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Venenum of Milo

I don’t know how it happened, but everything for the Venenum came together, and here it is, right on time.

The Venenum is a Frigate that is usable as a Hellebore Frigate for Battlefleet gothic. 24 more words


It took me a few days of oggling my printed ones, but I’m finally back on track for making new ones.

Here we have tiny preview for the Hellebore look-alike. 23 more words

Cabinet meeting

When I was experimenting with 3D printing recently, I mentioned using a .STL file of a OO gauge location cabinet that I was prepairing for 3d printing. 123 more words

OO Gauge

NER Horsebox - initial report

At the weekend I was able to clean up the print further and check out the fittings. After thorough cleaning an initial coat of primer was applied. 310 more words

3d Printing

Sic semper tyrannis

As promised, here is something new, Bolter shells.

They have a hole in the bottom so that you can use them as pendants, Key-chains or simply use it as a nice prop. 89 more words

Living in the Future with 3D Printing

I remember the very first time I saw a computer-generated image that actually looked awesome. It was in Scientific American, I think, probably in the late 1980’s, and it was a scene with a simple sphere and a single light source.   104 more words

3d Printing

So, sup?

I started working on the Hellebore Frigate, I’m not far along, Gorkamorka is to blame.

Spent a couple of hours trying to make something I could use as a visual Aid for future articles. 61 more words