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Shameless (S06E05): "Refugees"


So this episode starts off with the normal Gallagher family breakfast, its kinda frantic, since everyone is worried about where they going to be staying now. 333 more words

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Shameless: Episode 6x06 "NSFW" Promo

Here’s a promo for next week’s episode, episode 6×06 “NSFW”.

Quotes of the Week: January 31-February 6

These are my favorite quotes from the past week, not just from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching. 449 more words


Weekend Preview: Larry David On 'SNL' And Some Important Football Game?

Super Bowl 50 (CBS, Sunday 6:30 p.m.) — Panthers vs. Broncos. Cam vs. Peyton. The dab vs. Omaha. Coldplay plays at halftime and some company surely sets society back two generations with an offensive or terrible advertisement that cost more money than you’ll make in a lifetime. 546 more words


Matt's 10 Best TV Shows of 2015

Like many, I hold the popular contrarian opinion that writing in list form is lazy. Yet, it does have its uses especially around the end of the year (especially when you are about 6 weeks too late in writing your end-of-year roundup). 3,159 more words


Winter Update

Hi guys! We are back after a short hiatus, hopefully we will be updating this a lot more throughout the spring and summer. Get excited!



'Shameless' is the Best Show You're Not Watching

By season six, a show usually starts to slip. The main cast slowly leaves for other projects like an indie movie where the characters hang out with other hipsters in LA and spend $34 dollars on brunch, as though that’s a normal experience for everyday people on a Wednesday. 447 more words