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We are Totally Shameless!

Have you ever met any shameless person? No, scrap that. Do you know any shameless person? I know a few shameless people, they are not close friends but they are still friends, colleagues, and some random people. 571 more words


Shameless Season 8: Episode 5

So this season seems to be going well because everyone is doing better being productive. Yay! That yay was genuine. Okay so let’s do a breakdown character by character in no particular order. 718 more words



Jeff and I both love Shameless.  I don’t generally binge watch shows but once I started, I watched for hours every night until I finished.  Yes, it’s that good! 111 more words


Shameless Season 8 Episode 6 Review: "Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him"

Shameless took an interesting directional turn in last night’s episode, “Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him.” Perhaps it was just me, but the episode felt more like a movie than any other episode so far. 530 more words


'Shameless' Streaming: Watch Season 8, Episode 6 Online

On an all-new episode of Shameless, Fiona is dealing with the death of a tenant. Meanwhile, Debbie may be pregnant…again! Also, the infamous Frank Gallagher will be receiving a credit card in tonight’s episode. 570 more words


Shameless - Season 8 Episode 2 - "Where's My Meth?"

Hello guys, how y’all doing?

Too much informal? Probably, I should get a little formal and organized. . .

Like Frank did. Oops, my bad… 311 more words


Fiona season 7

Fiona season 7 really bothers me for several reasons.

  1. The way it seems she is punishing Debbie for not having an abortion
  2. Tells Debbie to get a job but won't help her at all to get started.

  3. 74 more words