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The God Who Slays, Takes, and Ruins ... Yet I will Praise Him!

I hate the prosperity gospel with a passion! You know, that garbage peddled by false teachers who repeatedly tell you God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, and prosperous.   1,017 more words

John Piper

every tear was worth it all

“I come, God, I come, I return to the Lord – the one who’s broken, the one who’s torn me apart; You strike down to bind me up, You say you do it all in love, that I might know you in your suffering…”

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Shane and Shane | "Though You Slay Me"

“Though he slay me, I will hope in him…” (Job 13:15a ESV)

May the surety of you character, O God, allow me to trust you in all things.


"Though You Slay Me" -- Shane and Shane

Sometimes in our lives, we have to make a call.  Will we make a judgment that God has done us wrong, or will we choose to trust Him to be all wise even when we don’t understand what is going on or why.   146 more words


Without Borders

Recently, I have been listening and re-listening to the song Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United.  One of the lyrics in the song says: “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.” 289 more words


Though You Slay Me

This song.  It’s just what I needed to hear this morning.  My hubby and I have said so many times that if Shane and Shane brought out an album that just sings the phone book we would buy it in a heartbeat!   635 more words

Though You Slay Me

My pastor posted this song a few days ago.  Talk about right on time. It speaks to my soul during a week where my heart feels torn and broken, yet I still bless Your name. 285 more words