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Please Help Keep This Blog Alive

Have you noticed how some blogs just fizzle out? No new posts for a year, then they’re gone?

One reason is that it costs money to maintain them. 233 more words

Shameless Self-Promotion

Buy Brother Banenose Now Because Booktrope Is Bust!

It seems like whenever I plan to take a short holiday from this blog, I end up having perfect weekly attendance anyway. I actually had travel plans, so I felt confident in… 665 more words


Friends occasionally tease me about living in Shakespeareland (Bardonia?), but recently I’ve started to wonder whether I have in fact relocated there full-time. It’s been a frenetically busy three weeks, a combination of  303 more words


Group Sex with Me & Mary Shelley

Hi My name is Jamie and I have written a wonderful new novel entitled ICK!

Victor “Frankenstein” DeVito realizes his lifelong dream of becoming a mad scientist by creating Industrial Color Killer, a living turpentine enzyme.

437 more words

Kickstarter Campaign and #CollectionofFlaws Twitter Project

I’m really excited to announce the launch of my first Kickstarter campaign! This is my first one, you guys. I hope I did it right. 212 more words

Collection Of Flaws In A Black Dress

Just up on Ohio Edit: "Notes on Purple Rain."

I accepted a double date invitation from Bruce Chace to go to Cherry Hill East’s junior prom. There’s no other way to put it: Bruce was swishy.

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Where We’ll be Tomorrow

Jim Macdonald and I will be on a road trip down to Peterborough, NH, where we’ll be part of the group book-signing for the Conspiracy! 175 more words

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