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Fall and Cocktails

I’m currently obsessed with fall and cocktails, so be prepared to be inundated with posts about fall and cocktails :)

Fun Stuff

Marshall Mathers finally remembers why he called himself Eminem

After 16 years in the public eye, Marshall Mathers has finally revealed why he gave himself the pseudonym Eminem. 

“I was just in the candy store one day, when I picked up this packet…” he started to say.  211 more words


A Limited-Edition Shandy

Today’s post is of another Southern Tier Shandy, but this one’s made with a one-off beer we scored from the brewery and Arthur R. Gren Distributing. 198 more words


The Fruits of Summer

One of the perks of living in B.C. – especially around the Vancouver area – is the seasonal beer.  In Alberta, liquor stores tend to stick with the main labels and only bring in small amounts of other labels.  316 more words


Beer Reviews

From time to time I plan on reviewing various beers. I’ll mainly give some basic information about the beers and my thoughts, along with a recommendation (or not). 402 more words


Boozy Books: The Peter Grant Series

Hello, and welcome to the latest installment of boozy books, where we attempt to promote drunkenness and elucidate upon the nature of literature (but not really the first one, guys–ALWAYS DRINK RESPONSIBLY–and, well, not really the second one, either, ’cause half of what we do isn’t terribly literary). 1,093 more words

Friday Five: Summer Drinks

It’s Friday!!  It’s Friday!!  Oh my!!  It’s Friday!  (kind of sing that just a little bit)

I’m super excited about today’s Friday Five.  It’s all about our favorite summertime drinks.  520 more words

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