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Halloween Readings!

So since Halloween for me is basically a month-long national holiday, I’ve got a couple of readings coming, so if you’ve ever wanted to hear me read a spooky story, now’s your chance! 83 more words


I'm not dead, just plotting

It turns out I forgot autumn doesn’t just bring a flurry of story submissions and queries; it also brings plague and pestilence. If I’ve been quieter online or not out at events, it’s because I’m currently in bed looking like a pale consumptive Victorian. 186 more words

Horror Story Published

Today–just in time for Halloween–the ebook horror anthology 9 Tales Told In The Dark #18 has been released. My historical horror story “Holding Action” (set in the war-torn nightmare that was Paraguay in 1870) is among the stories included in this latest volume from Bride of Chaos, Inc. 276 more words

New Blog Post on Goodreads!

If you’re curious as to what my designs are both in terms of film writing and fiction, check out my new blog post on Goodreads.

Publication Announcement - A Little Glimpse of Madness

I’m pleased to announce that my story “A Little Glimpse of Madness” is appearing in the 6th Anniversary issue of Dark Moon Digest (#25). Some of you who have been following me since my online Flash Fiction days may recognize this tale as an expanded version of the bit I wrote for… 39 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self Promotion Number 4 Billion

Which is bigger, the sun or that bun in your hand?

The solar center is a sandwich, with a shine that outbrights other spinners in the galaxy. 85 more words

Listen To Your Faithful Co-Founder Emily Colucci Talk Filthy Dreams On The Conversation Art Podcast

Why hello there, dearest Filthy Dreams readers–and hopefully listeners! What’s that? You want to listen to a podcast? Well, just in time, your faithful co-founder Emily Colucci was featured on… 466 more words