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The Mysterious Stranger - Part 3

Tessa leaned back in the dining chair and sighed comfortably. The meal had been excellent and even though the slice of cherry pie in front of her was the best she had ever tasted, she forced herself to stop before she became too bloated. 1,610 more words

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The Outlaw - Part 7

Ben sat on the edge of the cliff that overlooked the sleeping camp of the natives. Sarah was somewhere down there, sleeping in one of their buckskin tents and hopefully dreaming of blissful things. 849 more words

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Werewolf Myths and Legends of France

We take a detour from my regular fiction posts to reflect on different werewolf legends and myths from the French region of Europe. Instead of being called “werewolves” which is more of an English/German term, they were called Loup-Garou, which in literal translation is Wolf-Man. 1,403 more words

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The Mysterious Stranger - Part 2

With the help of Google Earth, Tessa had been able to find out exactly where Christopher intended to meet her. The mansion sitting in the middle of an immaculate manicured lawn made her wonder about his intentions. 2,745 more words

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Moon Called

Patricia Briggs is an incredible writer. Mercy Thompson is the kind of woman that I would love to grow up to me. A badass, loyal, tough, fierce, strong, and determined woman who puts her friends before herself. 100 more words



Officer Lou Garou isn’t the best cop in small-town Woodhaven, in fact, he’s probably the worst. One evening during the night shift, Lou investigates a mysterious disturbance at the edge of town and wakes up with a pentagram carved in his chest, heightened senses and body hair that’s growing at an alarming rate… 183 more words

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Night and Day: The Note

Valoren felt the change coming on and knew she should put away her needlework since she’d just finished her latest commission, but when she walked past their bedroom, curiosity finally got the better of her. 442 more words