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Yesterday was a spectacular fail on my part and the culmination of stress, anxiety, non communication – reached boiling point because I was stupid enough to add alcohol to the mix. 786 more words

I Just Read Something...and It Reminded Me of Something Else...

So, I guess there’s this anonymous post circulating its way through Facebook. It’s by a 25 year old girl and it tells her story from the time she was 11 to now, I guess. 1,203 more words


It starts

It Starts

Vague glimpses over the dashboard..it’s dark. The tops of some brown apartments tower out over the purple 99′ cougar with the muffler that would wake the dead. 292 more words


Shame, Image, and Mental Illness Part I

Take a moment and think about the word shame…what does shame feel like to you? How do you know you are feeling shame? How would you define the word or feeling? 468 more words


Why I Did the Unthinkable

Stories of women doing the unthinkable—killing their own children—often make headlines. See this article for a list of 20 such women. There is a collective outrage and feeling of disbelief when women kill their children and we call for the most severe punishment. 595 more words


Discovering A New Lens

Parenting and homeschooling a teenager in the Evangelical Bible belt has not been the easy road I thought it would be.

When my daughter was just a toddler, the songs “Father Abraham,” “Deep and Wide,” “the B-I-B-L-E,” and “This Little Light of Mine” reverberated throughout the house.   1,873 more words


What can I do tomorrow that I can’t get done today?
I have no food to swallow and the bills are still not paid

Yesterday was better, I thought I knew it all… 284 more words