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A Goodbye to Summer Cocktails

In lieu of AZ weather starting to join the rest of the country, I’m still stuck on how pretty these summer cocktails are! So, join me in saying goodbye to the fresh and fruity as we transition into whatever pseudo-fall/winter that Zonies trick themselves into believing they’re experiencing. 42 more words


Friday Favorites - Traveler's Jacko Shandy

Every Fall, we are inundated with Pumpkin beers… (and pumpkin-everything-else…), and while I don’t drink beer much (I am not much a drinker), this is one of my favorite Pumpkin beers. 101 more words

Friday Favorites

On Food and Guilt

I’ve been bad. Not as bad as I’ve been in the past but bad because I’m supposed to be changing my lifestyle. I backslid, y’all! The fact that I’m actually admitting to it shows how much I’ve grown. 883 more words

Trini Food

Tue 08Sep15 Chicken hot pot

My friend Andy came back to Hong Kong on his day off and we gathered at Wanchai to have a very tasty chicken hot pot dinner. 242 more words

Govern Less

Everybody ought to be familiar with Thoreau’s motto: “That government is best which governs least.” But does assessment not depend on what government is and where it comes from? 574 more words

American Beer

The Wollombi Shandy - a BotF concoction @Hevents

Your correspondent has never been, is not and never will be a MAMIL. I did however participate in a mountain bike race on the weekend. Mrs Bladdamasta and I have bought the most rustic of weekenders off the beaten track near the villages of Wollombi and Laguna. 326 more words


The Longest Ride + Luke & Sophia's Shandy

Before I saw the movie, I wanted to read the novel The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I usually find myself opening Nicholas Sparks novels with a bit of skepticism because I’m not a fan of  387 more words