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I have so far kept myself alive for 7084 days. However, as of late each day has become much more difficult. I’m spending almost the entirety of each day right now thinking about ways to end it. 120 more words


Ever been rejected?

Rejection is a form of communication that says someone else does not matter to us, or that someone does not measure up to a standard we have set. 906 more words

Share Your Story

As I have my toddler watched an Elf Learning Video for half an hour, I decided to start some writing to you all. We just finished breakfast, played some Legos, and did some ABC’s reading. 443 more words

Share Your Story

Stacking Stones

When I was a kid, our family moved into a new neighborhood that was built in an area that was very rocky.  Everyone’s lot was full of rocks, making it hard to grow things.  730 more words

Finding God In The Everyday

"My Biggest Advocate" poem - after initial remarks

Presently as I live with my mother & father as an adult cancer survivor, I’m thankful:

 ◊ that I am respected as an adult which means freedom to make my own choices in everyday living… 451 more words

Excellent Things I Like A LOT

Blood Boil

  • Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9

As I grow & learn that nothing productive comes out of being angry, only harsh words spoken in a moment of rage or other pointless actions, my (very-maybe-impossibly-difficult-but-it-doesn’t-hurt-trying) goal is to be committed to exercising self-control to become less or even not at all, angry in situations that make my blood boil. 59 more words

Excellent Things I Like A LOT

Blissfully "Bachelorette-ing"

A plethora of props goes to my sister for feeding me tonight. While I’m contentedly “bachelorette-ing” it out, incredibly talented Chef Carrie dropped off GMO-free corn on the cob in addition to spectacular homemade sausage pasta sauce!! 55 more words

Excellent Things I Like A LOT