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Knife Cut Noodling at Shanxi Noodle House in City of Industry

In the East San Gabriel Valley, more and more Asian restaurants are popping up all over from La Puente to Walnut, and from Northern Chinese cuisine to Burmese.   212 more words


Shanxi, West of the Mountains: Hills, history and Buddha

The trip to Shanxi was our first effort with a professional tour guide. Hari and I travelled to Shanxi during the long weekend dragon boat festival in April 2016. 1,702 more words


[Finished Airing] White Deer Plain

Set in the eponymous White Deer Village in Shaanxi Province where the two most important families – Bai (White) and Lu (Deer) – and their sons have always lived together in peace. 240 more words

Novel Adaptations

Meet Me Through the Dragon Gate

For those of you new to this blog, you maybe wondering about the name. Why a dragon gate? Why go through it? And, is this actually a travel blog, with this title functioning as a metaphor for traveling in China, or is it actually a bunch of random things strung together without rhyme or reason? 329 more words


A short trip to the Ancient City of Pingyao, Shanxi

Saturday, 1st of April – Sunday, 2nd of April

Extended weekends are ideal to take short trips within China. Especially in Beijing we have the advantage of an excellent railway system, so you don’t necessarily have to take a plane to reach sights that are within a 500-1000km radius. 2,171 more words


Heavy air pollution to hit northern cities until start of National People’s Congress 

Pollution will ease by Wednesday, forecasters say, but return with a vengeance on Friday for the following week

A new bout of air pollution is due to hit Beijing and other parts of north China today. 340 more words

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