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War is your home

War is your home.
I work with Shan Migrant workers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For the purpose of clarity, let’s first distinguish between a migrant worker and a refugee. 717 more words

Four Self-Discoveries I've Made in my Forties

First off, let me say that I embraced turning 40. I didn’t have some crazy ass meltdown, and I didn’t tell people I was 39 for three years in a row. 678 more words


Shan's Whatchu Doin' At The Courthouse! (11.09.15)

Shan heads back to the courthouse to talk to some people in trouble with the law!

Click here to download (Right-click on the link & select “Save-As” 6 more words


Bed and breakfast community-based tourism in Myanmar

Myanmar has been in the news, as voting began on 8 November for the first elections in 25 years.

Having opened up only relatively recently to mass tourism, I was lucky enough to be taken around Yangon and to Mon State by two friends who work over there. 335 more words

AA Gill

Life on the Lake - Inle, Myanmar

October 5-6, 2015

It is dusk as we are making our way through the companion town of Nyaung Shwe on our way to Inle Lake, and once we are out of the bustling little town and on the perimeter lake road, darkness has set in, making it difficult to find our… 1,455 more words


Burma's Ethnic Minorities Seek Equality and Greater Autonomy in Landmark Elections

The Shan Hills, rising from the Burmese lowlands toward China, are crammed with ethnic groups that have long chafed against any centralized authority: among them, the Pa’O, the Wa, the Ta’ang, the Intha, the Akha, the Danu, the Lisu, the Lahu, the Kayah, the Kachin, the Kokang, plus the Shan themselves, who give their name to a state that occupies nearly one-quarter of Burma’s geography. 1,132 more words

Shan's Weekend Hit List! (11.06.15)

If you need plans for the weekend, check out Shan’s hitlist for all the upcoming events:

Today is South First Fridays Art Walk in San Jo’s Sofa district! 95 more words