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What a Shame.

I wanted to write about something, for quite a while, that has always bothered me and something that it a wide spread issue with most blogs I read and the stigma of mental health in society. 530 more words

Ask a Stranger

I was on an early morning flight for an event and was reading through an interesting book on Vulnerability by Brene Brown. As good a writer she is on complex issues around how we are wired, she’s quite awesome in introducing new words to add to our vocabulary. 206 more words


Mark 14:50-52
“Then everyone deserted him and fled.  A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus.  When they seized him, he fled naked, leaving his garment behind.” 176 more words


Are You the Misfit Toy?

The Christmas Holiday can be a nightmare for many individuals, but for those who suffer from depression it’s a nightmare on crack. For those who suffer from depression and are single the holidays are basically an apocalyptic nightmare. 390 more words


Where do you put your wind?

Recently in my group therapy session my therapist took me to the violent storm that’s been wreaking havoc in my soul. She’s really good at working visualizations with me. 691 more words

The duality of suffering and pleasure

In our society suffering, immolation, sacrifice, etc. have a “good” connotation. Typically, it is the “I” giving up itself for others.
Pleasure, sensuality, sexiness, etc. have a “bad” connotation. 506 more words