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I am not paranoid. I am constantly vigilant.

So it starts off like your average day. You have a beer around lunch time and tell yourself it totally counts as a meal and thus does NOT make you an alcoholic before you hop a maxi to go to your school to pick up some docs. 357 more words

Listen Up 

Dear creator of the broad universe I come to YOU in confession once again.. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say it in my mind… I’m sorry I’m truly sorry for not living the life you gave me to its full potential. 215 more words


…And Qandeel Did Squeal !

The more you flicker, the quicker you burn
But shimmered she on, for she was Qandeel
After ‘candle’ christened, destined to yearn
To splurge it all, caught in a life, piecemeal… 113 more words


Government Officials - Public Servants or Masters

Hi. This is my first blog. The reason to write this is the rage and sadness I often feel reading, listening or seeing events concerning government official. 529 more words


The Doctor is In...

“Self-medicating”. What a great euphemism. Much terser than “numbing myself from the thoughts haunting me, filling my being with shame.”

Self-medicating is something with which I am extremely familiar. 421 more words

Midlife Crisis

Album Review: Joy - Of Nothing (EP)

This 5 track EP opens with the squeal of guitars before launching itself headfirst into the an intense blasting beat that shows off some the catchy elements of the hardcore scene. 158 more words

The Disc

Watching, waiting

Eyelids shuttered to the night, something approaches on stilts, listing.
Dreams foam into view behind scarred isinglass.

Like silvery amoeba, membranes spinning,
a black iris watches, waiting for sleep. 37 more words