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New Cover for Tournament of Chance: #Dragon Rebel

If Heather manages to win the Tournament of Chance, she’ll be the first commoner to earn a place at court. Instead of a glorious victory, however, she’s arrested and marked for execution. 93 more words


Tournament of Chance: Dragon Rebel

My 2014 EPIC Award Fantasy Finalist, formerly published by Musa Publishing, is now back on the market and available for pre-orders HERE.  Release date is March 31st! 400 more words


Skinwalkers: The Real Scoop

I was prompted to write this post after seeing a link to this article on Facebook. While this photo was almost immediately debunked as an image from a movie, the fact remains that there is a lot of fear around this particular “monster”. 944 more words


Tournament of Chance (Epic Time Travel Fantasy)

To prevent a commoner from winning the Tournament of Chance, a brutal king will stop at nothing.  Big mistake.

When King Chance cheats Heather out of a victory in his prestigious archery competition, he stokes the fire of a simmering uprising. 337 more words



I was just informed that my fantasy novel, Tournament of Chance, is a finalist in the EPIC eBook Awards. In Tournament, a young woman pushes back against a brutal monarch when she discovers his promise of upward mobility is actually a sham designed to keep the peasants in their place. 637 more words


Anyone for an Onion Run? Putting Fun into High Fantasy

Not all high fantasy has to be deadly serious. The following excerpt is one of my favorite scenes in my novel Tournament of Chance. Although the interlude gave my characters a chance to interact, the entire bit of action wasn’t… 687 more words