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Where shared governance goes to die.

I’ve had a strange fascination with an education start-up called Minerva for some time now. They’re a Silicon-Valley inspired online operation that has actually enrolled students now.   452 more words

Academic Freedom

Must-See Video: The Yes Men Pose as Members of the Iowa Regents’ Efficiency Review Committee

The Yes Men — whose slogan is “impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them, and otherwise giving journalists excuses to cover important issues” — delivered a satirical speech yesterday at the Iowa City Public Library wherein they posed as representatives of the Iowa Regents, as well as the private consulting firm that is doing the University of Iowa’s “efficiency review” (called TIER — “Transparent Inclusive Efficiency Review”) and reported on their recommendations. 744 more words


Fortyone heads of departments and programs at the U of Illinois call for the reinstatement of Steven Salaita

Fortyone chairs, heads, and directors of campus units are calling on President Killeen and Interim Chancellor Wilson to

recommend to the Board of Trustees that they reverse their previous decision and reinstate Dr.

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Shared Governance

The University of Akron Largely Reverses Its Decisions Related to the Future of the University of Akron Press

The following is from an article by Rick Armon for the Akron Beacon-Journal:

“The University of Akron is rehiring UA Press workers that it let go last month and says its publishing arm will remain ‘a vibrant, active academic press.’ 252 more words

Corporate Influence

Steps Toward Making Censure History at MD Anderson?

Just over a month after being censured by the AAUP annual meeting, the administration of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center took steps toward instituting a shared governance model and improving academic due process. 412 more words


The Assessment Myth

One of the ways faculty are intimidated and coerced into accepting codified curricula is through the specter of not living up to assessable “outcomes” (I use the scare quotes because the word has become one of those cant words of educational “reform”—another word in the category—that have become so popular in some quarters, especially administrative ones). 705 more words


FYI Flyer

As we head into another start-up week, we wish you all a wonderful Fall semester. In case you missed it on campus, here is today’s informational flyer brought to you by Stark AAUP. 29 more words