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26 Oct 2016 (TheAge) - Investment: the simple reason traders lose money . . . they're human

(26 October 2016, The Age, MONEY supplement, p2, Marcus Padley)

‘If you read some of the books on trading, such as Way of the Turtle, Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets… 146 more words

1.Market Observations

25 Oct 2016 (AFR) - Liquidity question haunts ETFs (as review looms)

(25 October 2016, AFR, p25, The Lex Column)

‘Exchange traded funds are far from being the elephant in the room. Rather than ignoring these ever more popular securities, the Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly preparing to launch an in-depth review of them. 65 more words

1.Market Observations

Fundamentals of a Demat account

Demat account- Introduction

Shares and securities are held in an electronic or dematerialised form in a demat account. To start trading in stock market, it is compulsory that you should have a demat account, Once the account is opened, the investor can buy or sell securities by personally contacting the broker or by logging in to the account online. 267 more words

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Online trading account in India

In investment terminology, the term Trading Account refers to funds and/or securities deposited with a financial institution or broker for the purpose of speculation. A trading account is usually overseen by an investment dealer, fund manager or personal trader. 389 more words

3 Aug 2016 (TheAge,SMH,MONEY) - How to trade the results season

(3 August 2016, The Age, MONEY supplement, p6,  Marcus Padley)

‘We are now into the results season and for equity investors it is like a battlefield during an artillery barrage: everything becomes a bit hectic, you’re never quite sure whether you’re going to get blown up and there is a bit of luck involved. 121 more words


All you need to know about trading!

In simple words, trading is the activity of buying and selling goods and services. However, in the world of financial market, trading is referred to trading in shares and securities. 417 more words

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Here is what you need to know about Demat Account

Are you new to the stock market? Do you want to buy and sell shares? In order to do so, it is important for you to have a demat account. 284 more words