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Torture, defined.

I was telling my friend today about some of the unpleasantries of abstinence, specifically, dealing with some of the emotions I sometimes feel when running into alcohol… 676 more words


Jennifer K. Lewis

“It Shall Come to Pass That MY Burden Will Be Taken Off My Shoulders and The Yoke Will Be Destroyed Because of My Anointing Growth.” 641 more words


Up and down but moving forward.

I started this journey of pursuing wholeness in my heart and body near the beginning of this year. I have wanted to write about it right from the very beginning, but I didn’t feel I should until I could show some ‘progress’. 453 more words


Six Days in a Mental Hospital

As I walked into the psych ward, there was a big plexi glass office on the left where the staff were waiting to violate you. By that I mean take your stuff and dig through it and give you only a few things back. 1,606 more words


Flourishing Self-Ignorance

In the office of the modern psychoanalyst, the stages of the hero-adventure come to light again in the dreams and hallucinations of the patient. Depth upon depth of self-ignorance is fathomed, with the analyst in the role as the helper, the initiatory priest.

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#ImAGirlsGirl because... |More Confidence, Less Shame.

Hey beans!

So it’s been a while because it’s been super-duper hectic! But now my giveaway has ended, and my nominations for Blogger Babe 2016… 702 more words


Abuse Is Not Love

I’m learning that true healing requires facing the past 514 more words


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