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Cason's Pendant

I designed this unpolished sterling silver pendant for a client based on his family crest.


Client's Design Made Into Pendant

A client requested that I make a pendant using a simple design that meant something to him. Sterling Silver. 6 more words


Update on the Alto Clef Coffee Mug

Right, so, I mentioned in my previous post on the subject that I have to validate porcelain models before I can sell them.  Well, that hasn’t been true since 2 August, 2016.  177 more words


The Alto Clef Coffee Mug

For those of you who play music, particularly the viola (as my mother and a few of my friends do), you might have noticed that there are tons of products out there for treble players, a few for bass players, and NONE for alto or tenor players.  476 more words


CPU Bauble Update - To the Printers!

Well, this is it.

This is probably the week I get to feel my handiwork in Sketchup in my physical hands.  No matter how many times I do this I never quite get over the trepidation – Will the parts fit?  308 more words


Introducing the CPU Bauble Collection

What does one do when one has nine redundant CPUs from one’s past computing life, needs to keep them safe, but not shut them away either?  660 more words


Second leg assembly and painting

With enough motors and brackets to build a second leg, the hardware build continues! I have spray-painted all the metal brackets to go with an all-blue colour scheme. 131 more words