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I'm so not good at these blog headings

Other people do song lyrics and clever sayings and I’m all like, “Yeah, it’s Monday.”

BANNERLESS has been out for two weeks! I can breathe now. 156 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

Bymybk! Bymybk!

I’ve been thinking about my reaction to having my book put up on Amazon for pre-order, and getting the first glimpse of the cover, and all the other preparations for publishing. 362 more words

His Forgotten Fiancée

My Review Published in Sci-Fi Magazine!

Outposts of Beyond, a quarterly science fiction & fantasy magazine from Alban Lake Publishing in Iowa, published its 5th Anniversary Issue in July. My long and detailed review article on Neil Gaiman’s latest book is among the featured contents. 70 more words

#HorrorDateNight: Creep

Make a date with us!

Join the AOAS squad on Thursday, July 20th for an unnerving lesson on why you shouldn’t trust strangers. We’ll be live-tweeting… 52 more words


To Boldly Go...

There is a moment in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Nicholas Meyer, 1991) when the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon toasts “The undiscovered country—the future.” Captain kirk later repeats the chancellor’s words, firstly to Gorkon’s daughter—“Your father called the future the undiscovered country”—and then in the film’s closing voiceover:

245 more words

book event - Hearne and Vaughn!

Just a reminder, Kevin Hearne and I are doing a joint event at the Barnes & Noble in Boulder on Tuesday, July 18. Come visit!

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