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City Wall, Xi'an, Shanxi

The Xi’an City Wall is one of the oldest and largest surviving wall of its kind in China. First built in the Ming dynasty, the city wall has been a landmark of the city for nearly 800 years. 131 more words


One plane, three cities, the same day

I had an interesting weekend on the 25th of April, but for now I’ll be keeping my adventures a secret. This blog post I will be filling you in on the week before last’s mini-holiday which came as a result of some very well timed exams for the students! 2,970 more words

Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xi'an, Shanxi

This is the first time that I stepped onto the land of Northwest China. The destination is Xi’an, Shanxi, one of the oldest cities in China that is famous for being the capital for 13 dynasties in ancient China.  154 more words


The vestiges of Guobi | An ancient walled commercial town in Shanxi

After visiting what remains of the ancient castle of Douzhuang castle (窦庄堡) with Master Gu, a local who kindly improvised himself as my tour guide, I asked him where I could find any other castles nearby.  534 more words