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I'm releasing a thing and it's called this and it looks like that

Eagle-eyed bird-people might already know what my new EP is going to be called, but only someone who is half-eagle, half-Sherlock Holmes would surmise what the artwork would look like for this new release. 300 more words

Musical Adventures

In which our hero sings about love and reads a poem from the heart of a besotted young man

Last Valentine’s Day I played a wee gig for Lady Alba at the Old Hairdressers. I sang some songs and read a poem given to me by a young man in the audience. 16 more words

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Proud Of My Country Proud Of My People

Hey everyone Last Monday i went to Stereo for the final National Collective Session before our independence referendum. It was a brilliant evening full of quality performers and made me proud to be a part of this wonderful movement to create a better Scotland. 1,435 more words

Away to the side of the Clyde.

In my last post I mentioned that I’d recorded a few songs for the Clydeside Sessions. There’s a new episode of four every week and I’m in a couple of them, with the sun shining through my beard like the glorious ginger mess it is (or, indeed, was, as I’ve had a wee shave since then). 97 more words

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When will I get my picture in the paper?

Despite my best intentions, I’ve once again managed to not update my blog for a wee while. Happily though it’s because I’ve been quite busy. My wee flyer did it’s 50th gig last night at the Glad Cafe, I’ve got a music video coming out soon, and I recently announced that I’ll be playing a pretty big show at the ABC 2 in Glasgow on the 27th of April, supporting Geoff Rickly from Thursday. 194 more words

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Some Thing Is Missing: An Overview

In July 2013, a group of us embarked on making the Some Thing Is Missing project come to life. Since then, we’ve been joined by more volunteers, gone through many stages of stress, anxiety, joy, and success, and discovered a whole heaping lot about the wonderful community and history of Govan. 514 more words

Scottish Fiction Takeover - The First Half

This week I’m doing a takeover of the Scottish Fiction blog, where I get to write whatever I want, and so far have managed to not spend the whole time talking about myself. 312 more words

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