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ROAD TO FOREVER: Jovit Baldovino and Shara Chavez Fairy Tale Love Story!

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We have always been a fan of magical love stories which are comparable to Romeo and Juliet. Maybe it’s because everyone is longing to find their lifetime partner (“lifetime,” since there’s really no forever…


David Loxton - Marathon des Sables #MDS2016. It's easier if you laugh.

British humour, it’s a wonderful thing! Dry, witty and at times it can be difficult to tell if a joke is really being told… David Loxton… 611 more words


How Islam prohibits exactly what reformers are trying to do.

by Dr. Stephen M. Kirby


Here are reasons why Americanized Muslim reformers are failing: 551 more words


"Shara? That's an unusual name"

Growing up, I was always that kid who could never find their name on a mug or pen, and I always resented my parents for this. 208 more words

Exchange Student

Fire Emblem Fates Two Bisexual Characters: Shara and Zero

Source Article from Siliconera.com

With the recent action of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, this is definitely a nice surprise to see video games also supporting same sex marriage. 206 more words

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