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My aunt Mildred loved to restore furniture. And she was very, very good at it. Once, she even restored an old loom and got it working so that she could make various textiles on it. 281 more words


Filtered Pain

It is hard to define what what difficult times are. Difficult is relative and no one’s pain is more important than another’s. Human rights should extend to human emotions too. 111 more words


giddy-up: 33

You know; the author is more than curious of the possibility that his commentary is somehow restricted by the good folks at WordPress, or even the governmental puppets that monitor Internet traffic looking for the bad guys (they just need to look at each other in order to find them). 12 more words

Always Hiding Something

Today was one of the days where getting out of bed is a task that seems damn near impossible. David was working an early day shift, scheduled to get home by 3pm. 466 more words

now no

As my twenty-fifth “birthday” approaches I am reminded of how far I have come in my relationship with God. ¬†Much like the woman at the well in John 4, I felt that I was not deserving of joy and hope because of all the wrong I had done in life. ¬† 269 more words

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight

Living With Authenticity

To an extent, everyone puts up a front/fasade/mask in order to fit in with society. During caveman times, we had to stick together in order to survive. 812 more words


How I Exchanged my "Virgin" Badge for ME

I grew up believing that sex was a sin. Whatever that means. So at an early age, I vowed to be “pure” and wait till marriage for sex and to not even think about it. 1,035 more words