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Shane Black Says Not All CGI In Upcoming Predator Film

Horror and Sci-fi purists will tell you that very few directors can get CGI correct. In fact, many sci-fi directors keep away from the fads, like 3D, because they still love what their prosthetics and props they can wag around – using effects only where absolutely necessary. 131 more words


Here's Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Won't Be in Shane Black's 'The Predator'

Should the new Predator movie rely on nostalgia in order to get audiences excited again, or should it attempt to become its own thing? It appears that writer/director Shane Black is going with the latter of the two. 279 more words


Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Turned Down 'The Predator' Over His Place In The Script

As the endless procession of Terminator movies have shown, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t shy about sequels, reboots and the like. It certainly didn’t seem out of the question to… 450 more words


Films on my Netflix List | BEDA [6/30]

NB: I’m working on almost no sleep and it’s currently 22:45 already, somehow, after a long ass day chasing a birthday girl and her 15 month old brother around. 624 more words


Further Adventures in Screenwriting

Screenwriting has always been my number one passion.

I’ve always been a film buff rather than a fiction guy (my books were mainly biography, journalism or film/music studies), and despite always wanting to be a ‘writer’, it wasn’t until I read the screenplays for… 459 more words


The Horror of '87 #3: The Monster Squad

On August 14th, 1987, Fred Dekker’s second film, The Monster Squad was released. Co-written with the criminally underrated Shane Black, this film emphasized Dekker’s love for early horror, as did his first film, … 447 more words


One of the strangest quirks in Hollywood is how central screenwriters are to the success of a film, and yet how little credit they seem to get in the wider world. 598 more words