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People say
I have lost
My dignity
I have no rights
And my fate
Is darkness
And hate


No sin
I know of
I did therein…
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Sexting ...Part 2

Everytime I sext a guy.. it feels like I’m cheating on my future husband.

Would he be ok with it?

Would he condone it?

Most importantly how does God feel? 8 more words

Housing Shmousing

This post will get a bit political, so hold on to yer hats and stop reading if you’re more interested in travel writing (I will touch on that as well, but…) 914 more words

Cult Studies

Sorry, Not Sorry

Never underestimate the value of a sincere apology.

If you don’t give a crap about the person, I guess you can say whatever you want. But a sincere apology goes a long way if you’ve hurt someone you care about and really want to make amends. 633 more words

Mental Health

They, Each, We, and I

Such a time as this: #MeToo

Such a surprise.

Such a day I could not fathom as ever coming.

Such a thing so incredible to see and hear. 296 more words


When the Crash Comes

How it starts:

  • Usually, it’s after an especially intense spiritual experience or work.
  • Sometimes, it’s after a prolonged period of physical exertion.
  • Rarely, but still enough to count, it can happen 
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we proclaim

on our own behalf,

though we lost


so long ago.

and though we

claim to want

to reclaim innocence,

why is it… 21 more words