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Crusha, Smasha, Ram

If you like it, you can get it here, or if you want some more pictures, they are here.


Things are Taking Shape(ways)

This past weekend, when coming back from Sisters Oregon, location of turkey consumption at the home of my better-half’s dad and his wife, I was excited to see the initial test 3D printed pieces of the workbee upper shell in the mailbox. 1,201 more words


Onward Shapeways

A big step forward last night and today. After working on some test 3D models to do some 3D printing for the workbee parts, I uploaded the initial upper hull piece to… 1,215 more words


3D Printing and a New Approach

It’s been several weeks since my last post and a lot of experimenting and a possible change in direction is in the offing. 1,528 more words


New Links (Read Below)!

Hey guys! I’ve finally been able to spend time to find sites where I can sell my model and here it is! c:

To buy my… 19 more words


My first print!

There are two things I want to start off with:

First, I want to thank Shapeways so much for awarding me the Shapeways Education Grant to work on this project. 298 more words


Small Ox Miniatures: what's in the box?

Ok, you’ve ordered your exquisitely crafted Small Ox Miniatures from Shapeways, what happens next?

Shapeways will print your order and ship it out to you via UPS. 453 more words

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