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Jumping in the Jungle

So I saw that the next edition of blood bowl will have cool reroll markers,

and i really, really doubt that they will do anything for the Slann, so I went ahead and made some myself. 19 more words

Ceramic Pipe

There seems to be a small resurgence in pipe-smoking and in looking into this I discovered that it is healthier than cigarette smoking (but not as healthy as abstaining!) so I decided to see if I could make one…. 119 more words

3D Printing

Devoid Hunter Video

Look what came fresh out the render queue.


Print your own cases, part 10 of 10

In the previous post and the post before I showed how I repair my models before they’re ready to print. The final step is actually uploading the model to… 1,384 more words


Geek & Sundry - Free D&D Miniature Patterns

There’s a great article on Geek & Sundry about a guy who uploaded free patterns for monsters from the D&D universe. Here’s a snippet from G&S: 118 more words

Flaming Dice Reviews

Print your own cases, part 9 of 10

In the previous post I used NetFabb to repair my model. I will also show an alternative option here.

Since the repair in NetFabb went wrong in the previous step, I will do a repair using MeshLab instead. 445 more words


Hi, How are you?

Hi, How are you?

Me, I’ve had setbacks, some personal stuff, some huge problems with Hardware, Software, time, family…

so yes, I’ve not added something for a long time, I know. 61 more words