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Mikado Koko releases of latest EP ‘The Temple of Dawn’, via Empire Studio Records imprint.

Mikado Koko have announced the release of their latest EP ‘The Temple of Dawn’, via Empire Studio Records imprint.
Having contributed two songs as part of the ‘The Temple of Dawn’ EP,on Empire Studio Records family.’The Temple of Dawn’ and ‘Butoh’ are influenced by on producing beautiful and spiritual Deep House/Downtempo tracks with the elements of Japanese Koto, Shamisen and Shakuhachi music. 6 more words


Haiku to Japadog

16 April 2018 – Sunshine & relative warmth in a soggy week, perfect for our visit to Sakura (“flowering cherry tree”) Days at the VanDusen Botanical Garden. 425 more words


Final Fantasy VII battle music sounds even better when played on a shamisen【Video】

Raises the possible simile: “That’s as Japanese as Final Fantasy music on a shamisen.” 420 more words


The Best Place To Busk

A system had been put in place to prevent the buskers brawling over choice spots. Before then, there had been several fights and more than a few broken instruments as assorted musicians and performers came to blows over time spent in the most profitable places. 1,388 more words

Creative Writing

3 Stringed Instruments

The other day I was reading one of my middle school textbooks, and came across a passage that mentioned an instrument called a sanshin (三線) which means 3 lines, or 3 stringed instrument. 471 more words

While my Shamisen Gently Weeps

This song is one of those enduring classics, and there are many covers, but this one maybe my favourite version, even on par with the original. 54 more words