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From the same people behind Sumo Sam, Johnny Chow, Mr. Kurosawa and Akira, comes Balboa! Balboa is an Italian restaurant located in Shangri-La’s East Wing (right in front of Corazon, which I did a review on not too long ago). 377 more words


(Warning: This is the most pic-heavy post that I have on this blog so far.)

I finally had my (super-delayed) birthday dinner at Akira, a teppanyaki restaurant owned by the same people behind SumoSam, Mister Kurosawa, and Johnny Chow. 467 more words

Balboa, Shangri-La Plaza Mall

About two weeks ago I had lunch with my parents after attending Sunday mass. My parents, being creatures of habit, like to eat at places they’ve already tried and tested, so I always encourage them to eat at different places so they don’t have to ask me where they should eat when they want to try something new. 442 more words


Corazon Filipino-Hispano Cuisine

So we were supposed to stay at home this Valentine’s day in order to avoid the huge influx of couples who want to have a nice, romantic meal in a fancy restaurant – But somehow we ended up having lunch at a Filipino/Spanish restaurant named Corazon, located in Shangri-La Mall. 272 more words

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Watami is a restaurant in Shangri-La’s East Wing. If you can’t tell from its name, this restaurant serves Japanese food. It aims to specialize in three things: A great ambiance, fantastic service, and amazing food. 391 more words


Zarzuela is a Filipino restaurant located in Shangri-La Mall. They are owned by the same company behind Savor, that quiet Filipino restaurant that we ate in near Medical City. 251 more words

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is yet another one of those authentic Japan-based ramen joints that arrived here just in time for the ramen craze sweeping across Metro Manila. 385 more words