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Unashamedly Ashamed

S H A M E  by Linda Zhengová (Prague) is a photographic series on vulnerability and how it manifests itself.

When I’m ashamed, I feel the heat rise to my face and a cold sweat forming on my nose and back. 635 more words


Two Faces of Humanity

I missed the opening minutes of the news on Channel 4 tonight but tuned in to hear that 1300 people of the Windrush Generation have been identified as suffering the effects of Theresa May’s vaunted… 214 more words


No Shame-Daily Insights for Growth (4/18/2018)

Read: 1 Peter 2:4-6

If we’re honest, most of us could say there is something in our lives that causes us a little (or maybe a lot of) shame. 246 more words

Shame is too shameful to admit the reality

A never-ending dawn of shamelessness is about to lead us in a way, from where there’s no coming back. Hell might refuse to witness the result, but we are well-prepared to see those loathful acts and even willing to defend them with our larger-than-life or Larger-than-humanity ideology of handicapped religious sects. 244 more words


He apologizes for shameful behavior.

I rethink the argument that it is easier to forgive someone who wants to be forgiven.