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5 Dec 2017 (AFR) - How Bell Potter trader Damien Rodr bid to drive up DirectMoney share price

(5 December 2017, AFR, p13, by Misa Han)

‘Bell Potter trader Damien Rodr bid a fraction higher to drive up the share price of a non-bank lender, after a Hong Kong client with a $1.1 million stake put pressure on the firm to support the share price. 94 more words

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Is Position Trading Effective? Can Traders Make Success from It?

Success in the online trading industry usually boils down to a few key attributes- persistence, patience, and market acumen. For traders who are participating in competitive forex trading markets such as Bangladesh, the key to success is to stay for the long haul and benefit from the long-term trends as it involves minimum effort yet maximum growth. 345 more words

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Equity Shares

The capital of a company is divided into shares.

Each share forms a unit of ownership of a company and is offered for sale so as to raise capital for the company. 428 more words

Types of debentures

Debentures can be classified on the basis of:

  1. Transferability/ Registration


  • Registered Debentures- Name, address, and other holding details are registered with the issuing company.

The amount of registered debentures is payable only to those debenture holders whose name is mentioned in the register of the company. 328 more words

Some Great Benefits and Important Uses of Your Aadhar Card

Aadhar is a government initiative started back in 2009 to give a universal identity to each and every Indian citizen. In this blog we break down some of the best benefits and important uses of an Aadhar Card. 11 more words

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4 Advantages of Investing at a Young Age – Make It Big in Short Time

Investment has one simple funda – the earlier you start investing greater your rate of return on investment. Today’s investment market is an eye candy to twenty somethings and if you have got your basics right you can easily big into the money raining market. 11 more words



What is a debenture?

Debenture is one of the financial securities traded in capital markets.

It is defined as a long-term promissory note for raising loan capital where the company promises to pay interest and principal as stipulated. 368 more words