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Admiration for Japanese Culture

Travelling, one of the main hobbies of María José Cabeza.

Japan, one of the most beautiful countries visited.

The following paintings show Japanese cultural and traditional scenes, especially from festivities, celebrations and rituals which take place in this country. 52 more words

Artistic Painter

The Shamisen: A short introduction

Yoko Shioya, the artistic director at the Japan Society of NYC says that: “Shamisen is Japan.” 381 more words


Nitaboh, The Shamisen Master (2004) Review

Maiyumi reviews Nitaboh, rated #99 in Reddit’s greatest anime movie list at the time of reviewing.  

Nitaboh (2004) was directed by Akio Nishizawa. The story is based on a historical novel written by Daijo Kazuo, the story is set in the late 19th century at the end of the Edo period (1868 roughly). 985 more words


shamisen! (haibun fantasy)

Behind the waterfall there is no time, there is no pain, there is no loss. There is only love and light and the inexpressible joy of being a fairy.  499 more words


Song of the Day - Rising

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you guys to a completely different genre of Japanese music – the Tsugaru -Jamisen.

Tsugaru-Jamisen (津軽三味線) is considered the most recognised form of Shamisen ( a Japanese traditional 3 stringed instrument , with a sound which is strikingly similar to the American banjo ) music. 64 more words


Shamisen is a cat that the SOS Brigade used for their movie. Haruhi wished him to be a talking cat and so when Kyon brought him home, he did talk. 40 more words