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Excellent Universities Begin with Excellent Faculty

The following article was published originally on the website of the AAUP chapter at the University of Akron, though it appears that the university will soon have a new name—and the article concerns that “rebranding.” The article is reprinted here with the permission of the chapter leadership. 901 more words


"Requirement that faculty disclose their affiliations is not authorized by the law" - Matthew Finkin

Professor Matthew Finkin writes that “to require faculty to disclose any position held with the entities set out in the Executive Order would infringe on the constitutional right of association: a deaconship in one’s church, an elected position in a veterans’ organization, of an environmental organization, a labor organization, an advocacy group for children, the elderly, the handicapped, …” This disclosure is required on the new  957 more words

Shared Governance

Trustee Mary Asmonga-Knapp Responds to Faculty Questions

WMU Trustee Mary Asmonga-Knapp

Faculty who were not able to attend the WMU-AAUP chapter meeting on April 17 with special guests President John Dunn and Trustee Mary Asmonga-Knapp were invited to submit their questions electronically, as were colleagues who did attend but preferred to submit their questions in advance. 1,428 more words

Administration Issues

A Coincidentally Ironic Juxtaposition of News Items

Earlier this month, two items appeared on the same day on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website.

The first article was written by Charles Huckabee and concerns the decision by Smith College to consider and admit transgender applicants who identify as female. 339 more words


Words count, even on Facebook

The just-announced entry by the New York Times and other major media into Facebook should put to rest any doubt about the importance of social media for communication. 398 more words

Governance And Politics

Prof. Stephen Kaufman raises concerns about shared governance in the closure of UIUC College of Medicine

On Wednesday, May 13, Prof. Stephen Kaufman sent the following message to UIUC administration. He raises concerns about shared governance in the closure of the UIUC College of Medicine. 248 more words

AAUP Investigation Report: Felician College

From the Conclusions of the report, “Academic Freedom and Tenure: Felician College (New Jersey)”, May, 2015:

  1. In terminating the appointments of sixteen fulltime faculty members, seven of whom sought the Association’s assistance, the administration of Felician College attributed its action simply to “the exigency of the college’s financial status” without any further explanation.
  2. 419 more words