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Things Mara Loves: Shameless

I was on twitter one day minding my business when one of my sorority sisters asked me if I watched Shameless. At the time I was trying to study for the LSAT in December so I had been purposely avoiding Netflix because once I find a show I like I can’t have peace until I watch every episode of every season. 483 more words

Things Mara Loves

My Go-To Shows On Hulu & Netflix 

These last couple weeks I’ve definitely had more than a few chill days and the gloomy weather Illinois has been having isn’t helping. Fortunately, I’m not complaining because I’ve been able to catch up on all my favorite shows. 534 more words

Natalie Grusling

Chicago: The Real Star of Shameless

Shameless is a television series that I got hooked on and found myself binge watching last month. It follows the Gallagher’s, a close-knit family that lives and thrives in the Southside of Chicago, who give a new perspective to a different way of life. 513 more words


chicago hey arnold

A bead of sweat dislodged itself from the strands of hair near my ear, traced my jaw bone, trickled down my bare heaving breast, and splatted onto his cornflower blue sheets. 366 more words


Why I don't shave my legs...or my armpits...or my...anything

Mostly it’s because I’m lazy. Mostly. I mean, come on, I barely find the motivation to shower until I smell so bad I can hardy fall asleep because it seems like someone forgot to take the compost out for a few weeks…but that’s not the point. 772 more words