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January 18th

Another good day for food.   Paula made some great fish tacos for supper.   I think I will have to start eating closer to my livestrong limit as I am getting quite hungry at the end of the work day. 86 more words


January 17th

Good day.  Set myself up with some good stuff at Costco.

Drank lots of water.

Some stationary cycling

Recorded food on livestrong.com


Day 16

I did not sleep well last night, having woken at four in the morning.

Good day food-wise, although I was keenly hungry at the end of the work day. 30 more words


A full fifteen!

A great day!   Went for a long walk with Paula and Finn.  It was cold and windy, but when we got to the waterfowl park, it was like strolling through a Canadian postcard.   95 more words


day 14

good day for food….

lots  of drink…

26 minutes of stationary cycling

no yoga


Friday the thirteenth

Another good day on the food front.   Breaking even on my livestrong allotment today.  This is mainly due to the fact that I am taking the day off of exercise.


shapeshifter (with video read)

the facades
morphed seamlessly
between the competing cliques
of the party mob

the liquid performance art
drenched each attendee’s memory
though her core identity
remained a  mystery… 21 more words