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Words Unspoken, Written

My need to let myself feel how I crazy I can become is always there. Its simmering, that vile, bubbling urge. Why not start a blog, if not for anonymity, for the freedom of writing down some dark ass thoughts and seeing if anyone would even read, much less like them.   21 more words


Delayed gratification 

Yes. I hear it is a skill adults “should” have. But my favourite part about becoming an adult was INSTANT gratification.

I loved the freedom and feelings of liberation and free will that came with instantly finding alignment with desires. 330 more words

Wannabe Vegan Diary

Day 27: Privacy vs Embarrassment

I’ve been thinking about the differences between things that are so closely related they can become blurred so quickly.

In particular, is there a difference between wanting to keep something hidden because it’s private or because it makes you feel embarrassed? 613 more words

30 Day Challenge

Self-Care Sick Days and Shame

Today, I had to take a sick day. I got food poisoning from a new restaurant. But the worst part? I am so ashamed of taking a sick day as a form of self-care. 238 more words


Quote on shame and disgrace

“Some people do not have a sense of shame. They do shameful and disgraceful things and are not ashamed. It is a shame. Such people are, to say the least, dangerous. 17 more words

Why I share publicly

for myself
to be free
with no dark thing
having power over me
keeping me quiet
bound up in secrets

for you
so you don’t have to hide… 34 more words


You Can't Drink From An Empty Well

Recently I have failed to pencil in time to recharge my batteries and I am feeling it. I have been so excited to see everyone and do all the things that I have always wanted to do, but I forget that I need time to myself in order to keep that power house running. 481 more words