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Blowing My Own Horn, part 1.

For any Australians out there with a coffee fetish, you can find a few of my micro book reviews in the latest Zarraffa’s magazine.

Partly, I’m telling you this because it’s my blog and if I can’t sing my own praises here, I’m doing life wrong. 61 more words


As some of you know, I have a fiction blog over at R. Todd Writes, and for those that don’t, I invite you to click the link and check out some of my writing.

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Daily Prompt


Today is the “official” release date of my fifth book, “Mishmash.” I know you all are pretty damn excited about this as I am, but I’m still on my first cup of coffee, so let’s keep that excitement to a minimum—OK? 307 more words


F is for Forty years on

It came as a slight shock today to realize that I started my career in TEFL forty years ago last month. So, forgive the somewhat indulgently autobiographical nature of this post. 758 more words

English Language Teaching

New Novella

Hey everyone, I’ve posted on Caffeine Diem again. This time it’s the prologue of a novella I’m writing especially for the blog. I’m hoping to post a chapter a week until it’s done. 7 more words



It’s AnomalyCon this weekend!  I will be there in all my steampunk finery.  My programming is all Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  Maybe I’ll see you there? 85 more words

Writing Life

Now See The Movie That Has A Cameo By The Book You Can't Read Yet!

Back in 2011, I entered The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose into Amazon’s CreateSpace Breakthrough Novel Contest. It proceeded to not win. As a consolation prize, Amazon gave me physical copy of my book for free. 753 more words

Shameless Self Promotion