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Still Reeling From The General Election? Read This.

Currently, one-third of total food production is in areas of high or extremely high water stress, or competition. Five important water risk drivers affect the water security of the food sector: 1) growing competition for water, 2) weak regulation, 3) aging and inadequate water infrastructure, 4) water pollution and 5) climate change. 327 more words


The share market effects of British elections

#Dailychart: Do British general election results have a big impact on the stockmarket? econ.st/1ES2X9O http://t.co/AzwEM0hEeV
The Economist (@EconBizFin) May 07, 2015

Politicians won't be the only ones panicking tonight.

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Economic History

Fearfully From the Trees ...

It was dark when he got home. Home after travelling a new journey. A journey that was baulked by diversions, slow drivers, an old man who wasn’t able to judge distances and so, frustratingly decelerated every time a wagon came in the opposite direction; a woman in a SUV who had blazed past them both, leaning on her horn; traffic signals that stayed annoyingly red for his lane of vehicles – whichever lane he was in. 668 more words

Nobody Left To Blame

Accesing the JSE

On our previous article titled “The JSE as a notice board” we simplified and explained what the JSE is. We also highlighted its role and function in the financial system primarily as an exchange for shares. 1,583 more words

Personal Finance

Common Sense Economics: How Small Businesses Can Reduce Rampant Inflation

When the same person who owns an entity, is also responsible for its management, the desired return on investment is normally a function of the owner’s style of living and the demand for the product vs. 765 more words


10 Nov 2014 (TheAge, SMH) - Beware the pump and dump in the west

(10 Nov 2014, The Age, BusinessDay, p19, Michael West)

‘If Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok were still about today, they would feel right at home as residents of Western Australia.’ 118 more words

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