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This blog is old. I started it in 2014, and it’s now 2017. That’s four years, (I know, I thought that was wrong mathematically, but check it out: with posts in 2014, 2015, 2016 AND 2017 that’s four years). 677 more words


library event tomorrow

Reminder: I’m doing a library event with Kevin Hearne in Denver!  Check the website for details.

When I did my viewing roundup I forgot to mention that season 2 of The Expanse has started, and it’s kicking ass and taking names.  47 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

Book Trailer for "The Advanced Mediterranean Diet (2nd Ed.)"

Here’s my first and only trailer for The Advanced Mediterranean Diet, (2nd Ed.).” Have a listen and try to identify the source of my accent. 12 more words

Shameless Self-Promotion

We're having a pre-launch party ...

At the London Book Fair! In case you’re not familiar, the Book Fair is a global marketplace for rights negotiations and the sale and distribution of content. 74 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

event next week!

Kevin Hearne and I are doing a thing next week!  Check it out!

Shameless Self Promotion

Look at this thing

No new posts of yet, but here is another alternative fact reported on by yours truly to pass the time:


Shameless Self-Promotion