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May the Elder Gods be with you

So, as you can see, the Shadow is ready and I think it’s a really nice ship, if I may say so.

If you like it, you can get it… 49 more words

The Art and Science of 3D Printing

3D printing is not a new technology, what is new however is the fact that almost everybody has access to a 3d printer if they are interested. 127 more words


3D Printing Jewelry

In the spirit of making, this week I had the opportunity to explore the new technology of 3D printing. I’ve heard a lot about 3D printing; I even have a close friend with a 3D printer. 380 more words

Critical Making

3D Printed M1919 .30 Cal Machine Gun Bale for use with 12" GI Joe

This is one of those projects that was something I needed for my collection, and then other collectors expressed interest once they saw it.  I had a loose M1919 .30 caliber machine gun without any of the hardware for the tripod that I got in a parts lot.   172 more words

Toy Customs

And now for something completely different

Looks like Shapeways found the rabid Zerglings that were hiding in their servers. Yay, I can check printability again!!!

I tried to work a bit on the Shadow, but I didn’t want to make something really awesome wich turns out to be completely unprintable. 73 more words

Work it harder

Tried to work a bit on the prow since the wings are about done, but before that I had to decide how I could reduce material cost. 118 more words

Shades of ... Shadow?

Still working on the shadow, as you can see. It’s interesting how different the Eldar design is compared to the Tau ships.

The thing is, this ship has a rather large body, and I don’t want that space inside the ship to make it more expensive than it has to be. 65 more words