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Shandy - A mix 'n match of Beer & Lemonade

Shandy, the alcoholic soft drink, a preparation out of beer with a dash of lemonade. An ancient authentic drink from the Eastern Europe which is now famous and puplular all over the world. 263 more words


Sample: The History of the Shandy Beer

The dog days of summer call for a beer that is a perfect balance of hydration and intoxication. For this, the shandy is your guy! You probably see these everywhere — from the bar to the local beer store to Aunt Linda’s  48 more words


Radler's for Summer 2017

The Radler, a beer and juice cocktail in a can, is ideal for the hot and humid weather of Toronto. The refreshing fruit juice, coupled with carbonation and low ABV, make the perfect beach drink. 960 more words

Micro Brews

First Encounters.

I’ve been a bit wrecked by insomnia for the last week, but before I get back to business here I have to acknowledge that today is the anniversary of the first day we met these two girls. 725 more words


Beer on the Box - Green Sands

Look, it’s everything ugly about 1980s fashion distilled into one beer ad.

Beer On The Box

Unusual food: Bergaminion

Bergaminion is a bergamot shandy, made using a bergamot beer (Bergamonster) brewed by a local firm. The Square Root company dilutes the beer with lemonade and charges £2.50 for it… 39 more words

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