mast when it comes to saying what the faeries… 3,544 more words


Garden Light

Though it may be in short evidence over much of the planet, Heaven is literally grounded to Earth at Edenlight. More promising, it is what we have truly awaited: Not only is Heaven grounded here, but The Heavens. 309 more words

Quechua Tourism: From the Internet to Traditional Healers

This article is about how traditional Quechua healers or Shamans are using this plant called “ayahuasca” which induces spiritual visons or vision quests for tourist use. 811 more words

Cultural Understanding