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Dan in Real Life

Fall is my favorite time of year, and not just because we’re finally entering Oscar-bait season at the multiplex. Rather, it’s a time I get to sit around my fire pit, drink spiced cocktails, and read a good book. 359 more words


11/3 - Not Yoga

After teasing a post filled with yoga and light stretching, 12 arrived in the light of a full moon and 38° gloom.  We have been getting a consistent group of 10-13 during the week, which is really encouraging, especially as the weather is regularly now in the 20s and 30s.  327 more words


10/27 - Hindenburgs and a Goonie Tribute

Oh the humanity!

The Hindenburg took less than 16 seconds to crash and burn. I was hoping to last slightly longer when I chose the Hindenburg B.L.I.M.P.S. 197 more words


10/20 - Stranger in Friendly Territory

A record 12 pax (from the dirty rumors on the street) made their way to Frontier Park this a.m. for one (or more) of the following reasons: 664 more words


'Twas a S'Autumn Fam Din

‘Twas a S’Autumn Family Dinner….

What’s S’Autumn? It’s when it’s technically Autumn but the weather acts like we’re in the peak of Summer. Which for inland Orange County–that means the mid-90s. 942 more words

Sunday Family Dinner

Shandy - A mix 'n match of Beer & Lemonade

Shandy, the alcoholic soft drink, a preparation out of beer with a dash of lemonade. An ancient authentic drink from the Eastern Europe which is now famous and puplular all over the world. 263 more words


Sample: The History of the Shandy Beer

The dog days of summer call for a beer that is a perfect balance of hydration and intoxication. For this, the shandy is your guy! You probably see these everywhere — from the bar to the local beer store to Aunt Linda’s  48 more words