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CHINA -- Can Xi Jinping reform the world's largest one-party state?

The Atlantic: China’s extensive crackdown on government corruption, which has already ensnared hundreds of thousands of officials in the People’s Republic, is now spilling over the country’s borders. 234 more words


Poverty in China: Just a little bit richer | The Economist

THE villagers of Dingjiayan subsist on corn, potatoes, sunflowers and the few vegetables they grow. They sell the surplus and buy meat and a few other necessities in the nearby county town of Tianzhen. 733 more words

China Alert

The fortified village of Guoyu | Another path of destruction

From the walls of Huancheng Xiangfu (皇城相府), I could see in the distance the broken city walls of Guoyu (郭峪). Guoyu is not a castle, but a fortified village. 999 more words


Life and death, one window away

I remember chatting with the kids in the classroom on the 2nd floor of The Green Harbor. The little monkeys were joking around as usual. 55 more words


The old banking town of Pingyao in Shanxi

It is 5 p.m. and we are at the Beijing station, just about to get on a night train. I know that we will get to Pingyao (平遥) in Shanxi province at 5 a.m. 1,093 more words


What is The Green Harbor?

What is The Green Harbor? There is no better way to introduce The Green Harbor by telling the story of Deng Guo Jun.

18-year-old Jun is the oldest and tallest among the 28 children living here. 345 more words