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Cleaning can only be done incrementally. It would be an offence to all that long-standing mess to just heave it all out in one go. 

J’s Diary Entry

Sunday, 30 April, 1995

It’s mid morning (10.30am) and Leah and Aidan are still in bed.  I hope they’re just sleeping – thank God I never hear them doing it.   429 more words

J's Diary Entries

Day 39 - Drinking at Hyper-Speed

Thanks everyone for your responses. Definitely helpful and insightful. I know I need to spill my secret among my friends, and I will.

I’ve been doing some more work on identifying the triggers that would send me down the rabbit hole when I drank. 327 more words


Suicide:  It’s something that seems unspeakable, even within the mental health community.  It’s also something we should be discussing openly.  Death itself is an uncomfortable topic; suicide makes it unspeakable. 491 more words

Mental Health

Guilt versus Shame - Is There A Difference And How Much is Too Much?

In order to live your best life, it is necessary to identify the difference between shame and guilt as well as the difference between appropriate and inappropriate guilt. 963 more words

Domestic Violence

Fat Tuesday and Eating Intentionally

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Oh, what’s Fat Tuesday, you ask?  It’s traditionally the Tuesday right before the beginning of the Christian Lenten season, Ash Wednesday, built as a last indulgence before the fasting and self-denial of Lent kicks in.  685 more words

His Little Game

Everynight before you dream

his footsteps come your way

Close your eyes tight, sink down and he might go away

The door creeks open and you hold your breath… 153 more words


One of those things

I try to avoid having regrets.

As a child, that was the main emotion I hated experiencing. If I did something I regretted I couldn’t turn back time to make a different choice, no matter how much I wanted to. 947 more words