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I have recently heard a sermon or two on praying with shameless audacity. It was amazing. It was one of those sermons that resonates with your soul, where the Holy Spirit is speaking to you saying, “this my daughter, is for you.

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Haiku - St. Gallagher’s Day

St. Gallagher’s Day

With Kev and V bartending

Someone go with me


For The Dramedy Lovers...

Aloha, my fellow Netflix watchers! So far, I have covered the wonderful genres of Drama and Comedy, which brings me to my next choice…

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So this happened after some luck spell work before going to the casino this weekend.

Sometimes Good Luck work before going to the casino will help you win, other times you get something even more fun, like hanging out with #MaryKennedy from #Shameless

Welcome All!

So if you’re reading this (which is doubtful) it means you’ve made it onto the confusing wormhole that is my BCM blog..Congrats! You’ve managed to scroll down and read small, meaningless text! 264 more words