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Shame, vulnerability and innovation

Brené Brown is a brilliant researcher and teacher who focuses on the topics of shame and vulnerability. Her TED talk below had a profound effect on how I perceive my role as head of innovation at HPE Software. 270 more words


Our Slurred Romances - Poem

Was it in that drunken touch,
When we held each other,
For a second too long,
Or was it the way you looked at me, 123 more words

What A Hippo Taught Me About Love

I used to have a pet hippo.

He went everywhere with me. No matter where I was going, I took him with me. For the first 6-7 years of my life, he slept with me almost every night. 659 more words


That time I died

…of embarrassment and shame. (sorry for misleading title)

So when I was in tenth grade of highschool, I decided it would be a great idea to buy something *prohibited* on campus (not saying what it was). 326 more words


Tonight Instagram seemed to be telling me something. I’ll listen and I’ll be grateful.

Rachel. Day 40.


Why She Cut Her Hair

If she just kept her eyes down, and stayed still, maybe they would forget about her.

“I like her long hair,” whispered one boy.

“Yeah, I’d like to take a handful of that and…” said the other. 351 more words

Looking for my way home...

It feels like he’s living here now. Honestly, I really like the feeling of it. Feels like home when he’s here. He feels like home to me. 1,098 more words